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Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Nov 3, 2019 9:30 PM β€“ 10:30 PM


With Jerry Stearns

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground

Where "radio play" is the important part of the phrase. Hosted by Jerry Stearns.

A showcase of audio theater, featuring the best of contemporary audio theater, snippets from Old Time Radio drama, spoken word comedy, and talk about and with some of the skillful practitioners of the Theater of the Mind, we'll bring the best there is from around the world to your ears.

You can find more about the program and a weekly schedule of what's on the show at the Sound Affects website.

Sound Affects: A Radio Playground
9:37 PM
Special Segments: The Riddle of the Bones, Act 2


The newest Captain Underhill mystery features the famous detective and his equally-famous partner, Dr. Scofield, participating in an official inquest to solve a case that should be unsolvable: a murder which took place around the time of the sinking of the pirate ship, Whydah, in the year 1717. This is Act 2 - look for Act 1 in the archives at KFAI.org.

Written and directed by Steven Oney, at the Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theater.

10:24 PM
Special Segments: Duckman

"We were theoretically a group called The Buddies. β€œDuckman” Part 1 and Part 2 died a quick death. It was based primarily on the fact that Lee Bernhardi could do a really killer duck voice. It’s sort of a parody of the Batman television show, which must have been on the air at that time. Ron Budnick was a San Bernadino DJ. Ron really didn’t do voices, he was a disc jockey and he plays the police chief or something. Lee and Ron, the two other guys, are really good I thought, very bizarre. Lee plays just the duck voice, that’s all." -- Phil Austin (of the Firesign Theatre)

This comes to us from Taylor Jessen, an audio archivist who found the original 45-rpm record and restored it to this pristine condition. Its production date is 1966. You can find a lot of old, rare, and out-of-print audio on his blog, the Fuji Puzzlebox. There will certainly be something there you have never heard, or even heard OF.