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Roar of the Underground

Sep 19, 2019 10:00 PM – 12:00 AM


With The Metal Evangelist

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 157

Nothingness in studio.

Roar of the Underground
10:00 PM
Crypt Sermon - The Ninth Templar (Black Candle Flame)
Crypt Sermon The Ninth Templar (Black Candle Flame) N
The Ruins of Fading Light Dark Descent Records 2019
10:07 PM
Serial Hawk - Detach
Serial Hawk Detach
Static Apnea self-released 2019
10:12 PM
Intrinsic - Rebirth II: Roots
Intrinsic Rebirth II: Roots L
Rebirth - EP self-released 2018
10:16 PM
Mastodon - Blood and Thunder
Mastodon Blood and Thunder
Leviathan Relapse Records 2004
10:24 PM
Winterfylleth - Ensigns of Victory
Winterfylleth Ensigns of Victory
The Dark Hereafter Candlelight 2016
10:30 PM
Disentomb - Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness
Disentomb Your Prayers Echo into Nothingness
The Decaying Light Unique Leader 2019
10:35 PM
Wardehns - Gills
Wardehns Gills
Now Cometh the Foul self-released 2019
10:39 PM
Phobophilic - Subterranean Miscreation
Phobophilic Subterranean Miscreation
Undimensioned Identities EP Rotted Life/Blood Harvest 2019
10:46 PM
Altars - Khaz'neh
Altars Khaz'neh
Paramnesia Nuclear Winter Records 2013
10:55 PM
Beyond Creation - In Adversity
Beyond Creation In Adversity
Algorythm Season of Mist 2018
10:59 PM
Ghost - Mary on a Cross
Ghost Mary on a Cross N
Seven Inches of Satanic Panic - Single Universal Music AB 2019
11:02 PM
BabyMetal - Distortion
BabyMetal Distortion
Distortion - Single TOY'S FACTORY 2018
11:06 PM
Getting Stabbed - Retox
Getting Stabbed Retox L
Atmosphere of Decay Live Fast Die 2019
11:07 PM
Blood Spore - Hostile Fruiting Bodies
Blood Spore Hostile Fruiting Bodies
Fungal Warfare Upon All Life - Single self-released 2019
11:18 PM
Throane - À trop réclamer les vers
Throane À trop réclamer les vers
Plus une main à mordre Debemur Morti Productions 2017
11:23 PM
Giant of the Mountain - Coven of Frost
Giant of the Mountain Coven of Frost
Nature's Wrath self-released 2018
11:28 PM
High On Fire - Rumors of War
High On Fire Rumors of War
Death Is This Communion Relapse Records 2007
request by Matt G
11:31 PM
Jeffrey Donger - Break Control
Jeffrey Donger Break Control
Castration Anxiety Landslide Records 2018
11:32 PM
Grogus - A Call Beyond
Grogus A Call Beyond L
Four Kings Tridroid Records 2019
11:42 PM
Nothingness - A Cycle Unending
Nothingness A Cycle Unending L
The Hallow Gaze of Death self-released 2019
11:48 PM
Coroner - Die By My Hand
Coroner Die By My Hand
No More Color Noise 1989
11:54 PM
Plagued Insanity - Worms Armageddon
Plagued Insanity Worms Armageddon L
Sick of Being Stoked self-released 2019
11:58 PM
Lockjaw - Choked Up
Lockjaw Choked Up
Lockjaw EP self-released 2019
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:04:03 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:11:27 PM
Lydia Stark 10:11:40 PM
welcome to the chat!
Matthew Gurrola 10:38:08 PM
How about High On Fire "Steps of the Ziggurat/House of Enlil "?
KFAI 10:42:05 PM
Matt, too long
Matthew Gurrola 10:43:34 PM
How about Rumors of War ?
metalmark41 10:48:08 PM
hey Bill, Metal Mark here from Audio Aggression in NY, hows it going man?
metalmark41 10:49:01 PM
hello everyone, tuned in! \m/
KFAI 10:50:32 PM
Matt - can do
KFAI 10:50:41 PM
Metal Mark!
KFAI 10:50:52 PM
Long time dude, how are you?
metalmark41 10:51:08 PM
doing good man! got your invite the other day, haha
KFAI 10:52:59 PM
Thanks for tuning in!
metalmark41 10:53:12 PM
still doing my shows, Metal Mark's Vault(classic metal on Friday nights) and AA on Saturday nights, AA turned 27 years old back in June, haha!
metalmark41 10:53:20 PM
np anytime!
KFAI 10:57:29 PM
Remind we what AA is again?
metalmark41 10:58:04 PM
Audio Aggression(new/current/upcoming metal releases)
metalmark41 10:58:41 PM
Saturday nights at 10pm till 1am(EDT) on audioaggression.listen2myshow.com
KFAI 11:00:00 PM
metalmark41 11:00:10 PM
if you miss the live show, past podcasts can be streamed at mixcloud.com/Metalmark52
metalmark41 11:00:52 PM
it definitely keeps me busy, doing these shows, lol
metalmark41 11:04:24 PM
hello also to Lydia and Matt and whoever else is in the studio, haha
metalmark41 11:06:13 PM
ahh the infamous FCC late night disclaimer, had to play that when I was at the college station, lol
Lydia Stark 11:08:36 PM
nice to meet you mark!
KFAI 11:08:44 PM
Mark I can;t remember, were do you live?
metalmark41 11:08:44 PM
thanks you too!
metalmark41 11:09:10 PM
I am in Fulton NY, 1/2 hr NW of Syracuse in the central part of the state
KFAI 11:09:41 PM
Okay, and you were associated with Open Grave Radio back in the day?
metalmark41 11:09:54 PM
KFAI 11:10:28 PM
some of my memory is still in tact
metalmark41 11:10:39 PM
hahaha I would hope so!
KFAI 11:11:34 PM
You would be surprised
metalmark41 11:11:56 PM
metalmark41 11:16:45 PM
doooooom! lol
Matthew Gurrola 11:18:00 PM
Dank Doom.
metalmark41 11:18:08 PM
metalmark41 11:19:57 PM
according to Google Translate, the translation is Plus A Hand To Bite, haha
KFAI 11:46:33 PM
Any thoughts on Nothingness?
Matthew Gurrola 11:47:00 PM
Really great.
metalmark41 11:47:37 PM
sounds killer, nice mix of doom and death
metalmark41 11:49:09 PM
Coroner! \m/
Matthew Gurrola 11:49:33 PM
metalmark41 11:57:57 PM
killer show guys!
Matthew Gurrola 11:58:30 PM
Yes killed it again. \m/
metalmark41 12:00:42 AM
Saxon! \m/
metalmark41 12:01:04 AM
Biff actually with Lemmy, oops, haha