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AM Drive

Sep 11, 2019 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM


With @kfaiAMDrive

AM Drive
6:08 AM
The Rolling Stones - Sing This All Together
The Rolling Stones Sing This All Together
Their Satanic Majesties Request ABKCO Music & Records, Inc. 2013
6:10 AM
Richard Ashcroft - Money to Burn
Richard Ashcroft Money to Burn
Alone With Everybody Virgin 1998
@kfaiamdrive Happy Birthday @richardashcroft
6:20 AM
R. Stevie Moore - I Like to Stay Home
R. Stevie Moore I Like to Stay Home
Glad Music Cordelia Records 2017
@kfaiamdrive @rsteviemoore
6:25 AM
Yo La Tengo - Mr. Tough
Yo La Tengo Mr. Tough
I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass Matador 2006
@kfaiamdrive @TheRealYLT
6:28 AM
Optiganally Yours - Mr. Wilson
Optiganally Yours Mr. Wilson
Spotlight on Optiganally Yours
@kfaiamdrive @rob5d4 @optigandotcom
6:38 AM
Moby - That's When I Reach for My Revolver
Moby That's When I Reach for My Revolver
Animal Rights Rhino/Elektra 1997
@kfaiamdrive @thelittleidiot
6:43 AM
Mission of Burma - Academy Fight Song
Mission of Burma Academy Fight Song
Signals, Calls and Marches (Remastered) Matador 1981
@kfaiamdrive @BurmaBoston
6:50 AM
Sneaker Pimps - Ashes to Ashes
Sneaker Pimps Ashes to Ashes
ICA Home Taping 2000
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs @bowiesongs
6:54 AM
Bay City Rollers - Rebel Rebel
Bay City Rollers Rebel Rebel
It's A Game
@kfaiamdrive @thebcrofficial #yourthreesongs
6:58 AM
Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre - Hang Onto Yourself
Glass Candy & The Shattered Theatre Hang Onto Yourself
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs @IDIB
7:08 AM
Brian Molko (Placebo) - Five Years
Brian Molko (Placebo) Five Years
7:08 AM
The King's Singers - Life on Mars
The King's Singers Life on Mars
@kfaiamdrive @kingssingers
7:11 AM
Bauhaus - Ziggy Stardust
Bauhaus Ziggy Stardust
The Sky's Gone Out Beggars Banquet 1982
7:18 AM
Comateens - TVC 15
Comateens TVC 15
7:20 AM
The Polecats - John, I'm Only Dancing
The Polecats John, I'm Only Dancing
The Very Best Of Rockabilly 2008
@kfaiamdrive @polecatsarego
7:23 AM
James - China Girl
James China Girl
@kfaiamdrive @wearejames
7:28 AM
Los Hermanos Calatrava - Space Oddity
Los Hermanos Calatrava Space Oddity
Spanish Bizarro Vol. 1 - Recopilacion Psicotronica Para Mentes Obtusas Celtiberia Records
7:39 AM
Kim Wilde - Kooks
Kim Wilde Kooks
Snapshots Columbia SevenOne 2011
@kfaiamdrive @kimwilde
7:49 AM
Bowieoke with Ian Rans feat. Mason Butler - Fame
Bowieoke with Ian Rans feat. Mason Butler Fame
7:52 AM
Beck - Diamond Dogs
Beck Diamond Dogs
Moulin Rouge (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) Moulin Rouge / Interscope 2001
@kfaiamdrive @beck
7:58 AM
David Bowie - The Laughing Gnome
David Bowie The Laughing Gnome
The Deram Anthology 1966 - 1968 Decca Music Group Ltd. 1997
@kfaiamdrive @bowiesongs
Chat is archived.
Jamez L Smith 6:12:20 AM
Sing a Song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong.
Mason Butler (1) 6:14:36 AM
612-341-0980 after 7am. Bowieoke!
Jamez L Smith 6:19:02 AM
karaoke is a nightmare
Mason Butler (1) 6:22:36 AM
I did a wedding once that was supposed to have about 10 min of karaoke and turned into a full 4 hrs of it.
Jamez L Smith 6:25:14 AM
yuks. two things i hate in one
Mason Butler (1) 6:28:32 AM
It was a lot of fun, ya grump.
Jamez L Smith 6:29:24 AM
I'm quite cheerful, actually.
Jamez L Smith 6:31:03 AM
@kfaiamdrive has been quite helpful in regards to starting my day out on the right side of the bed
Jamez L Smith 6:34:18 AM
Optigan for sale | Only 3 left at -65% Search domain www.used.forsale/optiganhttps://www.used.forsale/optigan
Ira Rosen 6:35:32 AM
I can pick that up for you
Jamez L Smith 6:35:51 AM
Jamez L Smith 6:36:10 AM
lol @ "nebraska ?"
Ira Rosen 6:37:45 AM
