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Electric Universe

Jan 19, 2018 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM


With Bastet

Electric Universe
5:36 PM
Jerry Folk - Take Three
Jerry Folk Take Three
Take Three - Single Jerry Folk QM4DW1670667
5:36 PM
Naux Faux - Psyopia (Bassnectar Remix)
Naux Faux Psyopia (Bassnectar Remix)
Reflective, Pt. 2 - EP Amorphous Music QMLD61400358
5:36 PM
Milton Breech - Painted Skies
Milton Breech Painted Skies
Painted Skies - Single Boyakaza SE5IB1700801
5:36 PM
Sickly - upside down
Sickly upside down
upside down
5:36 PM
Barclay Crenshaw - Respect the Source
Barclay Crenshaw Respect the Source
Barclay Crenshaw Stx&Brx GBLV61640844
5:52 PM
Ms Bronx - Flying 101
Ms Bronx Flying 101
Flying 101
5:52 PM
The Embr - metro
The Embr metro
5:52 PM
Gerastic - drift
Gerastic drift
Drift - Single Gerastic SEYOK1772477
5:52 PM
Take/Five - moments
Take/Five moments
Found Footage - EP Take/Five QMPKX1777928
5:53 PM
Direct & Elliot Berger - Anticipation
Direct & Elliot Berger Anticipation
Trust in Me - EP Monstercat 2016 CA6D21600257
6:07 PM
Rodriquez Jr - lila
Rodriquez Jr lila
6:08 PM
Melvv - vibe
Melvv vibe
Vibe - Single Yebo Music QMDGQ1500248
6:08 PM
Daydreamer - new beginnings
Daydreamer new beginnings
Senses - EP Seeking Blue TCACO1661558
6:08 PM
TOKiMONSTA - Rose's Thorn
TOKiMONSTA Rose's Thorn
Lune Rouge Young Art Records 2017 QM6N21771882
6:08 PM
Sonny Side Up - I'm alright
Sonny Side Up I'm alright
I'm Alright - Single Sonny Side Up TCABY1462078
6:40 PM
Tim Schaufert & CASHFORGOLD - Taking Flight
Tim Schaufert & CASHFORGOLD Taking Flight
Taking Flight - Single TSC4G Records QZ9JZ1751512
6:40 PM
Slushii - Sapient Dream
Slushii Sapient Dream
Brain Freeze Slushii TCACO1620355
6:40 PM
Rhodz - Floating on Your Memories
Rhodz Floating on Your Memories
Fading Horizon LP Tasty TCACS1613193
6:41 PM
Lawrence Lui - Requiem for Vega
Lawrence Lui Requiem for Vega
Retroism EP Electrical Engineering Limited USHM91799750
6:41 PM
Legendcast - grief
Legendcast grief
Grief - Single Legendcast TCADC1763195
6:53 PM
Daily Bread - Moreland Ave Blues
Daily Bread Moreland Ave Blues
Big Beat Ignition: Denver 2017
6:54 PM
Sinjin Hawke - shimmer
Sinjin Hawke shimmer
First Opus Fractal Fantasy USCGJ1791368
6:54 PM
Anzo - Moonbound
Anzo Moonbound
Moonbound EP Tasty Records 2014 TCABZ1456597
6:54 PM
Kyle Watson - Moments
Kyle Watson Moments
Moments - Single 2016
7:11 PM
LOUDPVCK & Gladiator - Tony (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
LOUDPVCK & Gladiator Tony (feat. Nipsey Hussle)
Tony (feat. Nipsey Hussle) - Single Ultra Records USUS11202831
7:11 PM
Gent & Jawns - Club Sound
Gent & Jawns Club Sound
Club Sound - Single Hi Def Youth USQY51780743
7:12 PM
Notixx - Better Slow It Down
Notixx Better Slow It Down
Better Slow It Down - Single Notixx Music GBSMU4262886
7:12 PM
Minnesota - Hilow
Minnesota Hilow
HiLow - Single Wakaan CA5KR1574580
7:12 PM
EBEN - Assassin
EBEN Assassin
Assassin - Single TrapWolves TCADI1751903
7:31 PM
Gent & Jawns - Mahal (UDJAT Remix)
Gent & Jawns Mahal (UDJAT Remix)
Mahal (UDJAT Remix) - Single Lowly Palace QM24S1701245
7:31 PM
Parker - Kites
Parker Kites
Kites - Single 2017
7:31 PM
Uz - bubbles
Uz bubbles
7:32 PM
Reaubeau, Creepa & Jamal - mist
Reaubeau, Creepa & Jamal mist
Mist - Single Lowly Palace QM24S1704421
7:32 PM
Vaydr - Heights
Vaydr Heights
Heights - Single Trap Nation TCACM1670940
7:47 PM
UZ & ATLiens - Cavern (SAYMYNAME Remix)
UZ & ATLiens Cavern (SAYMYNAME Remix)
Magellan the Remixes Quality Goods Records USYBL1601141
7:47 PM
Delay - Before the storm
Delay Before the storm
Before the Storm - Single Elysian Records CAR071600361
7:48 PM
Lookas - mercy
Lookas mercy
Mercy - Single Loko Records QM24S1703553
7:57 PM
Gent & Jawns - tURN UP
Gent & Jawns tURN UP
Faded - EP Mad Decent USZ4V1400088