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KFAI is a volunteer-based community radio station that exists to broadcast information, arts and entertainment programming for an audience of diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds.

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Wave Project

Sep 25, 2022 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Talk/Arts and Culture

Community radio presented by and representing members of the community, the Wave Project is KFAI's public access hour.

Create your own one hour radio show: you make it up and you present it. You bring your own music, poetry, ideas, opinions, friends - whatever.

We put your show on the air and provide an engineer and all the equipment.

If you want a specific date for your show, please submit your abstract as soon as you can, so you won't be disappointed.

Groups, organizations, and individuals are welcome.

Face 2 Face Talks about Serving Youth

Staff from Face 2 Face and its expanded service center, Safe Zone, spoke this hour about the varied aspects of their work with youth in St. Paul. An hour was not enough to cover everything, but listeners heard about better ways to talk with youth to support them, asking our own motivations as adults in talking with and about youth, and where to find out more about Face 2 Face and Safe Zone. Thank you T. David Starks, Dorothee Tshiela and Nabila Jaffer!

Wave Project
10:20 AM
Lil Naz X - Sun Go Down
Lil Naz X Sun Go Down
10:41 AM
BREAK MY SOUL - Single Parkwood Entertainment/Columbia 2022