i truly regret not being in MN given the rent party. I can get behind that idea
Ira Rosen 6:41:33 AM
This is the best use of Moby ever...
Bitter Ghost 6:47:05 AM
Nebraska shade, @Barb. I'm quite put out :)
Bitter Ghost 6:49:19 AM
Thank you
Bitter Ghost 6:49:34 AM
Stincoln, NE
Jamez L Smith 6:50:00 AM
LOL @ "so is st. paul"
Ira Rosen 6:51:00 AM
Didn't hear all the patter, but could you play "Omaha" by The Golden Paliminos and dedicate it to Nebraska?
Bitter Ghost 6:53:23 AM
Also Omaha by the Counting Crows? And then something off the Springsteen Nebraska album? That should make it up to them :)
Jamez L Smith 6:54:44 AM
that's three songs, if my math is correct
Ira Rosen 6:55:24 AM
Not playing anything off of Springsteen's album would be a better choice...
Ira Rosen 6:55:44 AM
Play something off of TMBG's Lincoln album
Jamez L Smith 6:56:01 AM
lol @ ira
Matthew Gurrola 6:56:01 AM
I should of sang Warszawa.
Bitter Ghost 6:56:07 AM
Or Cursive, or the Faint....or Bright Eyes if you have absolutely have no other choice
Mason Butler (1) 6:56:16 AM
What makes you think we need to make peace with Nebraska?
Ira Rosen 6:56:37 AM
Everyone needs to make his or her peace with Nebraska..
Jamez L Smith 6:56:59 AM
Barb's earnest apology, that's what
Bitter Ghost 6:59:03 AM
Them's the rules. I can tell you as a native Nebraskan. Insult Nebraska and you will need to pay the karmic price or else all of your saddle creek albums and any corn you have in your home will burst into flames
Ira Rosen 7:01:59 AM
So "Instant Karma"? Chris Stamey does a good cover of that...
Jamez L Smith 7:03:33 AM
Karma Chameleon
Ira Rosen 7:03:38 AM
BG discussed karmic price..
Ira Rosen 7:03:52 AM
JLS - that's 2.
Ira Rosen 7:04:04 AM
#3? anyone?
Jamez L Smith 7:04:26 AM
something from Labelle's "Chameleon" album?
Bitter Ghost 7:04:48 AM
Good lord. Even Mason's mom can't escape a verbal onslaught
Matthew Gurrola 7:05:39 AM
Play the Bauhaus cover since they just got back together.
Ira Rosen 7:06:27 AM
"TVC 15" by The Comateens...
Ira Rosen 7:10:39 AM
"John I'm Only Dancing" by The Polecats...
Ira Rosen 7:21:14 AM
Mason Butler (1) 7:21:52 AM
Had it queued, actually
Ira Rosen 7:23:45 AM
Great minds think alike.
Ira Rosen 7:23:56 AM
then there's us...
Bitter Ghost 7:24:31 AM
This is all reminding how much I love the David Bowie versions of these songs :)
Ira Rosen 7:26:12 AM
I bet you like Zep's versions of their own songs too.
Bitter Ghost 7:28:22 AM
No, Dread Zeppelin's versions were all better than the originals
Matthew Gurrola 7:28:54 AM
Zep has their own songs? Best cover band of all time.
Bitter Ghost 7:29:02 AM
Bitter Ghost 7:30:55 AM
At least we haven't gone Jake Dylan's Heroes cover for the 1998 theatrical release of Godzilla, which the people of Japan do not recognize as part of the Godzilla canon
Ira Rosen 7:32:49 AM
BG - yes - but Heart is the best Zep cover band ever.
Bitter Ghost 7:33:30 AM
Lots to unpack there, Ira. LOTS
Ira Rosen 7:33:33 AM
...and MG - you caught my trick - you are correct. Even their originals are stolen...
Jamez L Smith 7:42:36 AM
J Hamilton!
Ira Rosen 7:44:52 AM
Pretty Pink Rose
Bitter Ghost 7:44:54 AM
I'm Afraid of Americans!
Mike from Richfield 7:45:08 AM
A duet... Dancing in the Streets
Ira Rosen 7:45:16 AM
Tin Machine
Jamez L Smith 7:47:41 AM
aren't you in a band
Jamez L Smith 7:47:47 AM
Jamez L Smith 7:52:16 AM
beck is questionable
Mike from Richfield 7:52:28 AM
*applause* for Mason
Mike Frigon 7:52:43 AM
No one did This Is Not America? ...huh...
Ira Rosen 7:53:15 AM
Beck and Moby doing covers this AM. what a day...
Bitter Ghost 7:54:27 AM
Hey man, that wasn't any worse than Jani Lane
Matthew Gurrola 7:58:15 AM
It's too late to be late again It's too late to be hateful The European cannon is here
Mike Frigon 7:59:31 AM
What I wouldn't give to hear Bowie yell, "Alvin!!!!"
Mason Butler (1) 8:01:30 AM