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Behind the News

May 30, 2024 12:00 PM β€“ 1:00 PM


Behind the News

12:00 PM (Noon) Pacific Time: Thursdays

Behind The News typically consists of some opening comments by Doug Henwood on the recent news, followed by two or three interviews with authors, activists, academics, and other knowledgeable sorts. Since mystification is one of the tricks that power uses to maintain itself, emphasis is always placed on clarifying the complex. Topics covered include the broad economy and the financial markets, trade and globalization, income distribution and poverty, political candidates (with an emphasis on their general bogosity), Latin American resistance to neoliberalism, crime and imprisonment, financing health care, environmental economics, and the culture of money. Of course, that list will evolve as circumstances warrant.


Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood has been hosting Behind the News since 1996; his radio career began in 1989, with commentaries delivered on the late and deeply missed Samori Marksman’s show on WBAI in New York. His day job is as a writer and editor. He edits Left Business Observer, a newsletter he founded in 1986, and is a contributing editor of The Nation. He is the author of three books – The State of the USA Atlas (1994), Wall Street (1997), and After the New Economy (2004). He is currently at work on a study of the American ruling class, whoever that might be.

Behind the News
12:05 PM
Obo Addy - Wawshishijay ("Our Beginning")
Obo Addy Wawshishijay ("Our Beginning") Obo Addy
Kronos Explorer Series Nonesuch 2014 Classical USNO19227506
12:31 PM
Bergsonist - Escher Dreamlike
Bergsonist Escher Dreamlike Selwa Abd
As If Reality bizaarbazaar 2024 USYBL2401116