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AM Drive

Oct 10, 2019 6:00 AM – 8:00 AM


With @kfaiAMDrive

AM Drive
6:08 AM
King Crimson - Court of the Crimson King
King Crimson Court of the Crimson King
In The Court of the Crimson King
6:12 AM
David Lee Roth - Goin' Crazy
David Lee Roth Goin' Crazy
Eat 'Em and Smile Warner Records 1985
@kfaiamdrive Happy Birthday @DavidLeeRoth
6:14 AM
The Blue Meanies - Vote No
The Blue Meanies Vote No
Kiss Your Ass Goodbye Asian Man Records 1999
6:19 AM
Primal Scream - Kill All Hippies
Primal Scream Kill All Hippies
Xtrmntr Astralwerks 2000
@kfaiamdrive @ScreamOfficial
6:26 AM
Labi Siffre - I Got the... (2006 Remastered Version)
Labi Siffre I Got the... (2006 Remastered Version)
Remember My Song Parlophone UK 2006
6:38 AM
Lyrics Born - Do That There (feat. Cut Chemist)
Lyrics Born Do That There (feat. Cut Chemist)
Later That Day... Mobile Home Recordings 2003
@kfaiamdrive @lyricsborn
6:41 AM
Jurassic 5 - Quality Control
Jurassic 5 Quality Control
Quality Control Interscope 2000
6:49 AM
The Spinners - Rubberband Man
The Spinners Rubberband Man
Happiness Is Being With the Spinners Rhino Atlantic 2006
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs
6:56 AM
Ohio Players - Funky Worm
Ohio Players Funky Worm
Pleasure Westbound Records 1972
@kfaiamdrive #yourthreesongs
7:02 AM
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings - Midnight Rider
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings Midnight Rider
Midnight Rider - Single Daptone Records 2016
7:08 AM
James - Sit Down
James Sit Down
Gold Mother (Remastered) Virgin EMI 2001
@kfaiamdrive @wearejames
7:11 AM
John Lydon - Sun
John Lydon Sun
Psycho's Path (Remastered) Virgin Catalogue 1997
7:20 AM
Kate Bush - Rubberband Girl
Kate Bush Rubberband Girl
The Red Shoes Columbia 1993
@kfaimamdrive @KateBushMusic
7:25 AM
Mine - Figure Eight
Mine Figure Eight
Blueprint - EP Mine 2019
7:30 AM
Mclusky - To Hell with Good Intentions
Mclusky To Hell with Good Intentions
Mclusky Do Dallas Too Pure 2002
7:40 AM
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Spellboud
Siouxsie & The Banshees Spellboud
Juju Polydor 1981
7:43 AM
Sammy Salvo - A Mushroom Cloud
Sammy Salvo A Mushroom Cloud
Afraid Black & Partners LLC 2014
7:50 AM
Grant Lee Buffalo - We've Only Just Begun
Grant Lee Buffalo We've Only Just Begun
If I Were a Carpenter A&M 1994
@kfaiamdrive @GrantLeeTweets
7:52 AM
Freddie Allen - We've Only Just Begun
Freddie Allen We've Only Just Begun
In the Garden: The White Whale Story Varese Sarabande 2003
7:59 AM
They Might Be Giants - Your Racist Friend
They Might Be Giants Your Racist Friend
Flood Rhino 1990
@kfaiamdrive @tmbg
Chat is archived.
Emily Olauson 6:21:26 AM
Good morning
Mason Butler (1) 6:21:56 AM
Welcome to the empty room!
Grumpy Dave 6:23:27 AM
Hi Emily *waves*
Emily Olauson 6:23:30 AM
lol I just wanted to ask if you could find a place for a song for me. I woke up with Sharon Jones' cover of Midnight Rider stuck in my head.
Emily Olauson 6:24:19 AM
soooo either I need to hear it aloud or I need a better earworm
Mason Butler (1) 6:26:25 AM
I can get that on.
Mason Butler (1) 6:26:52 AM
Dave, did you ever get your member drive CD? I'm finding a lot them didn't show up and have been sending out replacement bandcamp links.
Emily Olauson 6:27:12 AM
awesome, thank you!
Grumpy Dave 6:27:23 AM
No. I never got my beer thing either.
Mason Butler (1) 6:27:35 AM
We had a beer thing?
Grumpy Dave 6:27:54 AM
East of Here, West of Now.
Mason Butler (1) 6:28:02 AM
Oh, those bums.
Mason Butler (1) 6:28:30 AM
Here, gimmie an email address for you and I'll send you your songs AND some Autumn Brew passes.
Grumpy Dave 6:28:31 AM
I can listen to more than one show.
Grumpy Dave 6:29:04 AM
Mason Butler (1) 6:29:44 AM
Please tell me that's a real address.
Grumpy Dave 6:29:52 AM
That is crazy you can send songs via email.
Grumpy Dave 6:30:13 AM
It's real.
Mason Butler (1) 6:30:47 AM
