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Radio Pocho

Apr 24, 2024 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Miguel Vargas

Reclaiming Roots Thru Musica: A weekly look into the music selections that explore emerging Latine Indie artists and their many influences across space, place, time and genre

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Radio Pocho
8:03 PM
Luis Gasca - Street Dude
Luis Gasca Street Dude
For Those Who Chant Verve Reissues 1972
8:13 PM
B. Cool-Aid - soundgood
B. Cool-Aid soundgood
soundgood Lex Records 2023
8:20 PM
Tapioca - Cara De Árabe
Tapioca Cara De Árabe
Samba em Kigali Jakarta 2023
8:27 PM
Reyna Tropical - Conexión Ancestral
Reyna Tropical Conexión Ancestral
Conexión Ancestral Psychic Hotline 2024
8:41 PM
Y La Bamba - Dibujos De Mi Alma
Y La Bamba Dibujos De Mi Alma
Dibujos De Mi Alma Tender Loving Empire 2023
8:45 PM
DāM-FunK - Galactic Fun
DāM-FunK Galactic Fun
Infinity + 1 Stones Throw 2009
8:53 PM
Say She She - Reeling
Say She She Reeling
Reeling Karma Chief Records 2023
9:03 PM
Jalen Ngonda - Come Around and Love Me
Jalen Ngonda Come Around and Love Me
Come Around And Love Me Daptone Records 2023
9:06 PM
Pale Jay - Under The Magnolia Tree - Instrumental
Pale Jay Under The Magnolia Tree - Instrumental
The Celestial Suite (Instrumentals) PLYGRND 2021
9:09 PM
Black Pumas - Mrs. Postman
Black Pumas Mrs. Postman
Mrs. Postman ATO Records / Fontana North 2023
9:17 PM
Willie Colón - Panameña
Willie Colón Panameña
The Hit List/La Historia The Orchard 2010
9:48 PM
Eddie Chacon - Holy Hell
Eddie Chacon Holy Hell
Holy Hell Stones Throw Records 2022
9:56 PM
Various Artists - Groove Me
Various Artists Groove Me
Disco Discharge: Disco Ladies Harmless 2009