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Roar of the Underground 10/21/21

Oct 21, 2021 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Darth Riffeous

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Roar of the Underground 10/21/21
10:03 PM
Green Lung - Reaper's Scythe
Green Lung Reaper's Scythe N
Black Harvest Svart Records 2021
10:10 PM
Witchden - Abhorrent Rite
Witchden Abhorrent Rite L N
New version with Drew Blood on Vocals Self-Released 2021
:LIVE Amsterdam Bar Oct 29
10:15 PM
King Diamond - The Possession (Live at the Fillmore)
King Diamond The Possession (Live at the Fillmore)
Songs for the Dead: Live at the Fillmore in Philadelphia Metal Blade Records 2019
10:18 PM
Morke - Rebirth
Morke Rebirth R L N
We Are the River 639939 Records DK 2021
requested by Justin B
10:25 PM
Iron Maiden - Senjutsu
Iron Maiden Senjutsu N
Senjutsu Sanctuary Records 2021
10:37 PM
Krawg - Echoes of Jukai
Krawg Echoes of Jukai L
Herculaneum Krawg 2018
10:40 PM
Wintaar - Time Devours Light
Wintaar Time Devours Light R N
Tear You Down 1181613 Records DK 2021
requested by decker ---releases Nov 25
10:50 PM
Agony Reigns - Ruination
Agony Reigns Ruination L N
Ruination - Single Agony Reigns 2021
the tragedy in understanding nothing releases nov 13!
10:52 PM
Cynic - 6th Dimensional Archetype
Cynic 6th Dimensional Archetype N
Ascension Codes Season of Mist 2021
releases nov 26
11:00 PM
Assück - State to State
Assück State to State
State to State 45 1991
11:03 PM
Problems - The Hand
Problems The Hand
11:05 PM
Powerface - door slammed shut
Powerface door slammed shut
Imagine Yourself - EP
11:08 PM
Motorsav - Begrav Mig Dybt
Motorsav Begrav Mig Dybt N
sangre frostidum 2021
11:11 PM
Impaler - It Won't Die
Impaler It Won't Die R L
requested by ono666;;;see them live Oct 30 at Eagles 34
11:15 PM
Hawkwind - Master of the Universe
Hawkwind Master of the Universe
In Search of Space (Remastered) Parlophone UK 1971
11:21 PM
Wraith - Bite Back
Wraith Bite Back N
Undo the Chains Redefining Darkness Records 2021
11:27 PM
Wanderer - Contented
Wanderer Contented L N
Liberation from a Brutalist Existence Entelodon Records 2021
live oct 29 at part wolf in minneapolis
11:31 PM
Maul - Monarchy of Mold
Maul Monarchy of Mold
Monarchy of Mold - EP 1039298 Records DK 2020
LIVE oct 31 at the Aquarium in Fargo and Nov 13 at Los Campeones in mpls
11:37 PM
Death - See Through Dreams
Death See Through Dreams
Human Relapse Records 1991
thirty years old this week! All hail 1991 \m/
11:41 PM
Rad Enhancer - Carcass of the Skeleton Slayer
Rad Enhancer Carcass of the Skeleton Slayer L
Rad Enchancer EP self-released 2019
see them live sat oct 30 at northstar bar in ST Paul
11:45 PM
Sunless - Ascended Forms
Sunless Ascended Forms L N
Releasing Nov 6 + see them play at Part Wolf!
11:48 PM
Volcano Diving Inc - Chode Slam
Volcano Diving Inc Chode Slam L
The March of the Lemmings 1921347 Records DK 2020
Live at club underground Sat oct 30th!
11:54 PM
Ningen Isu - Toshishun
Ningen Isu Toshishun N
Chat is archived.
Decker 10:04:44 PM
Justin Bowling 10:04:58 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:05:44 PM
Justin Bowling 10:06:37 PM
Requesting early. Could I get “Rebirth” by Morke?
KFAI 10:08:37 PM
hey crew! sure thing justin
Justin Bowling 10:09:12 PM
Thank you!
KFAI 10:09:26 PM
Bill is off rejuvenating his dark powers this week
Decker 10:10:13 PM
Look forward to his greater form, grateful for the Darth Riffeous in his absence.
Justin Bowling 10:10:40 PM
Haha same
KFAI 10:10:42 PM
its scary to think we have not yet seen his final form
Decker 10:11:54 PM
We've seen no ones, not even our own
Decker 10:13:11 PM
I'll throw a grim and frostbitten black metal request in early, as well.
Decker 10:13:47 PM
Wintaar - Time Devours Light - https://satanath.bandcamp.com/track/time-devours-light
Justin Bowling 10:15:17 PM
Ooh I’m looking forward to hearing that one Decker. Never heard of it!
Decker 10:17:26 PM
News stuff, stumbled on it literally about 4 hours ago lol
KFAI 10:17:38 PM
KFAI 10:17:52 PM
never seen the king live but this live version makes me wish i did
Decker 10:18:22 PM
I never have either, prob never will, very heartbreaking
Matthew Gurrola 10:19:16 PM
Twice for me including a meet and greet. Hopefully Mercyful Fate in the coming years.
Decker 10:20:04 PM
Decker 10:20:24 PM
Eric Wing FTW
Justin Bowling 10:21:12 PM
For sure!
Justin Bowling 10:21:26 PM
And thank you for playing my jam!
KFAI 10:26:10 PM
Decker 10:37:53 PM
Probs where I'll be October 30th
Decker 10:41:27 PM
KFAI 10:44:36 PM
nice find
KFAI 10:45:08 PM
according to metal archives - lyrical themes for this band include winter and death :)
Decker 10:45:13 PM
\m/ (> . <) \m/
Decker 10:45:55 PM
Surprise! lol
Decker 10:46:41 PM
Such a cool tune, can't wait to hear the rest of the album, thanks for playing!
KFAI 10:59:54 PM
think I just called him Andy Lenton lol
KFAI 11:00:13 PM
been eating too much lentil soup
Matthew Gurrola 11:01:20 PM
Reminds me War/Plague has a new release coming.
Decker 11:02:24 PM
ASSUCK rule. Darth, you've got a donation to match ;)
Decker 11:02:47 PM
Ope, card being updated now
KFAI 11:04:51 PM
sweet thanks man!!
Decker 11:07:13 PM
Thank YOU
Matthew Gurrola 11:12:39 PM
Just sent $35 for the sticker.
KFAI 11:12:59 PM
hell yeah \m/ thank you
Decker 11:24:51 PM
Hawkind are amazing
KFAI 11:27:38 PM
all those classic albums are incredible
Decker 11:32:50 PM
Maul is my favorite death metal band rn, I said it
KFAI 11:33:38 PM
you going to the agony reigns show in nov?
Matthew Gurrola 11:34:38 PM
I'll be at that gym for sure.
Decker 11:34:52 PM
Plannin' for it!
KFAI 11:38:41 PM
i got a ticket to see the AEW wrasslin ppv show at target center that same night :(
Matthew Gurrola 11:47:20 PM
Saw Sunless play outside in the rain at Falling Knife brewery couple weeks ago. Was pretty cool.
KFAI 11:47:38 PM
love it
KFAI 11:47:51 PM
i think theyre gonna be my first show since 2020
KFAI 11:48:02 PM
their album release
Matthew Gurrola 11:48:55 PM
I've been to 7. Probably going to Blodwar release show tomorrow.
Decker 11:51:58 PM
THx fellas
Matthew Gurrola 11:54:36 PM
See ya guys \m/
KFAI 11:54:41 PM
thanks for the support and see yall next week