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Climate One

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Our Story

Climate One at The Commonwealth Club is a thriving leadership dialogue on energy, the environment and the economy. It brings together top thinkers and doers from business, government, academia and advocacy groups to advance the discussion about a clean energy future.

Our_Story_Hero_Top_0.jpgWhen Greg Dalton set off for the Russian Arctic, he didn't know how profoundly his life was about to change.

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A Shift in Perspective

The voyage, organized by the Commonwealth Club, provided an up-close view of the effects of climate disruption in the region.

First-hand exposure to the effects of climate was heartbreaking, but it was a personal encounter with a small girl in a Chuchki village that shifted Greg’s perspective for good. While he was speaking to her and her father about their changing lives in the Arctic Circle, she suddenly squealed, “Wow!” and started chasing a butterfly. Her father remarked, “We didn’t used to have those.” It was a moment of wonder, but also of extreme change and alarm.

Upon returning home, Greg proposed the idea of Climate One as a special project of the Commonwealth Club.

Our_Story_Hero_Second_0.jpgA 3,000-mile journey inspired a way to have a new conversation, and an impact, right here at home.


Talking about Solutions

Climate One brings together top thinkers and doers to advance the conversation about a clean energy future.

At Climate One live events, Greg facilitates provocative discussions between climate leaders of differing—sometimes opposing—viewpoints. An open microphone allows audience members to ask questions and add new perspectives. Post-discussion social mixers foster long-term connections between attendees.

Our conversations reach an audience urgently concerned about climate disruption through an international ecosystem of radio shows, podcasts, and video clips. Armed with credible information from multiple perspectives, these engaged change-makers can create viable, long-term solutions to climate volatility and its consequences.


We believe viable, long-term responses to climate disruption can only come from an engaged, concerned citizenry.


Many Voices

Climate One held its first forum in the fall of 2007 at The Commonwealth Club. Coinciding with a report on the effects of climate disruption on developing countries from the United Nations Development Programme, speakers included Google executive Larry Brilliant, CH2M Hill sustainability manager Andrea Gardner, UN official Ad Melkert, and venture capitalist Nancy Pfund.

Since then, Climate One has sharpened its focus toward food, water, transportation, energy, innovation and resilience. Today, the United Nations, Apple, Shell Oil, the Sierra Club, politicians, and environmentalists are coming together at Climate One to address one of the greatest challenges of our time.

Climate One