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Bonjour Minnesota 2019 08 20

Aug 20, 2019 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM


With Freddy Posine (AKA Freddy Le Titi des Halles)

Bonjour Minnesota features music and culture from France and francophone countries. Regions of France are explored: Paris and its many styles; southern France and its separate language. Program are often centered on significant dates and special dates are highlighted: Valentine's Day with music about love; Christmas music in December.

The program serves the French, francophone and francophile communities. Programs are broadcast in French with English translation. We often hear, "We don't understand French, but we love your program."

Have a comment, question or request? Call the studio line during our show when the music is playing at 612-341-0980, email us at bonjourminnesota@gmail.com, visit and like page our Bonjour Minnesota Facebook page or on Twitter @BonjourMinn. You can also download the KFAI App for Android, iPhones and iPad.

Caryl interviews English speaking personalities of interest to the French community such as Peter Mayle, author of A Year in Provence.

Bonjour Minnesota occasionally has live shows with local musicians such as the Bone Tones' Cajun music and the Café Accordion orchestra, who feature a French repetoire of music.

Honoring Georgette Pfannkuch - Founding Producer, Bonjour Minnesota from 1984 - 2008

Georgette passed away on September 13, 2008.

Georgette reported on events of interest at local institutions as well as visiting artists and personalities. She interviewed personalities passing through the Twin Cities like Paul Renoir, grandson of the painter; Pierre Bensussan, French guitarist of international renown; and, many others.

Georgette also took advantage of her travels. She reported on the French influence in St. Petersburg, Russia and music and culture from Senegal in French-speaking Africa.

Click here to learn more about Georgette.

Bonjour Minnesota 2019 08 20

DJ(s): Fred Posine, Romain Lorentz - Guest(s): Rose Holtz from Mes Amis french School - Theme(s): Mes Amis French School, Haiti and Francophonie. http://mesamisfrenchschool.org

Bonjour Minnesota 2019 08 20
8:17 PM
Ybas Nohcam - Bienvenue à bord
Ybas Nohcam Bienvenue à bord
Ma part de reve (Ft. Naide) Discograph / En Français Dans Le Texte 2012
8:18 PM
Ybas Nohcam - Blues Detour
Ybas Nohcam Blues Detour
Ma part de reve (Ft Naide) Discograph / En Français Dans Le Texte 2012
8:21 PM
Arthur H - Prendre corps
Arthur H Prendre corps
Baba Love Universal Music Division Polydor 2011
8:38 PM
Johnny Stevens - Ayiti Bel
Johnny Stevens Ayiti Bel
Ayiti Bel Johnny Stivens 2016
8:44 PM
Delgres - Mo Jo
Delgres Mo Jo
RFI Playlist 201810 RFI 2018
8:49 PM
Maravillas de Mali, Las - Boogaloo (Ft. Inna Modja)
Maravillas de Mali, Las Boogaloo (Ft. Inna Modja)
RFI Playlist 201905 decca CD promo 2019
8:53 PM
Akoda - Muzik pou lo kèr
Akoda Muzik pou lo kèr
Muzik pou lo kèr Déclic jazz 2019
9:36 PM
Gauvain Sers - Petite piaule
Gauvain Sers Petite piaule
Les oubliés Universal Music Division Mercury Records 2019
9:38 PM
Trois Cafés Gourmands - À nos souvenirs
Trois Cafés Gourmands À nos souvenirs
À nos souvenirs - Single Play Two 2018
9:38 PM
Les Frangines - Donnez-moi
Les Frangines Donnez-moi
Donnez-moi - Single Jo&Co 2019
9:49 PM
M. Pokora - Tombé
M. Pokora Tombé
PYRAMIDE TF1 Entertainment 2019
9:52 PM
Zut - Aujourd'hui c'est la rentrée
Zut Aujourd'hui c'est la rentrée
Et qu'ça saute ! naïve 2010
9:56 PM
France Gall - Sacré Charlemagne
France Gall Sacré Charlemagne
Poupée de son Universal Music Division Polydor 1992