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Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Feb 25, 2024 9:30 PM โ€“ 10:30 PM

Talk/Radio Theater

With Jerry Stearns

Where "radio play" is the important part of the phrase. Hosted by Jerry Stearns.

A showcase of audio theater, featuring the best of contemporary audio theater, snippets from Old Time Radio drama, spoken word comedy, and talk about and with some of the skillful practitioners of the Theater of the Mind, we'll bring the best there is from around the world to your ears.

You can find more about the program and a weekly schedule of what's on the show at the Sound Affects website.

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground
9:31 PM
Radio Theater: No. 2 Ding Street

A man finds out he has inherited something from his step-father, and heโ€™s not sure what to do with it. But there are quite a lot of people who have some suggestions.

Hosiprog was a production company that made audio entertainment for British hospital patients. This is one of their works, written by Bill Barrow.

10:16 PM
Radio Theater: Take a Dose of Laughter

Yo know that phrase โ€œLaugher is the best medicineโ€? This is a story about a Doctorโ€™s office in Britain that takes the idea seriously. From the Essex Audio Theatre.

10:25 PM
Radio Theater: A Ship In A Bottle


Telling a friend about a dream you had can be cathartic, even if you donโ€™t know what it means. One of the Tiny Dreams tales from ZBS.