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Roar of the Underground

Aug 15, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 152

Studio guests Living Through Ghosts.

Roar of the Underground
10:01 PM
Exodus - Bonded By Blood
Exodus Bonded By Blood
Bonded by Blood Combat Records 1985
10:06 PM
Toxic Holocaust - Chemical Warlords
Toxic Holocaust Chemical Warlords
Primal Future: 2019 eOne Music 2019
new album coming Oct 4th!
10:10 PM
Cephalic Carnage - Ohrwurm
Cephalic Carnage Ohrwurm
Misled By Certainty Relapse Records 2010
10:16 PM
Ithomiid - Earthbound
Ithomiid Earthbound L
Earthbound - EP self-released 2019
10:22 PM
Lamb of God - Laid to Rest
Lamb of God Laid to Rest
Ashes of the Wake Epic 2004
10:29 PM
Grogus - Biovore
Grogus Biovore L
Four Kings Tridroid Records 2019
10:33 PM
Hellhammer - Triumph of Death
Hellhammer Triumph of Death
Apocalyptic Raids - EP Noise Records 2002
requested by Matthew Gurrola
10:37 PM
Krypts - Sinking Transient Waters
Krypts Sinking Transient Waters
Cadaver Circulation Dark Descent Records 2019
10:49 PM
Overkill - Playing with Spiders / Skullcrusher
Overkill Playing with Spiders / Skullcrusher
The Years of Decay Atlantic Records 1989
10:58 PM
WRITHE - Achromatic Gloom
WRITHE Achromatic Gloom L
Guide Us to Our Graves - EP self-released 2018
11:01 PM
Benediction - I Bow to None
Benediction I Bow to None
Transcend the Rubicon Nuclear Blast 1993
requested by Joshua Decker
11:06 PM
Big Brave - Muted Shifting of Space
Big Brave Muted Shifting of Space
A Gaze Among Them Southern Lord 2019
11:14 PM
Primitive Man - Scorn
Primitive Man Scorn
Scorn (Deluxe Version) Relapse Records 2013
11:21 PM
Obsolete - Old Horizon
Obsolete Old Horizon L
The Rumored Death of Atlas EP self-released 2018
11:23 PM
Morgoth - Unreal Imagination
Morgoth Unreal Imagination
Cursed Century Media 1991
requested by Allan Towne
11:27 PM
Invidiosus - Macrodose
Invidiosus Macrodose L
Split Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2019
requested by Allan Towne
11:28 PM
False - Neither Path Nor Gate
False Neither Path Nor Gate L
Decibel Flexi Series Decibel Magazine 2019
11:36 PM
Living Through Ghosts - A Walk to the Water
Living Through Ghosts A Walk to the Water L
Deus Absconditus self-released 2019
11:44 PM
Sinmara - The Arteries of Withered Earth
Sinmara The Arteries of Withered Earth
Hvísl Stjarnanna Ván Records 2019
11:51 PM
Swordwielder - Savage Execution
Swordwielder Savage Execution
System Overload Profane Existence 2019
11:57 PM
Deafkids - Templo do Caos
Deafkids Templo do Caos
Metaprogramação Neurot Recordings 2019
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:02:00 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:02:42 PM
Get Thrashed!
Matthew Gurrola 10:03:45 PM
Hopefully Gary Holt gets back with them soon so they can make something new.
Lydia Stark 10:07:20 PM
metal kid in the house!
Matthew Gurrola 10:10:22 PM
KFAI 10:11:38 PM
Allan Towne 10:21:14 PM
Lydia Stark 10:21:45 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:22:30 PM
You guys have Hellhammer - Triumph of Death ?
Lydia Stark 10:25:36 PM
hellhammer...coming up...stay tuned ;)
Allan Towne 10:26:57 PM
Wheres the GIFs on this thing Lydia?!?!
Allan Towne 10:27:19 PM
Do I just mash the keyboard??
Lydia Stark 10:27:47 PM
that’s the beauty of it...there are no gifs on here
Matthew Gurrola 10:31:38 PM
Lydia Stark 10:32:01 PM
good ugh or bad ugh?
