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Other Worlds

Jul 5, 2019 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM


With Jon Van Dyke


Other Worlds
2:00 PM
Laurie Anderson - Another Day In America
Laurie Anderson Another Day In America
Homeland (Deluxe Version) Nonesuch 2010 USNO11000066
2:01 PM
Esquivel - Manicero
Esquivel Manicero
The Sights and Sounds of Esquivel! Bar/None Records 2005 US37V0517102
2:01 PM
Soft Machine - Hope for Happiness
Soft Machine Hope for Happiness
The Soft Machine Geffen 2010 Rock USMC16853762
2:02 PM
Syd Barrett - Baby Lemonade
Syd Barrett Baby Lemonade
Barrett Columbia/Legacy 2016 Rock USQX91600870
2:02 PM
Pere Ubu - 414 Seconds
Pere Ubu 414 Seconds
Lady from Shanghai Fire Records 2013 Rock GBCKK1229010
2:03 PM
Naked City - Snagglepuss
Naked City Snagglepuss
2:05 PM
Agitation Free - First Communication
Agitation Free First Communication
2nd SPV 2008 Rock DEA450811020
2:13 PM
Cluster - Hollywood
Cluster Hollywood
Soul Jazz Records Presents Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3: Experimental German Rock and Electronic Music 1971-81 Soul Jazz Records 1981 Rock DEN120407071
2:18 PM
Harry Partch - Windsong
Harry Partch Windsong
The Harry Partch Collection, Volume 3 New World Records 2005 US4QP0462303
2:29 PM
Hasil Adkins - We Got a Date
Hasil Adkins We Got a Date
Out to Hunch Norton Records 2002 Rock USA370689432
2:33 PM
Daniel Johnston - King Kong
Daniel Johnston King Kong
Yip! Jump Music Eternal Yip Eye Music 2006 USA560537752
2:39 PM
Daughters - City Song
Daughters City Song
You Won't Get What You Want Ipecac Recordings 2018 QM5WW1500567
2:44 PM
afrirampo - ヤーヤーエー
afrirampo ヤーヤーエー
2:53 PM
Fibonaccis - Purple Haze
Fibonaccis Purple Haze
2:55 PM
Cardiacs - Tarred and Feathered
Cardiacs Tarred and Feathered
Songs for Ships and Irons The Alphabet Business Concern 1989 GB2NB0900161
3:00 PM
Otobake Beaver - Don't Light My Fire
Otobake Beaver Don't Light My Fire
3:02 PM
Poil - Sus la peìra
Poil Sus la peìra
Sus Dur et Doux 2019 FR6LT1966601
3:15 PM
Pat O'Reilly - Belligerent Extension
Pat O'Reilly Belligerent Extension
Three Sheets to the Wind
3:20 PM
Sly Horizon - A Moment of Clarity
Sly Horizon A Moment of Clarity
3:27 PM
OOIOO - Grow Sound Tree
OOIOO Grow Sound Tree
Gold and Green Thrill Jockey Records 2005 USTJ20516003