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Minnesota History


MinneCulture Podcast, Ep. 22: Minnesota History, in Their Own Words from KFAI
Minnesota's oldest auctioneer reflects on rural life, the Kim Loo Sisters face discrimination in the jazz scene during the 1930s and 1940s, and a rusticly bunkinghistorian sheds light on the history of slavery in Minnesota. The episode was produced by KFAI's Emily Bright.

A Short History of Minnesota High Wheel Bikes by Britt Aamodt
Mastering a new hobby can be tricky, especially if that hobby is learning to ride a high wheel bicycle from the 1880s. The high wheels, so named because of their giant front wheels (and tiny back wheels), stood as high as a horse and competed with them for space on cobblestone streets. As we'll hear, dismounting from a high wheel bike can be a wobbly adventure.

10,000 Kids Out-Muscle Horses in 6-Mile House Pull by Matthew Schneeman
Next to Minnehaha Falls sits an old house that hosts exhibits recalling Minneapolis’s past. The house itself is the site of early business deals drawn up by the newly arrived white people and even the naming of Minneapolis. The house is the building that hosted of these deals, but the location has changed. Sounds like a riddle? Tune-in for the answer.

Connecting with a Once Shunned Finnish Past Through Song
by Ryan Dawes
Finnish immigrants to Minnesota often faced discrimination. Many were radicals. To avoid the "Dirty Finn" label, some Finns shunned their heritage. Diane Jarvi, a third-generation Finnish-American, makes music that embraces her under-celebrated culture. KFAI's Ryan Dawes explores Finnish history and music in this profile of Jarvi.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Minneapolis Mummies by Britt Aamodt
For most of the last century, books weren't the only attraction at the Minneapolis Public Library. A pair of Egyptian mummies were. But around 1980, the mummies disappeared from public view. Few people knew what happened to them or how they got to the library in the first place.

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. No, It's SuperMayor! by Britt Aamodt
He cruised the streets in a Lincoln Continental, monitoring police calls and magically making red lights turn green. He wasCharlie McCarty, St. Paul's "super mayor." Elected in 1970, defeated in 1972, he spent two years in the spotlight, long enough for two songs to be written in his honor and a drunk to floor him at a White Castle..

MinneCulture Presents
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MinneCulture Podcast - Ep. 22: Minnesota History, in Their Own Words
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