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Strictly Butter

May 28, 2022 11:00 PM – 1:00 AM


With Norton Fortune

"The real aim of music is to co-ordinate the minds of the people into an intelligent reach for a better world and an intelligent approach to the living future." - Sun Ra

Dubby, psychedelic explorations in deep, experimental techno, leftfield house, ambient and more mixed live in the studio every Saturday night by Norton Fortune.

Contact: strictlybutterKFAI@gmail.com

Twitter: @nortonfortune


Strictly Butter
11:11 PM
Terekke - Fandn
Terekke Fandn N
DIGI-001 Terekke
11:15 PM
Nebula - Menace
Nebula Menace N
Sci Wax Dubs 5 Nebula
11:20 PM
Response & Pliskin - Corrosion
Response & Pliskin Corrosion N
Brainwashed EP Northern Front Records
11:25 PM
DJ Chromz - Love & Unity
DJ Chromz Love & Unity N
Love & Unity EP Disrupt Records
11:29 PM
Phineus II - Butter-Milk Class
Phineus II Butter-Milk Class N
Fr003 Future Retro London 2022
11:33 PM
Etch - Tyrant
Etch Tyrant
Anachronism - EP Sneaker Social Club 2021
11:38 PM
Weighty Jungle - Matisse Sfx
Weighty Jungle Matisse Sfx N
Matisse Sfx - Single Weighty Jungle 2022
11:42 PM
Dwarde - Wilderness
Dwarde Wilderness N
Fr004 - EP Future Retro London 2022
11:45 PM
Law & Kola Nut - Cleanest Gun
Law & Kola Nut Cleanest Gun N
R-Whites Vol 2 Repetoire
11:49 PM
Kloke - Bliss Machine
Kloke Bliss Machine N
Fr005 - EP @nortonfortune 2022
11:54 PM
Mick Woods - Cyborgasm
Mick Woods Cyborgasm
Cyborgasm - EP Western Lore 2021
11:58 PM
FFF - Bad Vibes
FFF Bad Vibes N
Fr004 - EP 2022
12:03 AM
Photek - The Rain (2015 Re-master)
Photek The Rain (2015 Re-master)
Natural Born Killa EP (2015 Remasters) Metalheadz
12:09 AM
Etch - Black Philip
Etch Black Philip
Trax From The Void Vol. 2 Etch
12:14 AM
Eusebeia - Divine Light
Eusebeia Divine Light
Blunted Breaks, Vol. 2 Western Lore 2021
12:19 AM
Sputnik One - Connected by a Wall
Sputnik One Connected by a Wall N
Da Capo Al Coda Grid
12:24 AM
Sputnik One - Warm Body
Sputnik One Warm Body
Warm Body - EP Well Street Records 2020
12:28 AM
Vromm - Tribalism
Vromm Tribalism
Bees Over/Shadow
12:33 AM
Tribal Brothers - Pepper
Tribal Brothers Pepper N
Formation EP Livity Sound 2022
12:37 AM
Nico - Unhal
Nico Unhal N
Everyone Sees But Only A Few Know Akita Club
12:40 AM
Big Hands & Abraham Parker - 278 Dub (Al Wootton Remix)
Big Hands & Abraham Parker 278 Dub (Al Wootton Remix) N
Aria Aperta - EP 2022
12:46 AM
Al Wootton - Grounding
Al Wootton Grounding
Callers Spring - EP TRULE 2022
12:50 AM
Mod-R - Capacative
Mod-R Capacative
Jury Out Of Sorts
12:52 AM
Piezo/Ansia - Unto
Piezo/Ansia Unto N
LSD Superhero Wisdom Teeth
12:56 AM
Joy Orbison & Overmono - Still Moving
Joy Orbison & Overmono Still Moving
Bromley / Still Moving - Single XL Recordings 2019