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Aug 21, 2019 7:00 PM β€“ 8:00 PM

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With Micah Whetstone

Ep. 23: Other Duties as Assigned



MinneCulture Podcast, Ep. 23: Other Duties as Assigned from KFAI
There are always parts of a job no one else understands or even knows about, unheralded tasks that are executed in the shadows. On this episode, we hear from an elementary school principal and the CEO of a hip-hop record label, each fulfilling the last line on their job description: "Other duties as assigned."

Red Owl Revival by Anna Stitt
The town of Stewart used to be a bustling farm and railroad community. In recent decades, shops have been shuttered and young people have left. But not Jim Pessek. The 34-year-old man is determined to help turn the town's defunct Red Owl grocery store into a museum.

From Fear To Fascination by Rob McGinley Myers
Forty years ago, few people wanted to own snakes or lizards as pets. But since then, the market for geckos, chameleons and bearded dragons has boomed, fueling the success of Twin Cities Reptiles, the largest reptile-themed pet store in Minnesota, which just celebrated its 40th birthday.

A Short History of Split Rock by Ryan Dawes
Wanted: Lighthouse Keeper, must live on the edge of a cliff, host 160,000 visitors a year, and keep your yard looking like it did in 1920. We speak with the man that held that job at Split Rock Lighthouse in northern Minnesota for the past 36 years.

Nature-Inspired Headphone Music by Xan Holston
When Greg Grease isn't drumming in the band Astralblak, he's often hanging out at the Mississippi River. That's one reason why Grease says his new solo album is headphone music that vibrates with introspection.

What Keeps Fiona Reading by Emily Bright
Want to get your book published? Get in line. Graywolf Press' Fiona McCrae has to sift through thousands of manuscripts to get to the good stuff. KFAI’s Emily Bright talked with McCrae about what it takes to get to "yes."

Me Against the Stain by Sam Radwany
For Patric Richardson, Mondays are sacred. It’s the only day of the week that his small clothing store is closed and the day is reserved for his most important ritual. With an iron and a bottle of detergent at the ready, he finds his peace in a basket of dirty laundry. He thinks others can find it there too

One Speed, No Brakes, 43 Degree Angle by Sophie Nikitas
After watching bicyclists swoosh around the National Sports Center Velodrome in Blaine, KFAI's Sophie Nikitas joined them. Like the other cyclists, the bike she rides has a single gear and no brakes. This allows for speed demons like Nikitas to get the most of their rides. But Minnesota's only Velodrome - a wood, outdoor track - is closing.

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MinneCulture Podcast - Ep. 23: Other Duties as Assigned
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