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Century Song

Jun 9, 2019 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Dan Rien

Century Song...a round trip whirlwind radio journey through the world of traditional music. From Native America to throat singing of Tuva...From the pan pipes of Peru to the pan pipes of the South Pacific...From the classical world of the Arabs to the classical courts of China...Irish jigs, Scandinavian Polskas, Pow-wows, and South India Bharata Natam...Sacred, Secular, and Ritual...There are no boundaries as we explore the traditional musics of the world.

Century Song
8:04 AM
various artist - Iran:  Azerbaijan
various artist Iran: Azerbaijan
Iran: Regional music of Azerbaijan neriz
9:05 AM
Aallotar - Kudos & Kuortane
Aallotar Kudos & Kuortane
Ameriikan Laulu Nordic Notes 2018
9:19 AM
Brian Miller - Highland Fling / Paddy Hill's
Brian Miller Highland Fling / Paddy Hill's
Minnesota Lumberjack Songs Two Tap Records 2011
9:23 AM
Joe Cooley - Daniel O'Connell
Joe Cooley Daniel O'Connell
Cooley Gael Linn 1975
9:23 AM
Randall Bays/Daithi Sproule - Reels
Randall Bays/Daithi Sproule Reels
Live Live
9:28 AM
Cherokee Tribe - Stomp Dance
Cherokee Tribe Stomp Dance
Songs of Earth, Water, Fire and Sky: Music of the American Indian New World Records
9:35 AM
Massa Dembele - Mezana Dounia
Massa Dembele Mezana Dounia
Mezana Dounia Izniz Recordings 2017
9:39 AM
Unknown Artists - Melodies Variees
Unknown Artists Melodies Variees
Du Danube au Balkan Le Chante du Monde
9:42 AM
Maria Buza - Piatra, Piatra
Maria Buza Piatra, Piatra
The Gypsies of Wallachia Arc 2001
9:49 AM
Ali el khencheli - El Bahri jebba
Ali el khencheli El Bahri jebba
Chants des Aures Institute du Monde Arabe