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Root of All Evil

May 15, 2022 1:00 AM – 6:00 AM


The Root Of All Evil Radio show is a hard hitting weekly metal show founded and forged by our metal brother Earl Root (R.I.P.) in the spring of 1987. It is (as far as we know) the longest running Independent Metal radio show in the world and it just keeps getting better and better after 36.6 years of continuous head banging and horn throwing. Bringing you every genre of metal, from the hardest and most brutal metal ever conceived to the softest and gentlest and everything in between -- and always room for our awesome local Minnesota metal scene! Produced and creatively shaped by an orchestra of dedicated metal loving people known (in this world) as Matt The Bridgetroll & The Dark Mistress, Dooflawyer, Mara the Death, Dr. Beast, BloodJohn, No Name Nate, Josh Kellerman and Mr. Muench. They will never stop pouring out the metal so you better keep drinking it, or they will come find you, and you don't want that. Muhahaha.

Feel the rumble as the Root of All Evil plays metal metal metal - may it be a corrosive delight to the ears \m/

Root of All Evil
1:01 AM
U.D.O. - 24/7
U.D.O. 24/7
Metallized AFM Records 2007
1:05 AM
Forged In Black - Seek No Evil
Forged In Black Seek No Evil
Descent of the Serpent Fighter Records 2019
1:08 AM
Entropia - Ashes
Entropia Ashes
Lust for Apocalypse Independent 2008
1:13 AM
Jinjer - Vortex
Jinjer Vortex
Wallflowers Napalm Records 2021
1:17 AM
Terrifiant - Metal and More
Terrifiant Metal and More
Terrifiant Gates of Hell Records 2020
1:22 AM
Total Eclipse - Crystal Sky
Total Eclipse Crystal Sky
Ashes of Eden Limb Music 2002
1:33 AM
Black Viper - Hellions of Fire
Black Viper Hellions of Fire
Hellions of Fire Independent 2018
1:40 AM
Medevil - Nightwalk
Medevil Nightwalk
Conductor of Storms Independent 2016
1:46 AM
Iron Steel - Attack!
Iron Steel Attack!
Devil May Care Ultra Entertainment 2008
1:50 AM
Toxin - Disintegration
Toxin Disintegration
Misantrophy Black Fantasy 1991
2:01 AM
Fossilization - Blight Cathedral
Fossilization Blight Cathedral
He Whose Name Was Long Forgotten - EP Transylvanian Recordings 2021
2:06 AM
Evoker - Old Evil
Evoker Old Evil
Evil Torment - EP Blood Harvest 2020
2:10 AM
Exsul - Cocytus
Exsul Cocytus
Exsul - EP Independent 2020
2:15 AM
Ashen - Godless Oath
Ashen Godless Oath
Godless Oath - EP Bitter Loss Records 2021
2:19 AM
Insidious Disease - Nuclear Salvation
Insidious Disease Nuclear Salvation
Shadowcast Century Media Records 2010
2:23 AM
Slytract - Between & Under
Slytract Between & Under
Explanation:Unknown Noisehead Records 2008
2:27 AM
Dreaming Dead - Within One
Dreaming Dead Within One
Within One Ibex Moon Records 2009
2:36 AM
Scolopendra - First-class Coffin
Scolopendra First-class Coffin N
Those of the Catacombs Nuclear War Now! Productions 2020
2:42 AM
Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
Dark Angel Darkness Descends
Darkness Descends Combat Records 1986
2:48 AM
Infamous Glory - Rebellion
Infamous Glory Rebellion
Deathstrike Revenge Manicômio Discos 2010
2:50 AM
Scarab - Wrapped In Disfigurement
