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AM Drive

Jun 12, 2019 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM


With @kfaiAMDrive

AM Drive
6:07 AM
The Specials - (Free) Nelson Mandella
The Specials (Free) Nelson Mandella
In the Studio 2Tone 1984
6:11 AM
Dillinger - Ragnampiza
Dillinger Ragnampiza
Reggae Anthology - The Channel One Story VP Records 2005
6:14 AM
XTC - Greenman
XTC Greenman
Apple Venus Volume 1 Ape House Ltd. 1998
6:23 AM
Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice
Nancy Sinatra You Only Live Twice
Nancy In London Boots Enterprises, Inc. 2006
6:24 AM
Shirley Bassey - Diamonds Are Forever (Main Title)
Shirley Bassey Diamonds Are Forever (Main Title)
Diamonds Are Forever (Expanded Edition) [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Capitol Records 2003
@kfaiamdrive @DSBtigerbay
6:29 AM
Lyn Collins - Think (About It)
Lyn Collins Think (About It)
Think (About It) Universal Records 1972
6:38 AM
B.J. Thomas - (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
B.J. Thomas (Hey Won't You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song
Reunion ABC Records 1975
6:40 AM
Len Barry - The Moving Finger Writes
Len Barry The Moving Finger Writes
My Kind of Soul RCA/Legacy 1967
6:47 AM
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Marrakesh Express
Crosby, Stills & Nash Marrakesh Express
Crosby, Stills & Nash Atlantic Records 1969
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs
6:49 AM
Todd Rundgren - Miracle In the Bazaar
Todd Rundgren Miracle In the Bazaar
A Capella Rhino/Warner Records 1985
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs @toddrundgren
6:53 AM
A-WA - Habib Galbi
A-WA Habib Galbi
Habib Galbi S-Curve Records 2016
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs #ira
7:02 AM
RTZ - Face the Music
RTZ Face the Music
Return to Zero Rhino/Warner Records 1991
7:06 AM
Return to Forever - Nite Sprite (feat. Chick Corea)
Return to Forever Nite Sprite (feat. Chick Corea)
Verve Jazz Masters, Vol. 3: Chick Corea Verve 1993
@kfaiamdrive @chickcorea
7:12 AM
Liars - Mr Your On Fire Mr
Liars Mr Your On Fire Mr
They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top Mute 2002
7:20 AM
Chór Czejanda - Rock Around the Clock
Chór Czejanda Rock Around the Clock
Polish Popular Hits - 1955-1960, Vol. 4 Ihor Records 2012
7:22 AM
Reacharound - Big Chair
Reacharound Big Chair
Who's Tommy Cooper? Interscope Records 1996
7:27 AM
The Troggs - Strange Movies
The Troggs Strange Movies
@kfaiamdrive @the_troggs
7:33 AM
Cloud Cult - Happy Hippo
Cloud Cult Happy Hippo
Advice From the Happy Hippopotamus Earthology 2005
@kfaiamdrive @CloudCult
7:38 AM
Barry Adamson - The Man With the Golden Arm
Barry Adamson The Man With the Golden Arm
The Murky World of Barry Adamson Mute 1999
@kfaiamdrive @adamsonbarry
7:42 AM
The Reverend Horton Heat - One Time for Me
The Reverend Horton Heat One Time for Me
Liquor in the Front Sub Pop 1994
@kfaiamdrive @revhortonheat
7:50 AM
Syd Barrett - Word Song
Syd Barrett Word Song
Crazy Diamond (The Complete Recordings) Parlophone UK 1993
@kfaiamdrive #sydbarrett
7:53 AM
Ken Nordine - Bury-It-Yourself Time Capsules
Ken Nordine Bury-It-Yourself Time Capsules
The Word Collection Marmot Music 2013
Chat is archived.
Jamez L Smith 6:13:52 AM
make it stop
Jamez L Smith 6:14:54 AM
Jamez L Smith 6:15:50 AM
um .. I mean: "Good Morn, Lady & Gent."
Ira Rosen 6:18:00 AM
GM MN - is this a GD special?
Ira Rosen 6:18:34 AM
Oh, and The Specials was a great start. Mistook it for Hugh Masakela and Miriam Makeba..
Jamez L Smith 6:22:40 AM
of course we know that song
Mason Butler (1) 6:23:03 AM
What were we supposed to stop now?
Jamez L Smith 6:23:15 AM
you stopped it.
Jamez L Smith 6:23:44 AM
diggin this The Verve inspired 60's ballad
Grumpy Dave 6:25:40 AM
That is depressing...living twice.
Jamez L Smith 6:27:41 AM
especially the "only" part
Jamez L Smith 6:28:10 AM
should be more like diamonds
Mason Butler (1) 6:29:34 AM
Well, we're off to a good start in the chat today, looks like
Ira Rosen 6:30:18 AM
What's good about it?
Ira Rosen 6:30:47 AM
Hittin' the road - always listening - back on chat in about 20...
Mason Butler (1) 6:30:51 AM
Why can't you guys be positive like the coffee breakers?
Grumpy Dave 6:30:58 AM
There is another chatter.
Jamez L Smith 6:31:27 AM
cuz we're not crazy, day people
Grumpy Dave 6:31:53 AM