I'm sending you a private download code through bandcamp that'll give you the artwork and you can download high quality record rips.
Grumpy Dave 6:31:22 AM
Great...homework. LOL
Grumpy Dave 6:33:16 AM
Moby...I will walk away from this so I don't piss Barb off
Grumpy Dave 6:35:19 AM
Grumpy Dave 6:36:29 AM
Dicks Picks
Grumpy Dave 6:37:35 AM
Thats a song title
Grumpy Dave 6:38:00 AM
Hey, email me my coffee
Emily Olauson 6:40:32 AM
wait, did you want two more from me, or from anyone?
Bitter Ghost 6:42:09 AM
Hearing Blue Meanies on the commute this morning made my next couple of minutes
Mason Butler (1) 6:42:31 AM
Yes, you!
Mason Butler (1) 6:42:35 AM
I called you out.
Bitter Ghost 6:42:53 AM
...I thought you all were going with a country theme this morning? :)
Emily Olauson 6:42:59 AM
Mason Butler (1) 6:43:09 AM
We were gonna but the guest didn't show up
Emily Olauson 6:43:11 AM
ok then, Ohio Players- Funky Worm
Emily Olauson 6:45:41 AM
and now I'm panicking a bit, didn't have a third on deck, but everyone loves the Rubberband Man by the Spinners, and that fits my quickly invented flow :)
Ira Rosen 6:47:42 AM
You got 3!
Ira Rosen 6:48:59 AM
GM crew
Grumpy Dave 6:49:13 AM
Hi Ira *waves*
Ira Rosen 6:49:31 AM
GD - pleased to virtually see you this AM
Emily Olauson 6:49:40 AM
woohoo! Early birthday present to me! It's a good day!
Grumpy Dave 6:50:47 AM
You as well, Ira
Grumpy Dave 6:51:15 AM
Happy Birthday (almost) Emily
Ira Rosen 6:51:25 AM
Grumpy Dave 6:51:53 AM
Wellness check on Ira.
Mason Butler (1) 6:52:02 AM
Really hoping for a rubberband solo here
Ira Rosen 6:53:05 AM
Sitting at work GD - well enough?
Grumpy Dave 6:54:37 AM
I didn't understand your code. I just wanted to make sure you were not having a stroke.
Ira Rosen 6:56:09 AM
HapPpy BirthDay eMily...
Emily Olauson 6:56:26 AM
aww, thank you, that's very sweet
Bitter Ghost 6:56:34 AM
Rubberband Man was the original Spoonman?
Ira Rosen 6:56:47 AM
Different Strokes GD
Ira Rosen 6:58:49 AM
Was there a J5 song played before? Or was the the Lyrics Born?
Mason Butler (1) 6:59:11 AM
Lyrics Born into J5.
Mason Butler (1) 6:59:22 AM
My dumb ass forgot to enter it
Mason Butler (1) 6:59:33 AM
Too busy digging up 3 songs
Ira Rosen 6:59:40 AM
what was it
Ira Rosen 7:00:00 AM
I have never heard this SJ cover - brilliant...
Bitter Ghost 7:03:02 AM
Sharon Jones improves everything
Bitter Ghost 7:04:06 AM
You think Trump is tuned in this morning??
Bitter Ghost 7:07:10 AM
I thought it was cat poop
Bitter Ghost 7:09:34 AM
That would be funny to do a full on "Minnesota exit interview"
Mason Butler (1) 7:11:12 AM
I don't think he's tuned into anything.
Mason Butler (1) 7:12:42 AM
Oh yeah, I guess a civet is some kind of jungle cat.
Ira Rosen 7:17:22 AM
More rubber band!
Bitter Ghost 7:23:28 AM
Will there be salami rolls?
Bitter Ghost 7:24:30 AM
Also, Gloarth guy referred to them as Wax LEED yesterday, so I'm not the only one to make the mistake :)
Mason Butler (1) 7:25:30 AM
Yes, I corrected him or tried to.
Bitter Ghost 7:27:19 AM
There are radio people in town who do not make that their policy. I don't feel like it's a good look either but it may also explain why they're where their at and why I'm where I'm at
Ira Rosen 7:29:42 AM
Thank you for this follow-up - I was hoping...
Bitter Ghost 7:30:22 AM
Ha! Sweet
Mason Butler (1) 7:31:38 AM
Wow, Barb really nailed the song we accidentally ripped off there.
Bitter Ghost 7:33:08 AM
How about "French Lessons" by Future of the Left?
Bitter Ghost 7:33:30 AM
Can't get enough Falco
Mason Butler (1) 7:34:53 AM
BG, you should see the Glorth Bingo card I made for when I'm on his show next week.
Ira Rosen 7:35:23 AM
Bitter Ghost 7:38:18 AM
I should see that
Bitter Ghost 7:40:03 AM
Yeah, I guess I feel like you all have down a good job of hyping the rent party, being a true contrarian I feel like it's my brand to cancel some of that out :)
Bitter Ghost 7:40:16 AM
Jimmy John's 9th Street 7:56:59 AM
awesome :)