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Glorth Radio

Oct 23, 2019 2:00 PM β€“ 4:00 PM


With Sean

Glorth Radio
2:03 PM
Black Sabbath - Electric Funeral
Black Sabbath Electric Funeral
Paranoid Rhino/Warner Records 1970
2:15 PM
The Soggy Bottom Boys - I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (feat. Dan Tyminski)
The Soggy Bottom Boys I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow (feat. Dan Tyminski)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Music From the Motion Picture) [Deluxe Edition] Lost Highway Records 2011
2:19 PM
Crypt Trip - Gotta Get Away
Crypt Trip Gotta Get Away
Haze County Heavy Psych Sounds 2018
2:32 PM
Coven - Pact With Lucifer
Coven Pact With Lucifer
Witchcraft Nevoc Musick Company 2015
2:35 PM
Brimstone Coven - Lucifer Rising
Brimstone Coven Lucifer Rising
What Was and What Shall Be Self released 2018
2:48 PM
Current 93 - Lucifer Over London
Current 93 Lucifer Over London
Lucifer Over London Durtro 1994
2:58 PM
Nine Inch Nails - God Break Down the Door
Nine Inch Nails God Break Down the Door
Bad Witch The Null Corporation 2018
3:12 PM
Crimson Witch - The Curse of the Crimson Witch
Crimson Witch The Curse of the Crimson Witch
Crimson Witch - Single Crimson Witch 2019
3:17 PM
The Well - Cup of Peace
The Well Cup of Peace
Death and Consolation RidingEasy Records 2019
3:27 PM
Barbarossa Umtrunk - Wolfen
Barbarossa Umtrunk Wolfen
Torture Garden Shinto Records
3:30 PM
The Legendary Pink Dots - Black Zone
The Legendary Pink Dots Black Zone
The Tower Soleilmoon Recordings 1996
3:35 PM
Bauhaus - Hollow Hills
Bauhaus Hollow Hills
Mask Beggars Banquet 1981
3:49 PM
Tim Curry - Halloween Song
Tim Curry Halloween Song
The Worst Witch
3:51 PM
Tim Curry - I Put A Spell On You
Tim Curry I Put A Spell On You
Chat is archived.
Mason Butler (1) 2:13:39 PM
Dave hi
Mason Butler (1) 2:15:26 PM
Let's get their dollars.
Mason Butler (1) 2:18:17 PM
Do you need me to jump into a coffee break chat and do active recruiting like we're a underground terrorist organization?
John Mo 2:19:38 PM
who dat?
Grumpy Dave 2:19:49 PM
Your efforts are better than mine...and you haven't even tried.
Grumpy Dave 2:20:08 PM
Is that JB?
John Mo 2:21:40 PM
Yeah, JB is present
Grumpy Dave 2:22:37 PM
Matthew Gurrola 2:22:52 PM
Good afternoon all.
Mason Butler (1) 2:23:27 PM
Good to see all these morning folks in here.
GSC 2:23:42 PM
Where's Randy Marsh?
Grumpy Dave 2:24:29 PM
Tegridy Farms?
GSC 2:26:14 PM
Randy used Crypt Trip within his "magic" show ttbomk
John Mo 2:28:57 PM
@Mason are you a CBer?
John Mo 2:29:16 PM
i.e. One of us...
Grumpy Dave 2:30:05 PM
His love of the Current cannot be contained.
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 2:31:12 PM
Muahahahahah! Dave... I'm sure that works both ways. Welcome CB'ers.
Mason Butler (1) 2:31:17 PM
No, I'm on the air opposite them
Grumpy Dave 2:31:34 PM
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 2:31:43 PM
Sup homes!
Grumpy Dave 2:31:57 PM
@Mason, and your show is way better.
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 2:32:28 PM
Yes. And you have Barb too. Win!
Grumpy Dave 2:32:36 PM
There are CBers in this chat...that is great. Now pay up.
Mason Butler (1) 2:32:50 PM
CB=Cash, baby.
John Mo 2:33:37 PM
i have 37 cents, a piece of Juicy Fruitβ„’ and a paper clip in my pocket. What's the address?
