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Flathead Bob's Record Shop Mar 21, 2018, 12:00 PM–2:00 PM with Flathead Bob

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2:00 PMA Kup of Blues (Music) with Gil de Leon
2:00 PMKey to the Highway (Music) with Don
5:00 PMFive O'Clock World Oldies Show (Music) with KingGeorge
5:00 PMThe Fly is Alive at 5 (Music) with the fly
8:00 PMOut of Our Minds (Talk) with Lady Stardust, Poetita


10:00 AMValli Jazz (Music) with David Stafford
3:00 AMSix String Heaven (Music) with Kent
11:00 PMFor The Record From the Archives (News) with Dave Emory
10:00 PMThe Orient Express (Music) with Ahmet Toprak
8:00 PMCan't Come Down (Music) with Mr Mustard