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Catalyst: Politics and Culture

Nov 29, 2019 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM

Public Affairs

With Lydia

FRIDAYS, 1PM. Local writer Lydia Howell explores local culture, art, and activism with interviews and special features. She won the PREMACK AWARD FOR PUBLIC INTEREST JOURNALISM for her investigative reporting on homelessness in (the now defunct) PULSE NewspaperLydia is a long time denizen of KFAI who also writes for various communicty newspapers and online publications.

CONTACT: 612-354-3762 lydiahowell@comcast.net


Re-Thinking Thanksgiving From an American Indian Perspective

THANKSGIVING special edition of "Catalyst:politics & culture", featuring ideas, music & poetry by Indigenous people/Native Americans

1:00 PM
The Atoll - LaCrosse
The Atoll LaCrosse
World Groove Atoll Music
1:05 PM
Special Segments: Statement by MARK CHARLES, Indigenous activist-author, Independent candidate for president 2019
1:30 PM
Special Segments: Indigenous rights and environmental activist from northern MN, WINONA LaDUKE

LaDuke talks bluntly about the ethics of returning federal lands to Indigenous people--for both justice to the First Peoples of our nation--but, in order to protect precious wilderness

1:33 PM
John Trudell - Trees
John Trudell Trees
v/a If A Tree Falls EarthBeat!
1:35 PM
Marcie Renden - Ancient Migratory Journeys
Marcie Renden Ancient Migratory Journeys
v/a Nation of Immigrants? The Loft
1:44 PM
Mitch Walking Elk - Yolocomballa: Revolt of the Corn
Mitch Walking Elk Yolocomballa: Revolt of the Corn
Peace With Dignity www.mitchwalkingelk.com
1:47 PM
Special Segments: Indigenous activist WINONA LaDUKE

LaDuke speaks on how redemption between Indigenous peoples and the dominant white society could be done.

1:52 PM
Susu Jeffrey - Mississippi Eclipse
Susu Jeffrey Mississippi Eclipse
MIssissippi Mother
1:55 PM
Shelly Morningsong - Heart of a Hero
Shelly Morningsong Heart of a Hero
Out of the Ashes Silverstreak
1:11 AM
Buffy Saint Marie - Now, The Bufalo's Gone
Buffy Saint Marie Now, The Bufalo's Gone
Soldier Blue Vanguard
1:20 AM
Special Segments: Jeanette Armstrong, Okanagan poet from Canda

Armstrong reads 2 poems "History Lesson" and "Keeper's Words"

1:25 AM
John Trudell - Questions
John Trudell Questions
Children Of Earth:Child's Voice Effective records