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New Like Whatever

Feb 21, 2023 8:00 AM β€“ 10:00 AM


With Michael Cyrs

Every Friday, a heaping pile of new music is unleashed in the world, and it's nearly impossible to navigate it all. New Like Whatever will attempt to do this anyway.

Michael is playing the comparison game. He'll play a brand new song followed by whatever it reminds him of. What other artists used this kind of bass line? Who else rips off Sonic Youth? What feelings from the past are brought to mind when you hear this new track? You get the picture!

NLW will attempt to explore new music's relevance and importance in the 21st century; and how its forebears are still alive in our hearts despite the passage of time.

NLW 2.21.23

New Like Whatever
9:19 AM
Twin Shadow - Shooting Holes
Twin Shadow Shooting Holes
Forget Terrible Records PD 2016
9:19 AM
Lil Yachty - running out of time
Lil Yachty running out of time
Let’s Start Here. Quality Control Music/Motown Records 2023
9:24 AM
Yves Tumor  - Echolalia
Yves Tumor Echolalia
Echolalia Warp Records 2023
9:27 AM
Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
Black Moth Super Rainbow Sun Lips
Dandelion Gum graveface records 2007
9:30 AM
Clark - Town Crank
Clark Town Crank
Town Crank Throttle Records 2023
9:34 AM
Bear In Heaven - Casual Goodbye
Bear In Heaven Casual Goodbye
Beast Rest Forth Mouth Hometapes 2010
9:41 AM
Anachronism - Meanders
Anachronism Meanders
Meanders 890186 Records DK 2022
9:44 AM
Gojira - Flying Whales
Gojira Flying Whales
De Zwaarste CD 2019 Universal Music S.A. 2019
9:55 AM
EYES - Generation L
EYES Generation L
Generation L - Single Indisciplinarian 2023
9:57 AM
Phish - Portland Jam
Phish Portland Jam
LivePhish, Vol. 17 7/15/98 (Portland Meadows, Portland, OR) WMG - JEMP Records 2009