@Mason, I think I am the only person getting that joke.
Jamez L Smith 6:32:04 AM
what joke?
Jamez L Smith 6:32:40 AM
omg, i hate that girl.
Mason Butler (1) 6:37:18 AM
She's everywhere
Jamez L Smith 6:40:38 AM
ya, know ... i've never been to the walker
Jamez L Smith 6:40:57 AM
that could solve a problem
Jamez L Smith 6:41:20 AM
Jamez L Smith 6:41:31 AM
Mason Butler (1) 6:41:37 AM
Their Thursday series last year was pretty good, worth going to
Jamez L Smith 6:42:39 AM
with all the other poor people? no, tanx
Jamez L Smith 6:44:04 AM
ooo! can you play a Barry Adamson track? (yesterday was his birthday)
Jamez L Smith 6:45:03 AM
ooo! and then a Nick Cave & the Bad Seed song that BA played on.
Jamez L Smith 6:45:42 AM
OOOO! And then "Fancy" by Reba!
Jamez L Smith 6:46:40 AM
i though Mace was about to say "It's Rigged..."
Mason Butler (1) 6:48:07 AM
I have a BA tune still tucked away from yesterday.
Ira Rosen 6:48:18 AM
Landed at my desk...
Mason Butler (1) 6:48:22 AM
And we only rigged the game once to keep Dave from whining
Jamez L Smith 6:48:30 AM
OOO! I just submitted My 3 Songs!
Jamez L Smith 6:48:39 AM
Great timing, Ira!
Ira Rosen 6:49:03 AM
Listening the whole way - and now back to "contributing to the chaos"..
Jamez L Smith 6:49:24 AM
well ... play a different one, maybe?
Jamez L Smith 6:49:47 AM
OOO! I should get one o' these chat thingies for my show!!!
Jamez L Smith 6:50:34 AM
godz! the 'technical difficulties" alone would be hilarious!
Mason Butler (1) 6:50:51 AM
There are plenty of chat platforms to get, definitely. We pay for this one, technically
Jamez L Smith 6:51:28 AM
Jamez L Smith 6:53:40 AM
for a split second I thought you were going into beyonce
Ira Rosen 6:54:04 AM
Staying with the Arabian theme for the Mid-East trip...
Jamez L Smith 6:54:22 AM
thank goodness
Jamez L Smith 6:55:19 AM
(for my first M3S's, I thought the idea was to stump the dj's as to the connections between the 3"
Jamez L Smith 6:55:53 AM
lol ... what's with me and punctuation?
Jamez L Smith 6:56:19 AM
[ hate mornings {
Ira Rosen 6:57:01 AM
They're playing in NYC on June 30th
Jamez L Smith 6:57:12 AM
you "don't know why"
Ira Rosen 6:58:09 AM
Hell - I'm drinking coffee...
Jamez L Smith 6:58:37 AM
Because Uptown is Over
Jamez L Smith 7:00:00 AM
omg that part is so large
Ira Rosen 7:02:53 AM
Could we return to forever instead?
Mason Butler (1) 7:03:30 AM
Funny you mention that
Ira Rosen 7:04:23 AM
I'm a funny guy. You've seen the pictures...
Jamez L Smith 7:09:20 AM
super diggin this Nite Sprite.
Mason Butler (1) 7:11:00 AM
The redeemed of RTZ
Ira Rosen 7:13:49 AM
It's also Talking Heads...
Mason Butler (1) 7:20:20 AM
We are also talking heads
Ira Rosen 7:20:36 AM
Wow - I'll make a request for this on my stopover in Warsaw tomorrow
Jamez L Smith 7:32:20 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:33:18 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:34:47 AM
o m g
Jamez L Smith 7:35:50 AM
ok. ok.
Jamez L Smith 7:36:02 AM
I'm fine.
Jamez L Smith 7:36:10 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:36:28 AM
Troggs are very late 90's sounding with that opening
Matthew Gurrola 7:37:38 AM
Just as bad is going down while drumming on stage. Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza had a heart attack while playing. Never made it off stage.
Mason Butler (1) 7:38:05 AM
Damn, you can't hide the drummer falling out.
Jamez L Smith 7:39:29 AM
just gonna take your word on that one. Tommy was too much.
Mason Butler (1) 7:40:54 AM
I didn't mean for you to actually go look for the link!
Jamez L Smith 7:43:00 AM
great morning chat. thanx
Mason Butler (1) 7:44:18 AM
We covered a lot of bases here
Jamez L Smith 7:44:53 AM
ooo. God Is A Bullet
Jamez L Smith 7:47:10 AM
uh oh. silence
Jamez L Smith 7:47:34 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:48:55 AM
please ... cuz i have no idea what you're talking about
Jamez L Smith 7:49:16 AM
Cid Barret?
Jamez L Smith 7:49:54 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:51:15 AM
wow. he was cute.
Jamez L Smith 7:51:46 AM
love this!
Mike Frigon 7:54:13 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:58:55 AM
totes remember this, BA
Jamez L Smith 8:03:17 AM
wait. why are you repeating yourselves?
Jamez L Smith 8:04:22 AM
omg ... i fell into a time warp
Jamez L Smith 8:04:52 AM
omg ... then you're gonna play ken nordine