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Missoula Community Radio creates a medium for all community members to enrich and engage their community directly and freely by producing educational, socially just, culturally aware, and entertaining radio programming.

105.5 KFGM-LP Missoula

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Nyt Trax

Jul 18, 2019 12:00 AM – 7:00 AM


With staff

Nyt Trax

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7:00 AMWake Up, Kids (Other)
8:00 AMKeep Finding Good Material (Music) with staff
10:00 AMKid Viking Show (Other) with Kid Viking
12:00 PMAll Hat & No Cow (Music) with Jesse B.
2:00 PMSend Up the Beat (Music) with DJ Two Shoes


2:00 PMInterstellar Journey Through Time and Sound (Music) with DJ J.D.
7:00 AMWake Up, Kids (Other)
8:00 PMFrom the Big Easy to the Big Sky (Music) with Crawdaddy
6:00 PMAJ's Metal Show (Music) with AJ
4:00 PMThis is the City (Other) with Crawdaddy