Scarab Wrapped In Disfigurement
Valley of the Sandwalkers Independent 2007
2:58 AM
Dismemberment - The Condemned
Dismemberment The Condemned
The Condemned - EP Independent 2011
3:04 AM
Senseless Apocalypse - Say Silly Things
Senseless Apocalypse Say Silly Things
Japanese Assault Relapse Records 2003
3:05 AM
Senseless Apocalypse - Loquacity
Senseless Apocalypse Loquacity
Japanese Assault Relapse Records 2003
3:06 AM
Takafumi Matsubara - Stuttered Rope
Takafumi Matsubara Stuttered Rope
Strange, Beautiful and Fast Independent 2019
3:08 AM
Vomitus - Drunk (Part 1)
Vomitus Drunk (Part 1)
Pulse in the Dirt... Independent 2019
3:10 AM
Ingrowing - Underture
Ingrowing Underture
Cyberspace Shindy Productions 1998
3:13 AM
Dismembered Flesh Mutilation - Raped by The Hatchet
Dismembered Flesh Mutilation Raped by The Hatchet
Necrophiliac Decomposition Putrid Cult 2020
3:15 AM
Serrucho - Zombifikatum Estis
Serrucho Zombifikatum Estis
Zombifikatum Estis Mi Agüela No Tiene Brazos Prod. 2011
3:17 AM
Osmed - Antithesis
Osmed Antithesis
Territory of Warfare Brute! Productions 2018
3:20 AM
Altarage - Drevicet
Altarage Drevicet
Nihl Doomentia Records 2016
3:25 AM
Satan's Cross - First of the Fallen
Satan's Cross First of the Fallen
Celebration of the Fallen Sun & Moon Records 2020
3:36 AM
Spectrum Mortis - Bestiae Dominatu Exanimis
Spectrum Mortis Bestiae Dominatu Exanimis
Blasphemare Nomen Eius BlackSeed Productions 2016
3:42 AM
Profezia - Zephaniah
Profezia Zephaniah
Dodekaprofeton Moribund Records 2018
4:02 AM
Grafvitnir - Luciferian Flame
Grafvitnir Luciferian Flame
NâHásh Drapskunst Records 2012
4:11 AM
Striges - Scourge of the Ages
Striges Scourge of the Ages
Verum Veterum Blut & Eisen Productions 2020
4:18 AM
Infernal - Ritual Performing
Infernal Ritual Performing
The Reapers of God split Mighty Hordes Productions 2004
4:22 AM
Fluisteraars - Nasleep
Fluisteraars Nasleep
Bloem Eisenwald 2020
4:32 AM
Sad - Enjoy Your Pettiness
Sad Enjoy Your Pettiness
Misty Breath of Ancient Forests Purity Through Fire 2020
4:38 AM
Thy Primordial - Enrapture Silence
Thy Primordial Enrapture Silence
Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time Pulverised Records 1997
4:42 AM
Vermineux - Bloodlines
Vermineux Bloodlines
1337 Purity Through Fire 2021
4:53 AM
Raventale - Огнём кромсая небеса
Raventale Огнём кромсая небеса
Mémoires Satanath Records 2013
5:03 AM
Colosseum - Weathered
Colosseum Weathered
Chapter 1: Delirium Firedoom Music 2007
5:16 AM
Noyde - Wasted
Noyde Wasted
Surface Independent 2018
5:21 AM
Agatus - At Dusk I Was Born
Agatus At Dusk I Was Born
The Eternalist Hells Headbangers Records 2016
5:25 AM
Poemisia - Amnèsia
Poemisia Amnèsia
La danza degli spiriti Spider Rock Promotion 2013
5:32 AM
Secret Signs - Secret Signs
Secret Signs Secret Signs
For a Lifetime Casket Music 2012
5:36 AM
Morlas Memoria - The Battle
Morlas Memoria The Battle
Mine of Pictures 7hard 2017
5:40 AM
Dotma - Kingdom of the Sky
Dotma Kingdom of the Sky
Sleep Paralyses Scarlet Records 2011
5:53 AM
Kerion - Angels Of The Last Hope
Kerion Angels Of The Last Hope
The Origins Metalodic Records 2010
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