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Scoop's Music Trek

Aug 3, 2020 9:00 AM â€“ 11:00 AM


With Scoop

DJ Scoop takes us on a Monday morning trek through a music mix that's just right for the start of the week and will not put you to sleep!

Scoop's Music Trek

Coming up

11:00 AMDougOut feat. Random Acts of Music (unset) with Doug
1:00 PM'80s New Wave (unset) with Rich
3:00 PMKrystal Clear (unset) with Krysty Bosse
4:00 PMAli Bear (unset) with Ali B
7:00 PMJamming with Johnny Blaze (Music) with John Cevaal


12:30 PMGet Ziggy With It (unset) with Ziggy
9:00 AMFace Plant into Friday!! (Music) with Kristin Stash
7:30 PMMusical Wilderness (Music) with DJ Foz
4:30 PMRod's Garage (Music) with The Rodcaster
2:00 PMJT’s Music World (unset) with Jason Trow