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Strictly Butter

Mar 5, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Norton Fortune

"The real aim of music is to co-ordinate the minds of the people into an intelligent reach for a better world and an intelligent approach to the living future." - Sun Ra

Dubby, psychedelic explorations in deep, experimental techno, leftfield house, ambient and more mixed live in the studio every Saturday night by Norton Fortune.

Contact: strictlybutterKFAI@gmail.com

Twitter: @nortonfortune


Strictly Butter
11:04 PM
THUGWIDOW - Europa Forever
THUGWIDOW Europa Forever N
Unknown Thugwidow
@nortonfortune https://thugwidow.bandcamp.com/track/europa-forever
11:09 PM
Om Unit - Ghosts (CV313 Reanimation Dub)
Om Unit Ghosts (CV313 Reanimation Dub) N
Acid Dub Versions Om Unit
11:19 PM
Pugilist - Sun Dial
Pugilist Sun Dial N
Sun Dial/Illusion of Time Pugilist
11:22 PM
Deadbeat - Huey Lewis Dub
Deadbeat Huey Lewis Dub
Huey Lewis Dub Deadbeat
11:32 PM
Mathimidori - Vibra
Mathimidori Vibra N
Echocord - 20 Years Echocord 2021
11:37 PM
Will Hofbauer - Flundra (Flundra Mix)
Will Hofbauer Flundra (Flundra Mix)
Steppe - EP Control Freak Recordings 2021
11:41 PM
Al Wootton - Saraph
Al Wootton Saraph N
Callers Spring - EP TRULE 2022
11:46 PM
Al Wootton - Alder
Al Wootton Alder
Maenads - EP TRULE 2021
11:50 PM
Gemmy - Irreversible Culture (RSD Remix)
Gemmy Irreversible Culture (RSD Remix) N
Irreversible Culture - Single Infernal Sounds 2022
11:55 PM
Mala - Walkin with Jah
Mala Walkin with Jah
Walkin with Jah - Single I & I Music 2021
11:57 PM
Low End Activist - Wow Signal
Low End Activist Wow Signal N
Low End Activism 004 - EP Low End Activism 2022
12:01 AM
Batu - Melts into Air
Batu Melts into Air
Molten Mirrors: A Decade of Livity Sound, Pt. 1 Livity Sound Recordings 2021
12:06 AM
Parris - Sabor a Ceniza
Parris Sabor a Ceniza
Terrapin - Single Wisdom Teeth 2020
12:10 AM
K-LONE - Deluxe
K-LONE Deluxe
Zissou - EP Wisdom Teeth 2021
12:14 AM
Bakey - Mashed
Bakey Mashed
Mashed - Single Shall Not Fade 2021
12:18 AM
klaus - Sabz
klaus Sabz N
12:24 AM
Dillinja - The Angels Fell (2015 Remaster)
Dillinja The Angels Fell (2015 Remaster)
The Angels Fell / Ja Know Ya Big / Brutal Bass (2015 Remasters) - Single Metalheadz 2015
12:29 AM
Stones Taro - Seed Man
Stones Taro Seed Man N
Seed Man - EP NC4K 2022
12:34 AM
Pixl - Tubby's Innovation
Pixl Tubby's Innovation
AKOism Volume 4 A.K.O Beatz
12:39 AM
Paradox - 7Arc
Paradox 7Arc
Soviet / 7Arc - Single Paradox Music 2021
12:44 AM
Special Request X Tim Reaper - Spectral Frequency VIP
Special Request X Tim Reaper Spectral Frequency VIP N
Unknown Special Request
@nortonfortune https://specialrequest187.bandcamp.com/album/special-request-x-tim-reaper-spectral-frequency-vip
12:48 AM
Uneak - Sound Boy Hear This
Uneak Sound Boy Hear This N
Terrestrial EP Kemet Records
12:52 AM
Equinox - Ital Lion Tuff Head (2021 Remaster)
Equinox Ital Lion Tuff Head (2021 Remaster) N
Ital Lion Tuff Head (2021 Remaster) Scientific Wax
12:58 AM
Mister Shifter - Murder One
Mister Shifter Murder One N
Zero Two Straight Up Breakbeat 2022