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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Sep 17, 2021 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:03 PM
SUSS - Drift
SUSS Drift
Promise Northern Spy Records
8:09 PM
The Notwist - Consequence
The Notwist Consequence
Neon Golden City Slang 2002
8:14 PM
Daniel Avery - Hazel and Gold
Daniel Avery Hazel and Gold
Together in Static Mute 2021
8:18 PM
King Kooba - Fooling Myself (Easy Access Orchestra Mix)
King Kooba Fooling Myself (Easy Access Orchestra Mix)
Fooling Myself Remixes 2 Om 2001
8:27 PM
The Bahama Soul Club - Ride the Train
The Bahama Soul Club Ride the Train
Bohemia After Dawn
8:31 PM
Couture Chic - You're Beautiful
Couture Chic You're Beautiful
Velvet Bossa Irma La Douce 2013
8:34 PM
Pleasure Voyage - Coconut Cake
Pleasure Voyage Coconut Cake
Daydreams Horisontal Mambo 2021
8:42 PM
Belleruche - Late Train
Belleruche Late Train
The Express Tru Thoughts 2008
8:46 PM
Wilhelm Remixed - Point Zero
Wilhelm Remixed Point Zero
Bright Like Sun
8:50 PM
No Regular Play - Be Together
No Regular Play Be Together
Can't You See Crew Love Records 2016
8:57 PM
Chris Harris - Xenotaph
Chris Harris Xenotaph
Beyond Chris Harris 2019
9:06 PM
Bob & Ray - Blimmix: Creme de Menthe Frappe or a Beer?
Bob & Ray Blimmix: Creme de Menthe Frappe or a Beer?
Lost Episodes: Vol. 3 (Disc 1) BobandRay.com 2007
9:11 PM
Johannes Albert - Katharinenbild (Bajazzo Mix)
Johannes Albert Katharinenbild (Bajazzo Mix)
Spessart - The Dance Versions - EP 2021
9:14 PM
Shallou - Heartaches
Shallou Heartaches
Heartaches - Single 2021
9:18 PM
Nathan Kofi - Omdu
Nathan Kofi Omdu
Dekmantel X Patta 2021 Dekmantel 2021
9:27 PM
Ross from Friends - R.A.T.S.
Ross from Friends R.A.T.S.
Family Portrait Brainfeeder 2018
9:33 PM
Delerium - Silence (DJ Tiësto's In Search of Sunrise Remix)
Delerium Silence (DJ Tiësto's In Search of Sunrise Remix)
The Essential Silence (feat. Sarah McLachlan) Nettwerk 2010
9:47 PM
Ixindamix & Sim Simmer - Bling Swing
Ixindamix & Sim Simmer Bling Swing
Swing It - Finest Electro Swing, Vol. 1 Billybong Records 2013
9:57 PM
Robert Burian - Esplendor
Robert Burian Esplendor
fontana 2020
Chat is archived.
KFAI 8:05:22 PM
...testing, testing, testing...
Bucky 8:06:07 PM
Who dat?
KFAI 8:06:26 PM
Da Saints?
KFAI 8:06:36 PM
Or Da 'Aints?
Bucky 8:06:44 PM
da bearsss?
KFAI 8:07:12 PM
The black 'n blue division...all tied at 0 wins...
Bucky 8:09:11 PM
Let's talk about something else (I am totally done with the NFL).
KFAI 8:10:16 PM
One of our Cart Crew guys played semi-pro for years. He can barely walk now. I can't even list all of his health problems. Super nice guy. Really a shame...
Bucky 8:10:43 PM
So, bug posted a song yestiddy, something that came out this year. I thought you should check it out: NANORAY - "Sequential Dreambox"
KFAI 8:10:58 PM
I'm intrigued! Making a note!
Bucky 8:11:25 PM
bug called it a "banger" and it was. Maybe too much for your show but worth a listen. I liked it.
KFAI 8:12:14 PM
Interesting because it sounds dreamy.
KFAI 8:13:20 PM
I haven't got it for this week but I picked up a CD of an artist called 'Kutiman.' Psychedelic stuff. Awesome! Will play some next week!
Bucky 8:13:31 PM
Bucky 8:15:03 PM
The NANOBOX is anything BUT dreamy. If it was a strobe light, epileptics would be dropping left and right. More like a Japanese EDM tune cranked to max bpm.
Bucky 8:15:24 PM
BUT, it's still cool, despite the intensity.
Pablexa Brummie 8:16:12 PM
Bucky distracted me on the "other" chat - Did I miss the Marillion weekly song?
KFAI 8:16:20 PM
So, a backhalf of show possibility. I've been steering clear of the really hard EDM stuff. Just too much, I think...
KFAI 8:16:29 PM
Yup, you're too late.
Bucky 8:17:03 PM
lulz... "Uh, yeah, it was great" *snicker*
KFAI 8:17:34 PM
Oh, it was truly a crackerjack tune.
Jim Packerfanski 9:02:20 PM
KFAI 9:02:40 PM
Hey Jimbo! Tune in for this prog rock tune?
Jim Packerfanski 9:14:34 PM
I did catch that one. Me likey
KFAI 9:14:54 PM