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Radio Pocho

Dec 29, 2021 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Reclaiming Roots Thru Musica: A weekly look into the music selections of our Latinx comunidad; featuring classic y contemporary Latinx artists: local, national, abroad, including their influences.

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Radio Pocho
8:09 PM
MMYYKK - Science
MMYYKK Science L N
Science - EP Rhythm Section International 2021
@mmyykkvibes @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:12 PM
Eloifluye - Renacer (feat. Belena & Taliaknight)
Eloifluye Renacer (feat. Belena & Taliaknight) L N
Renacer (feat. Belena & Taliaknight) - Single Eloifluye 2021
@radiopocho #bestof2021
8:14 PM
Takoda - Why Grow
Takoda Why Grow
Die in the Process Minaret Records 2021
@radiopocho #bestof2021
8:21 PM
Lady Midnight - Catorce (SHU Remix)
Lady Midnight Catorce (SHU Remix) L N
Death Before Mourning Remixes - EP Lady Midnight 2021
@iamladymidnight @willieshu @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:27 PM
Dizzy Fae - 360 Baby
Dizzy Fae 360 Baby L N
Antenna - EP Downtown Records 2021
@DizzyFae @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:29 PM
King Pari - Sunshine
King Pari Sunshine L N
Mary Acrophase Records 2021
@radiopocho #bestof2021
8:37 PM
Solana - Pink Champagne
Solana Pink Champagne L N
Pink Champagne - Single 400mediagroup inc 2021
@SOLANAbeatz @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:39 PM
Latasha Lee - I Don't Know
Latasha Lee I Don't Know N
I Don't Know - Single Cb Soul 2021
@latashaleesing @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:42 PM
Midnight Cleaners - Home Again
Midnight Cleaners Home Again N
Present: Eric Still "These Days" Here Today Records 2021
@radiopocho #bestof2021
8:50 PM
Malamanya - Frío
Malamanya Frío L N
Frío - Single Malamanya 2021
@Malamanya @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:54 PM
Black Market Brass - Sagat Theme
Black Market Brass Sagat Theme L N
Sagat Theme - Single Colemine Records 2021
@blackmarketmpls @radiopocho #bestof2021
8:57 PM
Money Chicha - Squeezebox
Money Chicha Squeezebox N
Chicha Summit Vampisoul 2021
@money_chicha @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:05 PM
Mayyadda - Summer Bodies
Mayyadda Summer Bodies L N
Try&Remember Mayyadda 2021
@she_Major @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:08 PM
FPA - Blumenau
FPA Blumenau L N
Princess Wiko 37d03d 2021
@francespriya @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:10 PM
Medium Zach - Can't Make You
Medium Zach Can't Make You L N
Bad by Myself Valued Input 2021
@mediumzach @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:18 PM
Lester Rey - TREPATE
Lester Rey TREPATE N
CCFX - EP Discos Peligrosa 2021
@LesterReyMusic @MoonDoctoR @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:21 PM
RRA - 5star
RRA 5star L N
Moon Dancing The Conservatory Records 2021
@radiopocho #bestof2021
9:24 PM
Dua Saleh - buzzin
Dua Saleh buzzin L N
@doitlikedua @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:34 PM
The Los Sundowns - Quiéreme
The Los Sundowns Quiéreme N
The Los Sundowns - EP Fat Beats Records 2021
@elbigtoe @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:36 PM
Tiarra Girls - Soy Chingona
Tiarra Girls Soy Chingona N
Soy Chingona - Single Lucky Hound Music 2021
@tiarragirls @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:40 PM
Kiko Villamizar - Tuya Tuyita
Kiko Villamizar Tuya Tuyita N
Tuya Tuyita - Single Wepa Records 2021
@kikovillamizar @kikovillamizrMusic @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:52 PM
Nasimiyu - Watercolor
Nasimiyu Watercolor L N
P O T I O N S Figureight 2021
@nasimiyu @radiopocho #bestof2021
9:55 PM
Sam Castillo - Mary Juanita
Sam Castillo Mary Juanita L N
Amerexico 2021
@radiopocho #bestof2021
9:58 PM
Andria Rose - Pollen
Andria Rose Pollen N
Telenovela - EP Andria Rose 2021
@andriaxrose @radiopocho #bestof2021