Jun 15, 2021 12:00 PM â€“ 3:00 PM


With Dylan

12:02 PM
Fousheé - paper plane
Fousheé paper plane Britanny Fousheé
time machine SME - Not specified 2021 USRC12101666
12:05 PM
TeaMarrr - Kinda Love
TeaMarrr Kinda Love
Kinda Love Atlantic Records 2019 USAT21906084
12:08 PM
Kelsey Lu - Due West
Kelsey Lu Due West Kelsey Lu, Sarah Aarons, Rodaidh McDonald, Michael Uzowuru, Jeff Kleinman, Will Boston
Due West Columbia 2018 USSM11808092
12:12 PM
Marian Hill featuring Steve Davit - eat u alive  feat. Steve Davit
Marian Hill featuring Steve Davit eat u alive feat. Steve Davit
was it not Marian Hill Music / Platoon 2020 US23A1501800
12:15 PM
Kat Dahlia - Body and Soul
Kat Dahlia Body and Soul Katriana Huguet, Jerome Harmon, Jeremy McArthur, Carlos Eduardo Hoyos
Body and Soul Epic 2017 USSM11705198
12:20 PM
Kelsey Lu - Foreign Car
Kelsey Lu Foreign Car Kelsey Lu, Rodaidh McDonald, Alessandro Brugnolini, Giancarlo Gazzani, Amleto Roelens, Stefano Torossi
Blood Columbia 2019 USSM11805687
12:34 PM
Fousheé - gold fronts
Fousheé gold fronts Britanny Fousheé, Jonah Christian, Dwayne Carter
gold fronts SME - Not specified 2021 USRC12100514
12:37 PM
LeT - Felicity
LeT Felicity Let
Felicity 813344 Records DK2 2018 QZDA71851778
12:43 PM
The James Gang - Funk #49
The James Gang Funk #49 Dale Peters, Jim Fox, Joe Walsh
Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Mix Vol. 1(Music from the Animated TV Series) Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 2015 USMC17344505
12:51 PM
Frank Ocean - Pink + White
Frank Ocean Pink + White
Blonde 2016 Boys Don't Cry 2016 QZ5C81600003
12:53 PM
NORTHSIDE Interscope Records 2019 USUM71916645
12:57 PM
Angele - Perdus
Angele Perdus
Perdus Universal Music Distribution Deal 2019 BE8HB1990006
1:03 PM
CHIKA - Songs About You
CHIKA Songs About You
Songs About You WMG - Warner Records Label 2020 USWB12000156
1:07 PM
ODIE - Miss Summer
ODIE Miss Summer
Miss Summer MERLIN - Unité Recordings / EMPIRE 2020 USUYG1335841
1:12 PM
Marian Hill - One Time
Marian Hill One Time
Home Dinner Party UMG - UMG Recordings, Inc. 2020 TCABU1440576
1:15 PM
Remi Wolf - Disco Man
Remi Wolf Disco Man
Disco Man Island Records 2020 USUG12001075
1:21 PM
Marti - Mothers & Fathers
Marti Mothers & Fathers
Mothers & Fathers B4 2020 GBAFL2000372
1:27 PM
Tkay Maidza - Cashmere
Tkay Maidza Cashmere
Cashmere MERLIN - 4AD 2021 AUUM72100124
1:30 PM
Kali Uchis - Tyrant
Kali Uchis Tyrant
Tyrant Universal Music 2017 GBUM71701939
1:30 PM
Kali Uchis - Tirano feat. Fuego
Kali Uchis Tirano feat. Fuego
Tirano OTHER 2017 GBUM71703423
1:34 PM
Hollis - Sedative
Hollis Sedative
Sedative Hollis 2019 QZ93L1966443
1:37 PM
Billie Eilish - Bellyache
Billie Eilish Bellyache Billie Eilish, Finneas
Bellyache Universal Music 2017 USUM71615103
1:41 PM
Hope Tala - Valentine
Hope Tala Valentine
Starry Ache Hope Tala Music 2018 GBKPL1821831
1:44 PM
Tamara Sings - Haze
Tamara Sings Haze
Haze Fully Clothed Beauty 2021 QZES92120189
1:50 PM
Lily Allen - Pushing up Daisies
Lily Allen Pushing up Daisies Cass Lowe, Lily Allen
No Shame WMG - Parlophone UK 2018 GBAYE1800124
1:53 PM
Qveen Herby - BUSTA RHYMES
EP 1 Checkbook Records 2017 QM24S1701576
2:00 PM
Zella Day - Benny My Dear
Zella Day Benny My Dear
Where Does The Devil Hide Concord Records 2020 USC4R2007458
2:04 PM
Paramore - Misery Business
Paramore Misery Business Hayley Williams, Josh Farro
RIOT! Fueled By Ramen 2007 USAT20702617
2:07 PM
twenty one pilots - Ride
twenty one pilots Ride Tyler Joseph
Blurryface Fueled By Ramen 2015 USAT21500598
2:11 PM
No Doubt - Spiderwebs
No Doubt Spiderwebs Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal
Tragic Kingdom Universal Music 1995 USIR19500270
2:15 PM
The Neighbourhood - Wires
The Neighbourhood Wires
I'm Sorry... the [r]evolve group 2013 USSM11204648
2:24 PM
Tayla Parx - Residue
Tayla Parx Residue Tayla Parx, Mattias Larsson, Robin Fredriksson, Lara Andersson
Residue WMG - Atlantic Records 2020 USAT22005782
2:27 PM
Chløë Black - Title Track
Chløë Black Title Track
Title Track MERLIN - Twin Music Inc 2021 GBKPL2137124
2:31 PM
Willow - 9
Willow 9 Willow Smith, Emanuel Asadurian, Solana Rowe
3 Universal Music 2014 QMJMT1400589
2:35 PM
Saint Mela - The Bends
Saint Mela The Bends Saint Mela
The Bends 858333 Records DK 2018 QZES51861983
2:43 PM
Daisy the Great - The Record Player Song
Daisy the Great The Record Player Song
The Record Player Song Paper Moon Records 2017 QM2PV1788811
2:47 PM
Macy Gray - I Try
Macy Gray I Try Macy Gray, Jeremy Ruzumna, Jinsoo Lim, David Wilder
Beautiful BMG Entertainment 2004 USSM19900346
2:51 PM
CĂ©line Dion - Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable) (Album Version)
CĂ©line Dion Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable) (Album Version)
Falling Into You / A New Day Has Come / Let's Talk About Love Columbia/Legacy 2007 CAC220200008
2:55 PM
Lauryn Hill - Water
Lauryn Hill Water
MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 Columbia 1992 USSM10203069