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International Jazz Conspiracy

Sep 13, 2023 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Emel

Asonic journey through contemporary jazz, free improvisation, new music, hindustani music, flamenco, world music, underground, avant garde and art music from different corners of the globe, as well as interviews and live studio performances by local and visiting artists and the occasional musical restructuring*. An adventure in sound, a journey into the tone world.

International Jazz Conspiracy
10:01 PM
Don Pullen - Capoeira
Don Pullen Capoeira
Afro Blue - Explore The Roots And Rhythms Of Jazz UMG - Blue Note Records 1999
10:08 PM
Don Pullen - Milano Strut
Don Pullen Milano Strut
Milano Strut Black Saint 1979
10:24 PM
Alfredo Rodriguez - Maracuyá
Alfredo Rodriguez Maracuyá
Coral Way Mack Avenue Records 2023
10:25 PM
Pierre Dørge - Mbizo Mbizo
Pierre Dørge Mbizo Mbizo
Johnny Lives Steeple Chase 1987
10:37 PM
Pierre Dørge - The root eating rag
Pierre Dørge The root eating rag
Johnny Lives Steeple Chase 1987
10:43 PM
Steve Reid - Kai
Steve Reid Kai
Rhythmatism MERLIN - Soul Jazz Records 2004
11:05 PM
Spring Heel Jack - chorale
Spring Heel Jack chorale
Masses Thirsty Ear Recordings 2001