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Conscious Contact Gospel Hour

Apr 21, 2019 5:00 AM – 7:00 AM


With Keri Raphael

A wide diversity of Gospel music, digging deeper and lifting higher, traveling the veins of blues, soul, jazz, folk, R&B, wherever gospel shows itself. Listen in if you want to sing, shout, dance, clap, stomp and holler. Sunday mornings from 5-7am Pacific time.


Conscious Contact Gospel Hour
5:39 AM
Precious Fathers - Prairie Train
Precious Fathers Prairie Train
Precious Fathers White Whale 2005 Rock CAW330500501
5:39 AM
Lack Of Afro - For You
Lack Of Afro For You
Press On Freestyle Records 2007 R&B/Soul GBJSH0723405
5:38 AM
Podington Bear - Filaments
Podington Bear Filaments
Inspiring HUSH 2014 USA2B1400974
5:34 AM
Bonobo - Cirrus
Bonobo Cirrus
The North Borders Tour. — Live. Ninja Tune 2014 Electronic GBCFB1404600
5:19 AM
David Leonhardt - La Nina Bonita
David Leonhardt La Nina Bonita
Reflections Big Bang Records 1994 Jazz USCGH0536868
5:17 AM
Feverkin - Folds
Feverkin Folds
Folds Feverkin & Koresma 2015 USDY41598424

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