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KIDE Hoopa Tribal Radio

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5:00 pm News Block

May 10, 2021 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM


National Native News, The California Report, Manager's Log, Marketplace Tech, Climate Connection, Pulse of the Planet, Stardate, Community Events Reminder

5:00 pm News Block

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5:30 PMSprouts (Talk)
6:00 PMCity Arts and Lectures (Music)
7:00 PMKensington's Premium Blend (Music) with Larry Kensington
8:00 PMSoul Deluxe (Music) with Byron Fenix
10:00 PMCafe Chill (Music)


11:00 AMClassic Rock Brunch (Music) with Michael Anthony
2:00 PMThe 90's (Music) with Michael Anthony
1:00 PMRadio 80's (Music) with Michael Anthony
3:00 PMG's Show (Music) with G
3:00 PMThe 90's (Music) with Michael Anthony