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The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic

Jan 6, 2023 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With That Guy In The Hat

The UltraSonic Gin & Tonic
8:03 PM
Alex Lustig - Bliss
Alex Lustig Bliss
Ambient Installation: Space - Single Alex Lustig 2021
8:06 PM
Anselark - Marisa (Orchards & Armchairs)
Anselark Marisa (Orchards & Armchairs)
8:09 PM
All India Radio - Redshift
All India Radio Redshift
The Slow Light All India Radio 2020
8:14 PM
Jason Bentley - Innervision
Jason Bentley Innervision
8:22 PM
Emancipator - Rappahannock
Emancipator Rappahannock
Baralku Loci Records 2017
8:27 PM
Caro Emerald - That Man
Caro Emerald That Man
Live at Montreux Jazz Festival 2015
8:32 PM
Physics - Watch What Happens
Physics Watch What Happens
Upstairs at Larry's Vanguard Records 2004
8:40 PM
Arling & Cameron - Le Flic Et la Fille
Arling & Cameron Le Flic Et la Fille
Music for Imaginary Films Ryko/Rhino 2000
8:44 PM
Praful - Sigh (Adani & Wolf Remix)
Praful Sigh (Adani & Wolf Remix)
White Martini Water Music Records
8:51 PM
Tigerskin - Magnétique
Tigerskin Magnétique
L'Opéra des Robots - Single Forms & Figures 2021
8:56 PM
Sophistafunk - Livin' to Rock
Sophistafunk Livin' to Rock
Sophistafunk - EP Funk Is So Phat Records 2009
9:03 PM
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre - Randee: Basic Safety
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre Randee: Basic Safety
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
9:04 PM
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre - Erratum
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre Erratum
Duck's Breath Mystery Theatre
9:06 PM
Dr. Science - Dr. Science 3
Dr. Science Dr. Science 3
Duck's Breath Mystery Theater
9:07 PM
Das Komplex - Odmewianie
Das Komplex Odmewianie
Disco Biscuits #2 - EP 2022
9:13 PM
Break 3000 - Dopamine
Break 3000 Dopamine
The House Files 2 - Single Electron Feel 2022
9:21 PM
Idan Hana - Moon Desert
Idan Hana Moon Desert
Galaxy - EP Dirt Crew Recordings 2022
9:32 PM
Frantzvaag - Well Spent
Frantzvaag Well Spent
Bliss 1 - EP 2022
9:37 PM
Groove Armada - Easy
Groove Armada Easy
Lovebox Jive 2002
9:43 PM
Bellaire - Street Blues
Bellaire Street Blues
Paris City Jazz - EP AOC Records 2018
9:49 PM
Alisha Chinal - Silsila
Alisha Chinal Silsila
Shut Up N Kiss Me
9:52 PM
Mall Grab - Love Reigns
Mall Grab Love Reigns
What I Breathe (Deluxe) 2021
9:59 PM
Jon Cutler - It's Yours (Original Distant Music Mix) [feat. E-Man]
Jon Cutler It's Yours (Original Distant Music Mix) [feat. E-Man]
It's Yours (feat. E-Man) Defected Records 2008
Chat is archived.
Bucky 8:43:23 PM
Very 60's
KFAI 8:43:45 PM
Hey! Yeah, this group was influenced by 60s spy-fi stuff, among other things.
Bucky 8:46:13 PM
I haven't been around much lately. I had an...accident, I guess you'd call it. Broke my neck.
KFAI 8:46:34 PM
Oh, my Lord!!!! Are you...somewhat...ok?
KFAI 8:46:53 PM
Did it have something to do with biking in this weather?
Bucky 8:49:15 PM
Yeah, I'm ok. Not biking related. I got sick one night before Xmas. Sometime in the night I *somehow* broke a bone in my neck. Unclear how I did it, maybe I felll. Not sure. Anyway, went to the emergency room the next day and xrays told the tale. I'm in a neck brace now for 3 months.
Bucky 8:50:38 PM
Not some sci-fi mad scientist neck brace, just a plastic and velcro padding thing. Easy on and off.
KFAI 8:50:49 PM
Ah...The Cone of Shame!
Bucky 8:51:24 PM
Yeah, not far removed from that. A bit more refined and demure but definitely "shameful".
KFAI 8:51:25 PM
Glad it wasn't anything permanently debillitating!
KFAI 8:51:42 PM
See if you can get free stuff from stores while wearing it!
Bucky 8:52:10 PM
So far so good. I still have 2 1/2 more months in which I have to behave and not attempt anything that will make things worse.
KFAI 8:52:27 PM
First rule of first aid: Never make things worse than they already are.
Bucky 8:52:41 PM
"do no harm..."
KFAI 8:53:05 PM
Robots don't count...
Bucky 8:53:22 PM
One good thing: I don't need to shove any more snow this winter.
Bucky 8:53:31 PM
KFAI 8:54:24 PM
HA! Actually, with your new appendage, you could become a good shovel. Just pick you up by the ankles and away you go, head first.
Bucky 8:56:06 PM
I can tell this is the sort of repartee you and your brothers used to indulge in... ;-)
Bucky 8:56:29 PM
Or, maybe still do?
KFAI 8:56:45 PM
I have no idea what you're talking about. ...of course, that could be the concussions talking...
Bucky 8:57:28 PM
At first I thought maybe you'd cued up some Propellerheads.
KFAI 8:57:44 PM
I heard that too when I first put it on!
KFAI 8:58:18 PM
Can I dedicate a Duck's Breath bit to you?
Bucky 9:00:05 PM
Depends. Will it make me want to rip off my headphones?
KFAI 9:00:29 PM
Of course not
Bucky 9:00:39 PM
Then I'd be honored
Bucky 9:03:59 PM
Bucky 9:04:15 PM
Kliban had that rule too.
KFAI 9:05:01 PM
Billy Kilban?
Bucky 9:05:41 PM
B. Kliban's book, "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head".
KFAI 9:06:13 PM
LOL! I love Kilban's cartoons!
Bucky 9:06:27 PM
Yes, great stuff.
KFAI 9:06:58 PM
Just picked up a Playboy original cartoon by Howard Shoemaker
Bucky 9:08:51 PM
"Disco Biscuits"???
KFAI 9:09:28 PM
I know...awesome, right???
KFAI 9:12:23 PM
And that's '2,' which means there must have been a '1.'