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Roar of the Underground

Nov 28, 2019 10:00 PM â€“ 12:00 AM


With Darth Riffeous

Roar of the Underground aims to shed light on the dedicated & talented artists that comprise the underground heavy music scene of the Twin Cities, Midwest and beyond. The show focuses on upcoming live concerts in and around the Twin Cities, recent and future album releases and current events related to heavy music.

Episode 165

Darth Riffeous & the Metal Evangelist share their Top 5 albums of 2019.

Roar of the Underground
10:02 PM
Witchden - From Ash
Witchden From Ash L
Deus Nihil Twin Town Tyrant Records 2019
10:09 PM
Crypt Sermon - Christ is Dead
Crypt Sermon Christ is Dead
The Ruins of Fading Light Dark Descent Records 2019
10:15 PM
Ningen Isu - Heartless Scat
Ningen Isu Heartless Scat
New Youth Tokuma Japan 2019
10:25 PM
Corridoré - Shifting Skies, on Bloodied Wings
Corridoré Shifting Skies, on Bloodied Wings
Corridoré self-released 2019
See them live Friday night at @PartWolfmpls
10:34 PM
Trita - Tunguskan
Trita Tunguskan L
Tunguskan - EP TRITA 2019
See them live Thurs Dec 5th at Caydence Records & Coffee
10:38 PM
Smoulder - Bastard Steel
Smoulder Bastard Steel
Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring Cruz Del Sur Music 2019
10:45 PM
Cerebral Rot - Primordial Soup of Radioactive Sewage
Cerebral Rot Primordial Soup of Radioactive Sewage
Odious Descent into Decay 20 Buck Spin 2019
requested by JDecker
10:49 PM
False - A Victual for Our Dead Selves
False A Victual for Our Dead Selves
Portent Gilead Media 2019
11:02 PM
Angel Witch - Death from Andromeda
Angel Witch Death from Andromeda
Angel of Light Metal Blade Records 2019
11:09 PM
Nothingness - A Cycle Unending
Nothingness A Cycle Unending L
The Hollow Gaze of Death self released 2019
11:14 PM
Blood Incantation - Slave Species of the Gods
Blood Incantation Slave Species of the Gods
Hidden History of the Human Race Dark Descent Records 2019
11:21 PM
Unfathomable Ruination - Enraged and Unbound
Unfathomable Ruination Enraged and Unbound
Enraged and Unbound WILLOWTIP INC. (WTP) 2019
requested by Al Towne
11:26 PM
Ulkum - Breathe Darkness, Swallow Light
Ulkum Breathe Darkness, Swallow Light L
First Prophecy Redefining Darkness Records 2019
Nov 29 @ Part Wolf
11:32 PM
Cold Colours - Terminal Winter
Cold Colours Terminal Winter L
Northernmost Cold Colours 2019
11:38 PM
Possessed - Dominion
Possessed Dominion
Revelations of Oblivion Nuclear Blast 2019
11:49 PM
Grand Demise of Civilization - A Sinless Soul
Grand Demise of Civilization A Sinless Soul L
Below the Feet of Kings Grand Demise of Civilization 2019
Fri Nov 29 @ Part Wolf
11:53 PM
Wilderun - Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun
Wilderun Sleeping Ambassadors of the Sun
Veil of Imagination self-released 2019
11:58 PM
Tomb Mold - Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside, Pt. 2)
Tomb Mold Planetary Clairvoyance (They Grow Inside, Pt. 2)
Planetary Clairvoyance 20 Buck Spin 2019
Chat is archived.
KFAI 10:02:35 PM
Joshua Decker 10:04:56 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:05:18 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:06:29 PM
Gobble gobble
Joshua Decker 10:08:02 PM
Joshua Decker 10:08:17 PM
Is the other band
Allan Towne 10:09:42 PM
