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Roar of the Underground

Aug 22, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 153

Grand Demise of Civilization in studio.

Roar of the Underground
10:03 PM
Demons & Wizards - Poor Man's Crusade
Demons & Wizards Poor Man's Crusade
Demons & Wizards Steamhammer 1999
10:07 PM
Druids - The Whip
Druids The Whip
Monument - EP The Company 2019
10:10 PM
Sacral Rage - Eternal Solstice
Sacral Rage Eternal Solstice
Beyond Celestial Echoes Cruz Del Sur Music 2018
10:16 PM
Blackthorne - Poser Disposer
Blackthorne Poser Disposer L
EP 003 self-released 2018
10:17 PM
Living Through Ghosts - Shattered House
Living Through Ghosts Shattered House L
Deus Absconditus self-released 2019
10:27 PM
Converge - Fault and Fracture
Converge Fault and Fracture
Jane Doe Equal Vision Records 2001
10:30 PM
Despise - Barbie Doll Mentality
Despise Barbie Doll Mentality L
Despise II self-released 2017
10:33 PM
Maniacal Force - Radiation Sickness
Maniacal Force Radiation Sickness L
Maniacal Force - EP self-released 2017
10:36 PM
Nocturnus AD - Seizing the Throne
Nocturnus AD Seizing the Throne
Paradox Profound Lore 2019
10:47 PM
Mayhem - Anti
Mayhem Anti
Ordo Ad Chao Season of Mist 2007
10:53 PM
Mordrot - Wretched
Mordrot Wretched L
Immoral Blasphemies self-released 2018
10:56 PM
King Diamond - Lies
King Diamond Lies
Conspiracy Metal Blade Records 1989
11:01 PM
Begrime Exemious - Cradled in Our Hands
Begrime Exemious Cradled in Our Hands
The Enslavement Conquest Dark Descent Records 2016
11:04 PM
1349 - Godslayer
1349 Godslayer R
Massive Cauldron of Chaos Season of Mist 2014
requested by Matt Gurrola
11:16 PM
Unholy Matrimony - Innocence abusée
Unholy Matrimony Innocence abusée
Croire, décroître Deepsend Records 2009
11:22 PM
Cold Colours - Nightmare
Cold Colours Nightmare L
Northernmost Cold Colours 2019
11:30 PM
Cannabis Corpse - Cylinders of Madness
Cannabis Corpse Cylinders of Madness
Nug so Vile Season of Mist 2019
releasing Nov 1st
11:31 PM
Maul - Ambiguous Lurk
Maul Ambiguous Lurk
Adoration Through Annihilation - Single self-released 2019
requested by Josh Decker
11:33 PM
Predator - Mothman
Predator Mothman
Mothman EP self-released 2015
11:43 PM
Grand Demise of Civilization - The Trough
Grand Demise of Civilization The Trough L
Below the Feet of Kings Grand Demise of Civilization 2019
#RoarOfTheUnderground #blackmetal
11:54 PM
Hex Vortices - Hammer to Nail
Hex Vortices Hammer to Nail L
Revival Fires Zero Budget Records & Twin Town Tyrant Records 2019
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:03:51 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:05:49 PM
KFAI 10:10:27 PM
Hey Matt
Matthew Gurrola 10:11:15 PM
Got King Diamond tix. VIP with meet and greet.
Lydia Stark 10:11:29 PM
KFAI 10:13:36 PM
I picked up balcony seats
Joshua Decker 10:34:50 PM
Hails \m/
Lydia Stark 10:35:22 PM
KFAI 10:37:08 PM
What's up Decker!?!
Joshua Decker 10:40:17 PM
Beers & logos & ROAR :D
Lydia Stark 10:40:51 PM
decker’s hierarchy of needs
Joshua Decker 10:42:07 PM
Heh, I'm a simple man
Matthew Gurrola 10:43:05 PM
Mine is Metal, Beer, Weed, and Satan.
Joshua Decker 10:44:31 PM
Good form, sir
Allan Towne 10:44:56 PM
I love Pat
Lydia Stark 10:45:11 PM
hi al!
Allan Towne 10:46:24 PM
Hi Lydia!
Matthew Gurrola 10:46:39 PM
Looking forward to the new Mayhem.
Joshua Decker 10:46:44 PM
#High5 Al
Joshua Decker 10:47:07 PM
Killer tune
Joshua Decker 10:53:41 PM
If you're taking requests, black metal artist in studio and all, I'd be keen on hearing some Ash Borer if you're open to it
Joshua Decker 10:54:26 PM
Just kidding lol, btw, their tracks are all like 15+ mminutes long
Allan Towne 10:55:05 PM
Mgla or 1349 plz <3
Joshua Decker 10:55:58 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:56:36 PM
Hail the King
Matthew Gurrola 10:58:06 PM
I'd love to see someone play The Wedding Dream at someone's wedding and freak everyone out.
Lydia Stark 10:58:32 PM
i’ve been obsessed with 1349 lately. mcoc rips
Allan Towne 10:59:10 PM
Atta girl!
Allan Towne 10:59:37 PM
Hoping you'll like Apothic then :)
Matthew Gurrola 11:00:03 PM
On that note, lets hear 1349- Godslayer
Lydia Stark 11:00:56 PM
GOOD pick
Matthew Gurrola 11:01:03 PM
We need a death growl version of that FCC message.
Allan Towne 11:03:53 PM
Have Thomas of Writhe do it
Joshua Decker 11:04:24 PM
I was just about to say you should do it Allan lol
Lydia Stark 11:04:40 PM
yeah, al, you have to
Allan Towne 11:04:46 PM
Much love but Thomas is way better
Joshua Decker 11:09:07 PM
Joshua Decker 11:15:28 PM
Oooooh, killer pick, Vladimir is amazing
Lydia Stark 11:16:47 PM
can’t believe this is the mirrorthrone guy. i had no idea this existed. he’s amazing for sure
Joshua Decker 11:18:44 PM
I wish I had a fraction of the talent, ideas, and vision he has
KFAI 11:26:36 PM
gonna need more requests, folks
Joshua Decker 11:27:25 PM
Play some Maul, something off Adorayion Through Annihilation if ya got it
Matthew Gurrola 11:28:08 PM
Joshua Decker 11:30:07 PM
OOOOOOH! Or something from Swallowed off Lunarterial
Joshua Decker 11:30:36 PM
Nevermind :)
Joshua Decker 11:31:25 PM
Garrett is my current favorite death metal vocalist, fucking RAW
Joshua Decker 11:33:22 PM
Fuckin caveman riffs \m/
sixsicksisters 11:34:09 PM
Sick show. Melt faces off with some Aussie crap. - Putrescent Seepage Demo 2016 - Engorged With Festering Pustulation
Lydia Stark 11:34:48 PM
welcome back to the chat, australia guy!
Matthew Gurrola 11:34:55 PM
Sodom -Agent Orange
sixsicksisters 11:36:36 PM
Rock n roll
KFAI 11:52:19 PM
Sorry guys, I forgot this song was 11 minutes long, so I cant take any more requests.
Joshua Decker 11:52:52 PM
It rules so no worries \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:56:12 PM
See you all at Maiden Monday and the Amsterdam pre-show.
Joshua Decker 12:00:59 AM
Killer show, thx all!
sixsicksisters 12:03:16 AM
Yeh good stuff 🤘