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Roar of the Underground

Feb 9, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Darth Riffeous

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 326

Agony Reigns in studio!

Roar of the Underground
10:12 PM
Vicious Rumors - Digital Dictator
Vicious Rumors Digital Dictator
Digital Dictator Shrapnel Records, Inc. 1987
turns 35!
10:13 PM
Agony Reigns - Falsified Existence
Agony Reigns Falsified Existence L N
Falsified Existence - Single
NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also see them live Fri Feb 17th The Caddy Shack (Duluth, MN) - Graveslave, Torment, Agony Reigns, South Paw
10:14 PM
Molder - Huff the Stench
Molder Huff the Stench
Engrossed in Decay Prosthetic Records 2022
10:22 PM
Demilich - (Within) the Chamber of Whispering Eyes
Demilich (Within) the Chamber of Whispering Eyes
Nespithe Metalhit.com 2009
turns 30!
10:24 PM
Converge - The Saddest Day
Converge The Saddest Day R
Petitioning the Empty Sky Equal Vision Records 2005
requested by Micah
10:39 PM
Agony Reigns - Zealot
Agony Reigns Zealot
The Tragedy In Understanding Nothing Agony Reigns 2021
10:43 PM
SolarenD - Blood Ties
SolarenD Blood Ties L
Subhuman Born Subhuman Records 2022
See them live Sat Feb 18th Northstar Bar (StP) - Semtex, Domidium, Solarend, Xawaro
10:49 PM
Mutilation Barbecue - Acid Tub
Mutilation Barbecue Acid Tub
Mutilation Barbecue - EP Maggot Stomp 2022
10:53 PM
King Goro - Fatality
King Goro Fatality L
Konquerors of Outworld
LIVE LIVE LIVE Sat Feb 18th Loudpower Church (Mpls) - King Goro, Slag, Sola Angor, Trusion, Christmas on Neptune
10:56 PM
Soulfly - Bleed
Soulfly Bleed
Soulfly Roadrunner Records 1998
11:09 PM
Antigen - Myth Destroyers
Antigen Myth Destroyers
Dust and Ashes 2455963 Records DK 2020
11:16 PM
Econochrist - Epidemic
Econochrist Epidemic
Discography (1988-1993) 2815923 Records DK 2021
11:16 PM
Game - Choroba Społeczenstwa
Game Choroba Społeczenstwa
Legerdemain - EP Quality Control HQ Records 2021
11:19 PM
Wanderer - Pure Human Despair
Wanderer Pure Human Despair L N
Indulgence of the Unreal - EP
releases February 24!!!!
11:22 PM
Graveslave - Bird in Hand
Graveslave Bird in Hand L
No Center Trvasfuk Music 2021
Sat Feb 18th Pizza Luce (Duluth, MN) - By The Thousands, Torment, Our Common Collapse, Graveslave, Southpaw
11:27 PM
Conjurer - Suffer Alone
Conjurer Suffer Alone
Páthos Nuclear Blast 2022
11:34 PM
Morbid Visionz - Dismal Harvest
Morbid Visionz Dismal Harvest
Cycle of Cessation - EP Maggot Stomp 2022
11:37 PM
StrappadO - Pile of Skin and Bone
StrappadO Pile of Skin and Bone L
Pile of Skin and Bone single 2701936 Records DK2 2022
11:41 PM
Glutton for Punishment - The Mutilation Process
Glutton for Punishment The Mutilation Process
The Mutilation Process 1015400 Records DK 2018
requested by BlackStar!
11:45 PM
Megadeth - Wake Up Dead
Megadeth Wake Up Dead
Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? CAPITOL CATALOG MKT (C92) 2016
Fri Feb 17th Varsity Theater (Mpls) - Kings of Thrash (Megadeth tribute with Ellefson, Poland, Young), Hatriot
11:51 PM
Cattle Decapitation - The Geocide
Cattle Decapitation The Geocide R
Death Atlas Metal Blade Records 2019
requested by thronewolf!