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Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Oct 24, 2021 9:30 PM β€“ 10:30 PM

Talk/Radio Theater

With Jerry Stearns

Where "radio play" is the important part of the phrase. Hosted by Jerry Stearns.

A showcase of audio theater, featuring the best of contemporary audio theater, snippets from Old Time Radio drama, spoken word comedy, and talk about and with some of the skillful practitioners of the Theater of the Mind, we'll bring the best there is from around the world to your ears.

You can find more about the program and a weekly schedule of what's on the show at the Sound Affects website.

War of the Worlds 75th Anniversary Contest


The Audio Theater community held a contest in 2013, the 75th Anniversary War of the Worlds Audio Contest, celebrating the famous Orson Welles broadcast of 1938. These are four of the entrants in that contest. Not necessarily the winners, as I wanted to present a broad spectrum of the kinds of things that could be done with a few rules and a lot of imagination.

It’s also, by the way, KFAI’s Fall Pledge Drive, so please take a moment to make a contribution to this important radio station, and show your support for Sound Affects as well. Thank you very much. β€” Jerry

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground
9:33 PM
Special Segments: The Refertilization of the Weed Planet 313

During initial training for the mission to refertilize Planet 313 the Tripod soldiers (known as Tripodonauts) were assured the planet was uninhabited, however the planet fights back. Something else is living within its soil and is protecting its weed population. Bronze Award Winner, by Ron Jon Newton, New South Wales, Australia.

9:45 PM
Special Segments: Tonberry and Glass

Detectives are looking into a housing insurance claim that a house was flattened by a meteorite, but it turns out to be a bit more than that. By Ben Warren, in the UK.

10:02 PM
Special Segments: The Jester's Slippers

An epic medieval fantasy. Two heroic warriors, Sir Reginald and Boris the Destroyer, must cast aside their differences and lead the struggle against the alien tripods that threaten to destroy the realm and leave nothing but fire and ash in their path. By Mathew McLean at YAP Audio in Scotland.

10:13 PM
Special Segments: War of the Cotswolds

From Action Science Theater in England, comes this silly tale. What do you do when your budgets have been cut, your students won’t behave, and aliens land in the playing field of your school?