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Roar of the Underground

Aug 1, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 150

Summer Pledge drive with guests Joe McCumber, Matt McGee, Tony Lendt & Will Maravelas.

Roar of the Underground
10:04 PM
Death - Bite the Pain
Death Bite the Pain
The Sound of Perseverance (Deluxe Version) Relapse Records 2011
10:06 PM
False - A Victual For Our Dead Selves
False A Victual For Our Dead Selves L
Portent Gilead Media 2019
10:16 PM
Cwn Annwn - Outlander
Cwn Annwn Outlander L
Patron Saint Zerobudget Records 2019
10:26 PM
Vale Of Pnath - Accursed
Vale Of Pnath Accursed
Accursed WILLOWTIP INC. (WTP) 2019
10:31 PM
Nucleus - Outpost
Nucleus Outpost
Entity Unspeakable Axe 2019
10:38 PM
Kreator - Tormentor
Kreator Tormentor
Endless Pain Noise Records 2017
10:38 PM
Saginaw - Vox Populi
Saginaw Vox Populi L
The Hull - Single self-released 2019
10:41 PM
Agony Reigns - Tainted Minds
Agony Reigns Tainted Minds L
Death from Within - EP self-released 2019
10:49 PM
Wormwitch - Iron Woman
Wormwitch Iron Woman
Heaven That Dwells Within Prosthetic Records 2019
10:54 PM
The Convalescence - With No Hope
The Convalescence With No Hope
This Is Hell Unique Leader 2017
10:58 PM
Brain Bleed - Frayed Rope
Brain Bleed Frayed Rope L
Automated Eradication Regurgitated Afterbirth Records 2019
10:59 PM
Nile - Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Nile Sacrifice Unto Sebek
Legacy of the Catacombs Relapse Records 2007
11:03 PM
Hex Vortices - Revival Fires
Hex Vortices Revival Fires L
Revival Fires Zero Budget Records & Twin Town Tyrant Records 2019
11:06 PM
Cliterati - Latinx Taken
Cliterati Latinx Taken
Ugly Truths/Beautiful Lies Tankcrimes 2019
11:15 PM
Common Choir - Negation Delirium (Self Inflicted Famine)
Common Choir Negation Delirium (Self Inflicted Famine) L
Self Inflicted Famine - EP self-released 2016
11:18 PM
Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside, Pt. 2)
Tomb Mold Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside, Pt. 2)
Planetary Clairvoyance 20 Buck Spin 2019
11:25 PM
Mortification - Scrolls Of The Megilloth
Mortification Scrolls Of The Megilloth
Scrolls of the Megaloth Intense Records 1992
11:28 PM
Blodwar - Design to Destroy
Blodwar Design to Destroy L
Design to Destroy Twin Town Tyrant Records 2018
11:31 PM
Coffinrot - Beneath the Killing Floor
Coffinrot Beneath the Killing Floor L
Retribution Divine Zerobudget Records 2018
11:42 PM
Plague of Stars - A Divisive Essence
Plague of Stars A Divisive Essence L
Daedalus Zerobudget Records 2019
11:47 PM
Mercyful Fate - Gypsy
Mercyful Fate Gypsy
Don't Break the Oath Metal Blade Records 1984
11:50 PM
Feral Light - Spirit Inanimate
Feral Light Spirit Inanimate L
Fear Rides a Shadow Init Recordings/Pulverived 2019
11:54 PM
Our Common Collapse - Lost in a Glare
Our Common Collapse Lost in a Glare L
No Longer Human or Known - EP self-released 2019
11:57 PM
Zao - The Weeping Vessel
Zao The Weeping Vessel
The Well-Intentioned Virus self-released 2016
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:04:19 PM
Hello headbangers!
Matthew Gurrola 10:05:18 PM
Wow its early! How are you guys awake?
Matthew Gurrola 10:05:35 PM
Hail Chuck
Joshua Decker 10:08:01 PM
And people wonder why I love ROAR so much - banging out with Fals right out the gate!
Allan Towne 10:08:40 PM
Ahhh, shit, group chat! LETS FUCKIN PARTY!
Joshua Decker 10:09:04 PM
1999 all over again, love this!
Allan Towne 10:10:09 PM
Like Chuck roast Matt??
KFAI 10:13:47 PM
What's up dudes!
Joshua Decker 10:15:37 PM
Me! While the show is live! :P
Allan Towne 10:18:08 PM
The volume on my sweet computer speakers
Allan Towne 10:18:36 PM
Trying to make sure Rob Carlson doesn't fall asleep upstairs
Allan Towne 10:25:50 PM
That Cwn Annwn is SO damn good
Joshua Decker 10:29:47 PM
I lucked out and, without ever hearing Cwn Annwn, saw them 3 minutes from my front door in Burnsville at a bar, it was fucking amazing
Allan Towne 10:31:13 PM
SO amazing live too. Thats awesome dude. I want to get video of them SO bad
Allan Towne 10:33:04 PM
I dig this, never heard em
Matthew Gurrola 10:34:18 PM
Denver TechDeath.
Allan Towne 10:35:51 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:37:50 PM
Fuck yes for the German Gods!
Allan Towne 10:39:33 PM
How about anything off of Absu self titled pls
Allan Towne 10:39:57 PM
1 request = 1 hug
Joshua Decker 10:40:54 PM
I prayer = ! play
Joshua Decker 10:42:03 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:43:32 PM
How about Merciful Fate- The Oath. They are getting back together.
Allan Towne 10:45:07 PM
Minus the bass player :(
Allan Towne 10:45:20 PM
Joshua Decker 10:45:50 PM
Allan Towne 10:45:53 PM
GAWD you guys fuckin OWN
Joshua Decker 10:46:29 PM
New Nucleus is sick
Joshua Decker 10:55:41 PM
more caveman riffs and gutterals plz kthxby :P
Joshua Decker 10:55:46 PM
KFAI 10:56:06 PM
We are getting more requests than we can play --LOL
Joshua Decker 10:56:28 PM
That's not a bad problem to have \m/
Allan Towne 11:01:38 PM
Conan \m/
Joshua Decker 11:04:49 PM
Is the old Roar timeslot now open for new programming?
KFAI 11:06:25 PM
It's already taken by a new show
Matthew Gurrola 11:17:12 PM
Is 11 when the new FCC rules start?
KFAI 11:17:59 PM
10 pm
Joshua Decker 11:19:07 PM
Joshua Decker 11:19:12 PM
Joshua Decker 11:19:31 PM
KFAI 11:20:13 PM
Captain Caveman RIFFS!
Joshua Decker 11:20:49 PM
unga bunga!
Joshua Decker 11:24:52 PM
Allan Towne 11:25:17 PM
Joshua Decker 11:26:10 PM
some 20-30 years later, this band is still amazing
Allan Towne 11:27:27 PM
All the flashbacks...
Allan Towne 11:28:31 PM
Jeebus this is heavy
Joshua Decker 11:28:37 PM
Joshua Decker 11:29:02 PM
Still need to see these guys live
Matthew Gurrola 11:35:52 PM
Just Pledged to SATAN!
KFAI 11:43:12 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:47:10 PM
Joshua Decker 11:51:34 PM
Feral Light is so sick live, I want this on tape SO bad
Joshua Decker 12:00:16 AM
SO stoked for you guys to have such a slick slot, thanks for briging the metals!