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Flathead Bob's Record Shop The Graveyard Shift May 21, 2018, 12:00 AM–6:00 AM with Flathead Bob

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6:00 AMThe Rising of the Moon (Music) with Blarney Rebel
6:00 AMNo Business Like Show Business (Music) with Tom
9:00 AMContemplation Connection (Music) with Roger Werner
11:00 AMAlan Watts Hour 2 (Talk) with George Byrd
12:00 PMJah's Music (Music) with DJ Benny, Papajon


9:00 PMCupertino Barndance (Music) with Stompin' Steve
8:00 PMOne World in One Hour (Music) with Larzinho
5:00 PMMeeting of the Ways (Talk) with Diane Solomon
8:00 AMNeptune Currents (Music) with Steve Davis
3:00 AMRock and Sounds of the Decades (Music) with SharkieMike