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WHAP - Where Hits are Played

Nov 17, 2018 12:00 AM – 2:00 AM


WHAP (Where Hits Are Played)

12:00 AM (Midnight) Pacific Time: Saturdays

W-H-A-P “Where Hits Are Played” was created by “DJ Chill Statis” and made it’s first debut on 89.3 KPFB in 2015. DJ Chill Statis started his journey in radio back in the mid 90’s at “Youth Radio” where he learned how to conduct On-Air and phone interviews, prepare PSA’s(Public Service Announcements), create news segments, edit music manually on a reel-to-reel, hosting live broadcast, DJ’n and being an On-Air personality. Now DJ Chill Statis is 1 of the top DJ’s in his region and you can count on him to bring you the best in local, in-state, out of state, and overseas Hip Hop music.

WHAP - Where Hits are Played
12:40 AM
Willie Hen - Pullin Up
Willie Hen Pullin Up
Pullin Up Mack Game Music llc 2017 TCADB1763932
12:24 AM
MoMoney - Thoughts
MoMoney Thoughts
Demon God The Circle Entertainment 2018 QZDA61807459
12:24 AM
Rxmedy - C-Walkin
Rxmedy C-Walkin
Blue Religion Millionaire Muzic Group 2018 QM4TX1834281
12:22 AM
Mozzy - Sleep Walkin
Mozzy Sleep Walkin
1 Up Top Ahk Lurk Gang ENT. 2017 USUYG1150008
12:19 AM
G Lean - Scr
G Lean Scr
Stackin Chips Resurrection Fire Boy Muzik / Mouth Piece Society / Rapbay / Urbanlife Distribution 2017 USBAE1321832
12:15 AM
YG - Big Bank
YG Big Bank
Big Bank Def Jam Recordings USUM71804490
12:09 AM
Dru Down featuring 3x Krazy, Swoop G, Cydal, Luniz - Pistols Blazin
Dru Down featuring 3x Krazy, Swoop G, Cydal, Luniz Pistols Blazin
Lost Tapes II Pimp On Records 1997 USA2P0825038
12:03 AM
Jamiroquai - Didjital Vibrations
Jamiroquai Didjital Vibrations
Travelling Without Moving Sony Music UK GBARL1201228

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