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Blues Evening Train

Mar 22, 2018 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM


With Conductor

Blues Evening Train
5:01 PM
Muddy Water all abourd
Muddy Water Wolf CHESS RECORDS USA, Warners

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5:00 PMBlues Evening Train (Music) with Conductor
5:00 PMthe fly (Music) with the fly
7:00 PMMoonlight Trail (Music) with Jackie
10:00 PMBrave new World (Music) with Crickett, J-Kat
12:00 AMMidnight Juggling (Music) with DJ Sizzlak


1:00 PMJaZzLine (Music) with Afrikahn
7:00 AMNew Wood (Music) with Peter
5:00 AMSchool of the Higher Groove / A Duane Allman Anthology Redux (1968 - 1971) (Music) with Bobby 'G'
3:00 AMBridges and Ports (Music) with Cheryl Magill
10:00 AMValli Jazz (Music) with David Stafford