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New Like Whatever

Jul 26, 2022 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Michael Cyrs

Every Friday, a heaping pile of new music is unleashed in the world, and it's nearly impossible to navigate it all. New Like Whatever will attempt to do this anyway.

Michael is playing the comparison game. He'll play a brand new song followed by whatever it reminds him of. What other artists used this kind of bass line? Who else rips off Sonic Youth? What feelings from the past are brought to mind when you hear this new track? You get the picture!

NLW will attempt to explore new music's relevance and importance in the 21st century; and how its forebears are still alive in our hearts despite the passage of time.

New Like Whatever
8:00 AM
The National - Lemonworld
The National Lemonworld
High Violet 4AD 2010
8:04 AM
Laura Veirs - Seaside Haiku
Laura Veirs Seaside Haiku
Seaside Haiku MERLIN - Raven Marching Band 2022
8:07 AM
Neko Case - Oracle of The Maritimes
Neko Case Oracle of The Maritimes
Hell-On MERLIN - Anti/Epitaph 2018
8:13 AM
The Sadies - All the Good
The Sadies All the Good
All the Good MERLIN - Yep Roc Records 2022
8:17 AM
Castanets - Blackbird Tune
Castanets Blackbird Tune
Decimation Blues Asthmatic Kitty 2014
8:19 AM
Lizzo - About Damn Time
Lizzo About Damn Time
About Damn Time WMG - Atlantic Records 2022
8:20 AM
Paolo Nutini - Radio
Paolo Nutini Radio
Last Night In The Bittersweet WMG - East West Records UK Ltd 2022
8:25 AM
Ryley Walker - Spoil with the Rest
Ryley Walker Spoil with the Rest
Deafman Glance Dead Oceans 2018
8:31 AM
boerd/Venus Anon - Tomorrow
boerd/Venus Anon Tomorrow
Tomorrow Blunda 2022
8:34 AM
White Hinterland - Ring The Bell
White Hinterland Ring The Bell
Baby Dead Oceans 2014
8:38 AM
Panda Bear - Go On
Panda Bear Go On
Go On MERLIN - Domino Recording Co 2022
8:46 AM
Brian Eno - Sky Saw
Brian Eno Sky Saw
Another Green World UMG - EMI Marketing 2004
8:50 AM
Daniel Avery - Chaos Energy
Daniel Avery Chaos Energy
Chaos Energy WMG - Mute (Artist Intelligence) 2022
8:55 AM
Aphex Twin - Tha
Aphex Twin Tha
Selected Ambient Works 85-92 R&S Records 1992
9:07 AM
9:11 AM
Gold Panda - You
Gold Panda You
Lucky Shiner (Deluxe Edition) UMG - Co-operative Music 2010
9:15 AM
Mikey Young - This ↑
Mikey Young This ↑
You Feelin' Me? ORCHARD - Castle Face 2019
9:17 AM
Dos Santos - City of Mirrors
Dos Santos City of Mirrors
City of Mirrors MERLIN - International Anthem Recording Co 2021
9:18 AM
Szun Waves - New Universe
Szun Waves New Universe
In The Moon House MERLIN - The Leaf Label 2022
9:22 AM
Nils Frahm - Says
Nils Frahm Says
Nick Warren Presents: The Soundgarden MERLIN - Hope Recordings 2014
9:33 AM
Anna Lunoe - Double Dip
Anna Lunoe Double Dip
Double Dip ORCHARD - NLV Records 2022
9:37 AM
Wild Beasts - Get My Bang
Wild Beasts Get My Bang
Get My Bang MERLIN - Domino Recording Co 2016
9:40 AM
Mega Shinnosuke - Future Era
Mega Shinnosuke Future Era
Handsome Na Dance Mega Shinnosuke 2022
9:47 AM
Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yellow Magic Orchestra Yellow Magic (Tong Poo)
Yellow Magic Orchestra USA SME - Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc. 1979
9:53 AM
Suzie - Fantasy
Suzie Fantasy
Born Single self released 2014