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The Horrible Movie Podcast

Apr 21, 2019 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


With staff

The Horrible Movie Podcast

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5:00 PMThe Mop-Tops & the King (Music) with staff
6:00 PMThe Ballroom Sessions (Music) with Matt
8:00 PMRock N Roll McDannald's (Music) with Dan D
10:00 PMNorWester (Music) with staff
12:00 AMNyt Trax (Music) with staff


10:00 AMThe Struggle Bus (Music) with Charles
8:00 AMMedicinal Americana (Music) with Bob Troutman
8:00 PMThe Ground Floor - Happy Birthday Mr. Osterberg (Music) with Jon Van Dyke
6:00 PMThe Unca Jeffy Show (Music) with Jeff Overturf
3:00 PMThe Cookout (Music) with Auntie E