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Glorth Radio

Apr 13, 2024 2:00 AM – 4:00 AM


With Sean

Stoner Rock and More from Two to Four.

Glorth Radio
2:05 AM
Nebula - Acid Drop
Nebula Acid Drop
In Search Of The Cosmic Tale: Crossing The Galactic Portal
2:11 AM
Turtle Skull - Heavy As Hell
Turtle Skull Heavy As Hell
Heavy As Hell - Single Art As Catharsis 2024
2:40 AM
Duel - Satan's Invention
Duel Satan's Invention
Breakfast With Death
2:41 AM
Hydra - Satan Is Real
Hydra Satan Is Real
Into the Night - Single Piranha Music 2024
2:48 AM
Lucid Sins - Sanctuary Stone
Lucid Sins Sanctuary Stone
Dancing In the Dark Lucid Sins 2023
2:56 AM
Sleepwulf - Satan Is King
Sleepwulf Satan Is King
Sunbeams Curl Heavy Psych Sounds 2021
2:56 AM
Brimstone Coven - Lucifer Rising
Brimstone Coven Lucifer Rising
What Was and What Shall Be Self released 2018
3:23 AM
Kikagaku Moyo - Dawn
Kikagaku Moyo Dawn
Kikagaku Moyo - EP Guruguru Brain 2013
3:28 AM
Here Lies Man - Night Comes
Here Lies Man Night Comes
Ritual Divination RidingEasy Records 2020
3:33 AM
Karkara - Anthropia
Karkara Anthropia
All Is Dust Exag' Records 2023
3:39 AM
Turban - Supersoul
Turban Supersoul
Karma Sutras
3:45 AM
Goat - Raised by Hills
Goat Raised by Hills
Medicine Rocket Recordings 2023
3:48 AM
CAVS - Basic Instinct
CAVS Basic Instinct
Cavs PHC Films 2021
3:53 AM
Kimono Drag Queens - Song of Worship
Kimono Drag Queens Song of Worship
Songs of Worship Copper Feast Records 2020