KFAI 10:09:43 PM
Thanks Decker!
Joshua Decker 10:09:56 PM
Of course! \m/ Thank YOU!
KFAI 10:09:57 PM
Hello Al, Matt!
Allan Towne 10:10:30 PM
Joshua Decker 10:11:04 PM
Any Cerebral Rot would be a welcomed addition to my earholes tonight :)
Matthew Gurrola 10:11:06 PM
Christ is Dead over Kanye's Jesus is King?
KFAI 10:11:47 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:13:02 PM
Can you imagine how crazy things will get if he actually runs for Prez?
KFAI 10:14:34 PM
Joshua Decker 10:14:40 PM
Don't talk like that
Allan Towne 10:16:11 PM
Scary thing is he could win
Joshua Decker 10:16:23 PM
If Trump did, Kanye most certainly would
Allan Towne 10:16:47 PM
New Unfathomable Ruination would be cool to hear
Allan Towne 10:17:05 PM
As well as new Hideous Divinity
Joshua Decker 10:17:34 PM
Fuck everything tho, I'm gettin' me a "FREE HUGS" shirt
KFAI 10:23:20 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:23:33 PM
Which is better in the death category this year, Tomb Mold, Gatecreeper, Blood Incantation, or Cattle Decap?
KFAI 10:24:44 PM
Not gonna tip my hand early...
Joshua Decker 10:26:05 PM
Of those 4? I easily go with Tomb Mold. SUPER underwhelmed by the other 3.
Allan Towne 10:27:28 PM
Cattle is my fav band but Im honestly not sure how I feel about the new one yet.
KFAI 10:29:16 PM
I haven't sunk my teeth into the New CAttle yet
Joshua Decker 10:31:22 PM
2019 belongs to black metal, IMO. No year of as many incredible "black metal" releases ever.
Allan Towne 10:31:36 PM
New Nott is amazing
Joshua Decker 10:31:52 PM
Allan Towne 10:32:49 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:34:23 PM
Really love the new Abigail Willaims. Up there with False, 1349, and Darkthrone.
Joshua Decker 10:36:01 PM
FALSE. #miocdrop lol
Joshua Decker 10:36:48 PM
Krallice, Cairn off Gilead too. But I'm gonna shit up, literally 100s of amazing black metal releases this year
KFAI 10:39:55 PM
I'd like to hear more of what you like in black metal, cuz I didn't come across a ton.
Joshua Decker 10:41:16 PM
My year end post will be littered with them ;)
KFAI 10:41:22 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:42:48 PM
For NWOBHM it's gotta be Angel Witch.
KFAI 10:43:23 PM
That's a good one
Joshua Decker 10:45:17 PM
KFAI 10:45:38 PM
Haven't heard Cerebral Rot in a while, and it really sounds like Demilich
Joshua Decker 10:45:48 PM
Fuckin' love this album, thx!
Matthew Gurrola 10:46:31 PM
Speaking of Angel, lets hear "Death from Andromeda."
Joshua Decker 10:50:00 PM
Joshua Decker 10:50:27 PM
False is a national treasure
KFAI 10:50:45 PM
Matt, we'll get to that request.
KFAI 10:51:03 PM
Decker, yes they are!
Matthew Gurrola 10:51:19 PM
False should play at TRVE brewing.
KFAI 10:51:49 PM
Joshua Decker 10:52:02 PM
False should play in my attic beadroom every night before bed
Matthew Gurrola 10:52:46 PM
Or the State Fair just to see people's reactions.
KFAI 10:52:51 PM
Matthew Gurrola 10:54:31 PM
We seriously need local metal represented at the fair.
Joshua Decker 10:54:35 PM
Probably a lot of life altering experiences would take place if that happened, I have one every time I see them
Joshua Decker 10:55:43 PM
Legit, transcendental,out of body type shit
Bill Hansen 11:06:57 PM
Im over here now...
KFAI 11:07:40 PM
We fired bill
Bill Hansen 11:07:43 PM