Tamalita W 2:33:41 PM
Don't tell us what to do GD.
Grumpy Dave 2:33:47 PM
I just sent more.
Mason Butler (1) 2:33:56 PM
1808 Riverside, chumps.
Matthew Gurrola 2:34:01 PM
Stream die for anyone else?
Grumpy Dave 2:34:04 PM
FUH KING HELL!!!!!!!! TAMMY!!!!!!!!!!
Mason Butler (1) 2:34:09 PM
Bring a 20 and I'll make change.
Grumpy Dave 2:34:30 PM
He lives in the land of Ira.
John Mo 2:35:30 PM
@Mason, I gave up on the current a while ago. Here in NJ, FMU is king
Tamalita W 2:35:30 PM
Tegridy Farms . . .
John Mo 2:35:46 PM
RIP Stream
Mason Butler (1) 2:35:53 PM
We've got some direct FMU connections.
Tamalita W 2:36:10 PM
I still listen to Looch, I also listen here and KEXP.
Grumpy Dave 2:36:28 PM
JB, you should see a doctor.
John Mo 2:38:18 PM
Sweet! Some of them have been on the air since the 80s
John Mo 2:38:38 PM
You know anyone there?
John Mo 2:39:16 PM
@GD I need to drink more Ecto Cooler
Grumpy Dave 2:39:40 PM
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 2:39:57 PM
RIP stream. It was a good stream... sniffle...
John Mo 2:40:27 PM
Hi-C Ecto Coolerβ„’. Was a flavor inspired by Ghostbusters.
Mason Butler (1) 2:40:59 PM
I'll check the stream.
Mason Butler (1) 2:41:08 PM
Aaaaaand, it's gone
Mason Butler (1) 2:41:36 PM
Working on Shoutcast
Tamalita W 2:41:37 PM
I'm using my trusty old radio.
Mason Butler (1) 2:41:50 PM
That's the way, Tam.
Tamalita W 2:43:29 PM
Shoutcast?! Woo-hoo! I donated a couple minutes ago. And no, not because of you GD.
Tamalita W 2:46:04 PM
Loved Dr. Demento.
Mason Butler (1) 2:55:48 PM
Weird that Dr. Demento has come back up today.
Mason Butler (1) 2:56:16 PM
It's Weird Al's birthday. We had the good Dr. on the air here about a year ago. He's actually starting to suffer from dementia.
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 2:56:55 PM
That's quite sad... He inspired ALOT of people and that will be a strong legacy.
Tamalita W 2:59:32 PM
That is sad.
Tamalita W 2:59:59 PM
I almost said--such great memories--and then I wondered if it was #toosoon
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 3:06:20 PM
Ok... The NIN... This and Bowie's Blackstar... cut from the same cloth. Good stuff.
Tamalita W 3:23:47 PM
I'M HERE! And I donated!
Tamalita W 3:24:34 PM
Grumpy Dave Shoutout!
Mason Butler (1) 3:27:12 PM
He works hard for his acknowledments.
Mason Butler (1) 3:32:01 PM
Matthew Gurrola 3:33:33 PM
Yes. Was getting tired of my static transistor.
Matthew Gurrola 3:34:09 PM
Bauhaus in the daylight feels weird.
Mason Butler (1) 3:35:26 PM
Close yr eyes.
Mason Butler (1) 3:37:20 PM
Sounds good in headphones.
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 3:37:58 PM
Ahhhhhhh. The Gloom... Good to have ya back.
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 3:38:36 PM
Mason or Sean... whoever got it back and run'n... good job homes. Thanks.
Matthew Gurrola 3:38:41 PM
The bass on She's in Parties is one of the best headphone things ever.
Geekquilizer Oppressotron 3:39:18 PM
Totally agree with Matthew G below.
Matthew Gurrola 3:50:23 PM
Looking forward to the spooky shit next week.
Mason Butler (1) 3:54:08 PM
Matthew Gurrola 3:56:59 PM
True vampire here.
Matthew Gurrola 3:57:39 PM
I have a junker car for you guys too.
Tamalita W 3:59:30 PM
Tamalita W 4:02:25 PM