Matthew Gurrola 10:32:19 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:32:43 PM
You have to take a shot everytime Tom goes UGH!
Lydia Stark 10:32:43 PM
glad to be of service. thanks for the requests!
Joshua Decker 10:33:00 PM
Shout out to Trent and the dudes in LTG!
Allan Towne 10:33:01 PM
How us old folk gonna communicate with you fetuses tho?? ;)
Matthew Gurrola 10:33:49 PM
Nice article about Tom in Rolling Stone of all places. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/tom-g-warrior-celtic-frost-hellhammer-interview-848041/?fbclid=IwAR1-cMuCASGxxwrAnpt--dDi2fkoUbC8hEE1UFp-6bPeQpsgzlf-7tlyo20
Joshua Decker 10:35:39 PM
Can you play something from Benediction off Transcend The Rubison?
Joshua Decker 10:35:50 PM
Rubicon, even
Lydia Stark 10:36:38 PM
coming right up, josh \m/
Joshua Decker 10:37:41 PM
Joshua Decker 10:39:22 PM
Krypts is so heavy, uff
Matthew Gurrola 10:39:24 PM
Sipping some Hammerheart now.
Joshua Decker 10:40:07 PM
Sipping (aka guzzling) some Natty Ice now. :P
Allan Towne 10:42:25 PM
Apothic Inferno Red here
Allan Towne 10:42:33 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:43:15 PM
Cheers to Gaahl.
Allan Towne 10:44:24 PM
Damn right
Allan Towne 10:44:50 PM
Any chance of hearing some Morgoth?
Lydia Stark 10:45:11 PM
i guess you’ll just have to stay tuned to find out, al
Allan Towne 10:46:32 PM
Lydia Stark 10:46:59 PM
*headbanging gif
Allan Towne 10:47:20 PM
LOVE OVERKILL and this song! Trying to get Mastiff to cover it!
Allan Towne 10:47:48 PM
Lol, thanks for that Lydia! Hi-5 gif!
Lydia Stark 10:47:48 PM
chat, is it pronounced gif or jif?
Joshua Decker 10:48:13 PM
Hard G from me, but the inventor says it's a soft G.
Allan Towne 10:48:18 PM
Depends on if you're talkin peanut butter
Joshua Decker 10:48:26 PM
Clearly the creator is mental
Joshua Decker 10:48:44 PM
Allan Towne 10:49:11 PM
Speakin of moms...
Joshua Decker 10:54:47 PM
...Damn, I was hoping that was gonna go somewhere, Al, haha
KFAI 10:56:37 PM
Moms are awesome
Lydia Stark 10:56:38 PM
i’m on the edge of my seat
Allan Towne 11:00:12 PM
We talked about this Lydia
Lydia Stark 11:00:16 PM
al are you pregnant? is this
Allan Towne 11:00:22 PM
Im single now
Lydia Stark 11:00:25 PM
this your way of telling us?
Allan Towne 11:00:44 PM
It would appear so but Im workin on that
Lydia Stark 11:01:55 PM
none of you are allowed to date my mom. that goes for you too, al
Joshua Decker 11:02:13 PM
YASSSSSS, excellent choice!
Allan Towne 11:02:48 PM
Allan Towne 11:03:02 PM
Joshua Decker 11:03:43 PM
Man I love early 90s death metal so much
Allan Towne 11:03:54 PM
Arms crossed angry gif!
Allan Towne 11:04:17 PM
Hell yea Josh. Great memories
Allan Towne 11:06:19 PM
Joshua Decker 11:06:49 PM
KFAI 11:07:23 PM
Allan Towne 11:08:14 PM
Do you have new Invidiosus split? I'd love to hear anything off of that. Maybe a song from each band? LPP rules.
KFAI 11:08:40 PM
You want that instead of Morgoth?
Joshua Decker 11:09:18 PM
Silly question, Metal Evangelist has everything lol
Joshua Decker 11:09:32 PM
also, hard choice, I can hear Al's wheels turning :P
Joshua Decker 11:11:01 PM
Who picked Big Brave, excellent choice. Makes me wanna listen to Julie Christmas et all - I'll wait til the show is over tho ;)
Joshua Decker 11:14:00 PM
Primitive Man?! SICK!!!
