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Roar of the Underground

Jul 13, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 347

DL from Kostnateni joins us in the studio.

Roar of the Underground
10:00 PM
Oak Pantheon - Listen!
Oak Pantheon Listen! L N
The Absence Oak Pantheon 2023
See them LIVE this Saturday July 15th at Amsterdam Bar & Hall
10:10 PM
Serpent Column - Apophenia
Serpent Column Apophenia
Mirror in Darkness 1516887 Records DK 2019
10:15 PM
Grief Collector - Perpetual
Grief Collector Perpetual L N
In Times of Woe Independent 2023
10:24 PM
Ὁπλίτης - Τρῶξις
Ὁπλίτης Τρῶξις
Τ​ρ​ω​θ​η​σ​ο​μ​έ​ν​η 4527430 Records DK2 2023
10:25 PM
Sadist - Enslaver of Lies
Sadist Enslaver of Lies
Above the Light Nadir Music 1993
Released 30 years ago this week!
10:34 PM
Kostnatění - Nevolnost je vše, čím jsem (Nausea Is All I Am)
Kostnatění Nevolnost je vše, čím jsem (Nausea Is All I Am) L N
Úpal Willowtip Records 2023
10:40 PM
Gamma Ray - Somewhere Out In Space
Gamma Ray Somewhere Out In Space R
Somewhere Out In Space Noise 1997
Requested by Sami
10:46 PM
Enforced - Aggressive Menace
Enforced Aggressive Menace N
War Remains Century Media 2023
10:49 PM
Frozen Soul - Invisible Tormentor
Frozen Soul Invisible Tormentor N
Glacial Domination Century Media 2023
10:54 PM
Deterioration - Artillery Stockpile
Deterioration Artillery Stockpile L
Retaliatory Measures Shattered Dreams Productions 2022
See them LIVE Sat July 22nd at Double Vision in Mpls
10:55 PM
Overkill - Hello from the Gutter
Overkill Hello from the Gutter
Under the Influence Atlantic Records 1988
Released 35 years ago this month!
10:59 PM
Nithing - Cystic Ovarian Burial Ground
Nithing Cystic Ovarian Burial Ground N
Agonal Hymns New Standard Elite 2023
11:06 PM
Therapy - Forced Hand
Therapy Forced Hand
Therapy/Axe Rash 2022
11:09 PM
Lasso - Ausente e Esquecido
Lasso Ausente e Esquecido
Amuo Lasso 2022
11:11 PM
Infernöh - Uppror Till Salu
Infernöh Uppror Till Salu
7 Spår Infernöh 2013
11:13 PM
Hive - Parallel Lines
Hive Parallel Lines L
Spiritual Poverty Translation Loss Records 2022
See them LIVE Fri July 21st at Pillar Forum in Mpls
11:16 PM
Congealed Putrescence - Advection
Congealed Putrescence Advection
Within the Ceaseless Murk EP Caligari Records/Nerve Altar 2022
11:20 PM
Ice Everlasting - Accelerants
Ice Everlasting Accelerants L
Chain Reaction - EP self-released 2022
11:22 PM
Slayer - Mandatory Suicide
Slayer Mandatory Suicide
South of Heaven American Recordings Catalog P&D 1988
Released 35 years ago this month!
11:27 PM
Victory Over the Sun - The Gold of Having Nothing
Victory Over the Sun The Gold of Having Nothing N
Dance You Monster To My Soft Song! COARSE AIR RECORDS 2023
11:37 PM
Odz Manouk - Օձազունք (Odzazunq)
Odz Manouk Օձազունք (Odzazunq) N
Ծ​ո​ւ​ռ (Tzurr) 2023
11:44 PM
Kalopsya - Watershed
Kalopsya Watershed L N
...from the Throne of Pharisees - EP Biczar Productions 2023
11:48 PM
Cryptic Void - Cyber-Servitude
Cryptic Void Cyber-Servitude
Post-Human Godhood - EP Cryptic Void 2021
See them LIVE Sat July 22nd at Double Vision in Mpls
11:50 PM
Death Angel - Road Mutants
Death Angel Road Mutants
Frolic Through the Park Ryko/Rhino 1988
Released 35 years ago this month!
11:57 PM
Anthropophagous - The Oozing Room
Anthropophagous The Oozing Room
Abuse of a Corpse 2391446 Records DK 2023