Or rednecks would throw corncobs at them.
Bill Hansen 11:07:53 PM
More like demoted
KFAI 11:09:09 PM
we tried to do a live show at the state fair, KFAI has a booth, but we were too slow
Joshua Decker 11:09:57 PM
Bill Hansen 11:10:28 PM
Gonna pounce on that opportunity next year if it comes about
Joshua Decker 11:11:01 PM
Matthew Gurrola 11:11:19 PM
Did Riffeous just overthrow his Sith Lord master?
KFAI 11:11:47 PM
Yes now I need a new apprentice
KFAI 11:11:58 PM
The Rule of Two
Bill Hansen 11:12:44 PM
My powers are diminished yet my evil persists
Joshua Decker 11:28:42 PM
Did the Ulkum get a re-release I wasnt aware of? More importantly, is there a cassette version?
Joshua Decker 11:30:42 PM
I'm kind of amazed that's your #1. That album just left me.... underwhelmed
Bill Hansen 11:32:39 PM
Sorry but it exceeded my expectations
Allan Towne 11:32:43 PM
Now I'm not afraid to say Im not a False fan
KFAI 11:32:55 PM
shots fired
Joshua Decker 11:33:03 PM
LOL I love music and you guys for this reason, specifically
Joshua Decker 11:33:49 PM
New Blood Incantation is a great album, don't get it twisted, I just didn't feel like it was some of the best of the scrap heap.
Bill Hansen 11:33:53 PM
Josh come to Part Wolf tomorrow night and see if they have cassettes
Joshua Decker 11:34:45 PM
And False is like the best thing ever from MPLS, Al, so we gon' hafta fight
Joshua Decker 11:35:08 PM
I can't make it tomorrow, sadly, got dad duties :/
Allan Towne 11:35:13 PM
Thas ok bruther, Im down
Joshua Decker 11:35:40 PM
We'll just take shots and drink beers and bust eachothers chops :P
Allan Towne 11:35:48 PM
Grand Demise is my fav to come out of MN lately
Joshua Decker 11:35:54 PM
Like tuff guys :P
Joshua Decker 11:36:37 PM
That GDOC record is incredible
Allan Towne 11:36:39 PM
Love Nothingness too as I'm hoping for more good DM to emerge
Joshua Decker 11:37:22 PM
Also HUGELY into that Nothingness
Bill Hansen 11:37:29 PM
Im looking forward to the Coagulate demo
Allan Towne 11:37:43 PM
Yes, dig them too
Allan Towne 11:37:59 PM
New Ghost Hook should be great too
Joshua Decker 11:38:05 PM
I hope it's better than when they played that Eagles show, did not really care for that
Joshua Decker 11:38:32 PM
Stoked to check new Echoes Of The Fallen, personally. Is that still happening?
Joshua Decker 11:39:41 PM
WTF, how did I miss a new Possessed album?! HOLYFUCK
Matthew Gurrola 11:40:03 PM
Oh yes, Possessed is up there too.
KFAI 11:40:26 PM
Bill Hansen 11:42:21 PM
Hope that new Echoes album happens soon
Joshua Decker 11:46:22 PM
Yeah, that Possessed was awesome, gonna be rinsing that tomorrow at work.
Allan Towne 11:46:26 PM
Seans voice!!! <3
KFAI 11:46:53 PM
this mightve made my list if Bill had given me more than 3 days to put together a top 5 :P so good
Joshua Decker 11:50:45 PM
Chris Bick 11:53:05 PM
Wilderun ... nice choice. One of my favorites this year.
Joshua Decker 11:54:16 PM
OOoohhh, tor some reason this suprises me as one of your top picks, but it is SO damn good.
KFAI 11:55:37 PM
Bill's got a sensitive side
Matthew Gurrola 11:56:33 PM
See you at Part Wolf. \m/
Joshua Decker 11:56:52 PM
Have fun tomorrow, fam, wish I could make it!
KFAI 11:58:18 PM
gnight everbody!
Bill Hansen 11:58:31 PM
Later all!
Joshua Decker 11:58:46 PM
This one's hig atop the deathmetal scrap heap for AOTY for sure!