Joshua Decker 11:15:06 PM
This is the one I suggested, Bill, when it came up on Facebook a while back - I think it was Facebook, anyhow
KFAI 11:15:13 PM
Bill picked the Big Brave song. =)
Allan Towne 11:15:50 PM
If I have to choose yea, rather hear new local stuff
Allan Towne 11:16:02 PM
LOVE Invid
Matthew Gurrola 11:16:38 PM
All this doomy stuff goes great with the 420..
Allan Towne 11:16:46 PM
Then again thats not sticking to the doom theme at all. Sorry, my brain is messed up right now lol
Lydia Stark 11:16:52 PM
horns up for local metal
Allan Towne 11:16:56 PM
Don't listen to me
Allan Towne 11:19:03 PM
There was an old school death/doom band called Sorrow. That would be cool to hear.
Lydia Stark 11:20:26 PM
love the enthusiasm but cool your jets! morgoth is coming up soon!
Allan Towne 11:20:36 PM
I would say Paramæcium but their songs are really long
Allan Towne 11:21:22 PM
Was trying to stick with doom, Morgoth isn't so I was just throwing out other ideas. Sorry
Joshua Decker 11:21:33 PM
I didnt know Big Brave was gonna be here. On a Sunday... :/
Joshua Decker 11:21:54 PM
Say it, Al! Say Paramæcium!
Matthew Gurrola 11:22:27 PM
Play Dopesmoker in it's entirety lol.
Lydia Stark 11:23:39 PM
no apology necessary, al. thanks for the request!
Joshua Decker 11:23:44 PM
Unpopular opinion: Dopesmoker is probably the most overrated album in heavy music ever, IMO
Joshua Decker 11:23:59 PM
/me ducks and runs lol
KFAI 11:28:26 PM
Overrated, yes.
KFAI 11:28:38 PM
Most overrated, probably not.
Joshua Decker 11:28:50 PM
FALSE. There is none higher. \m/
Lydia Stark 11:29:00 PM
sleep is for the weak...
Joshua Decker 11:29:35 PM
What's more overrated in heavy music than Dopesmoker?
Joshua Decker 11:29:50 PM
Actually, nevermind, lotsa stuff hahaha
Matthew Gurrola 11:30:54 PM
Bell Witch coming up?
Joshua Decker 11:34:46 PM
Ohdamn, sonnnnnnnnn
Joshua Decker 11:34:59 PM
We throwin' hands, brotha
Matthew Gurrola 11:34:59 PM
Joshua Decker 11:36:56 PM
Despite that comment, LTG still gets full supoort, great MPLS doom outfit
KFAI 11:38:42 PM
Can I say Def Leppard is overrated?
KFAI 11:38:51 PM
Wait I just did!
Joshua Decker 11:39:01 PM
Ha! Was gonna say, you just did lol
KFAI 11:41:12 PM
oh, heavy and overrated: Slipknot
Joshua Decker 11:42:14 PM
Joshua Decker 11:42:41 PM
I wish Corey Taylor and his band of buffoons would just disappear, honestly
Joshua Decker 11:43:30 PM
Iowa was ok, it wasn't a watermark album, go away
Lydia Stark 11:48:07 PM
i have a soft spot for slipknot, but also, i’m 16
Joshua Decker 11:49:28 PM
It's ok. I know 40 yr old dudes with a soft spot for them.
Joshua Decker 11:49:57 PM
I did go see them live with Mr Bungle, Incubus, and System Of A Down. It was an awesome show, I can't lie.
Lydia Stark 11:50:26 PM
sounds awesome!
Allan Towne 11:53:06 PM
LOVED the first album. Ground breaking for sure. Can't handle anything after.
Joshua Decker 11:58:17 PM
Whoa, you're playing Deaf Kids, SICK!!!!
Joshua Decker 12:01:21 AM
Awesome show tonight, thx yall \m/