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Roar of the Underground

Sep 12, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With Darth Riffeous

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 156

Aaron Wolf (Ulkum, Coagulate, Rad Enhancer) in studio.

Roar of the Underground
10:03 PM
Queensrÿche - Deliverance
Queensrÿche Deliverance
The Warning EMI Catalogue 1984
Released 35 years ago!
10:05 PM
Warbringer - Divinity of Flesh
Warbringer Divinity of Flesh
Woe to the Vanquished Napalm Records 2017
10:10 PM
Armed For Apocalypse - Worlds Beneath
Armed For Apocalypse Worlds Beneath
Palm Reader - EP self-released 2018
10:13 PM
Hrad Vallis - Dick Wolves of Saturn
Hrad Vallis Dick Wolves of Saturn L
Dick Wolves of Saturn EP self-released 2019
10:19 PM
W.A.S.P. - On Your Knees
W.A.S.P. On Your Knees
W.A.S.P. Capitol Records 1984
Released 35 years ago!
10:30 PM
Descent of Man - Portals to Temptation
Descent of Man Portals to Temptation L
Engulfed in Infinite Self EP Zerobudget Records 2019
10:30 PM
Bloodletter - Beyond Belief
Bloodletter Beyond Belief
Under the Dark Mark self-released 2018
10:37 PM
Suicidal Tendencies - Waking the Dead
Suicidal Tendencies Waking the Dead R
Controlled By Hatred / Feel Like Shit... Déjà-vu Epic 1989
Requested by JD!!!!!!!
10:38 PM
Skeletal Remains - Devouring Mortality
Skeletal Remains Devouring Mortality
Devouring Mortality Dark Descent Records 2018
10:41 PM
Angel Witch - Don't Turn Your Back
Angel Witch Don't Turn Your Back
Angel of Light Metal Blade Records 2019
new album Nov 7
10:53 PM
Satan - No Turning Back
Satan No Turning Back
Court in the Act Listenable Record 1983
10:55 PM
WAR//PLAGUE - Machine
Into the Depths 999767 Records DK 2019
10:57 PM
Celtic Frost - Nocturnal Fear
Celtic Frost Nocturnal Fear R
Morbid Tales Noise Records 1984
request for MATT
11:07 PM
Invidiosus - Mescal-Induced Psychotic Break
Invidiosus Mescal-Induced Psychotic Break L
Split Horror Pain Gore Death Productions 2019
11:07 PM
Fates Warning - Kiss of Death
Fates Warning Kiss of Death
Night On Brocken Metal Blade Records 1984
Released 35 years ago!
11:10 PM
Lantern - Transmigration
Lantern Transmigration
Ii: Morphosis Dark Descent Records 2017
11:22 PM
Black Sabbath - Under the Sun
Black Sabbath Under the Sun
Vol. 4 Warner Bros. 1972
11:29 PM
Voivod - Tribal Convictions
Voivod Tribal Convictions
Dimension Hatröss Noise Records 1988
11:31 PM
Testament - Souls of Black
Testament Souls of Black R
Souls of Black Megaforce/Atlantic 1990
11:38 PM
Siren of Sorrow - Hands of a Few
Siren of Sorrow Hands of a Few
Fight for Freedom EP self-released 2013
11:41 PM
Takafumi Matsubara - ICE Pick
Takafumi Matsubara ICE Pick
Strange, Beautiful and Fast GURKHA COMMANDO BLAST TEAM 2019
11:45 PM
Vermin Womb - Industrialist
Vermin Womb Industrialist
Decline Translation Loss 2016
11:50 PM
Conflict - From Protest to Resistance
Conflict From Protest to Resistance
Increase the Pressure Mortarhate 1984
11:52 PM
Deterioration - Crystal Doozie
Deterioration Crystal Doozie L
The Unnatural Mind self-released 2019
new album Sept 27
11:52 PM
Mercyful Fate - Gipsy
Mercyful Fate Gipsy
Don't Break the Oath Metal Blade Records 1984
Released 35 years ago!
11:58 PM
Rhombs - Familiar
Rhombs Familiar L
Demo 3 self-released 2018
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:06:53 PM
Goooooooood eeeeeevening Twin Cities headbangers!
Bill Hansen 10:07:50 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:11:24 PM
Bill Hansen 10:13:24 PM
Good evening Matt!
Matthew Gurrola 10:15:47 PM
I'm drinking from a new horn I got at Hammerheart Saturday.
Joshua Decker 10:16:21 PM
Damn, time got away from me, missed the first 15 :/
Bill Hansen 10:18:42 PM
Post a selfie with your horn!
Joshua Decker 10:18:49 PM
LOVED working with Hrad Vallis on their logo, easily one of my most favorites
Bill Hansen 10:19:22 PM
It’s one of my favorite logos you’ve done.
Joshua Decker 10:20:01 PM
Suicidal Tendencies - "Waking The Dead"
Matthew Gurrola 10:20:54 PM
Fuck like a beast on your knees
Joshua Decker 10:25:38 PM
Begrime Exemious stole the show!
Joshua Decker 10:30:32 PM
Actually, scratch ST, and please play some early Helstar
Bill Hansen 10:32:14 PM
ST is already cued up!
Joshua Decker 10:33:07 PM
I ain't mad! \m/
Matthew Gurrola 10:35:05 PM
If you are back in 1984, how about Celtic Frost - Nocturnal Fear
Joshua Decker 10:41:17 PM
Testament - "Souls Of Black"
Matthew Gurrola 10:42:28 PM
Love that new Angel Witch.
Matthew Gurrola 10:43:09 PM
2nd for Testament.
Joshua Decker 10:43:28 PM
Or anything off that st from Deliverance, I just played that again the other day, some of the best speedthrash ever.
KFAI 10:43:36 PM
agreed on this new angel witch!
Joshua Decker 10:44:02 PM
I'm surprised that AW isn't getting more love
Joshua Decker 10:44:23 PM
Ohsnap, guess you gotta play AW now lol
Joshua Decker 10:45:09 PM
Their logo is lame tho lol
Joshua Decker 10:48:03 PM
Gonna be at tht show!
Joshua Decker 11:04:37 PM
Yeah that ruled
KFAI 11:12:29 PM
we got that testament for you in the next set
Matthew Gurrola 11:53:36 PM
Hail King!
KFAI 12:01:36 AM
thanks everyone!
KFAI 12:01:44 AM
see ya next week