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New Wood

Mar 22, 2018 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Peter

New Wood
9:02 AM
The Rhythm Rats Fair Miss in the Garden
I Believe I'll Go Back Home Marimac CD Folk
8:59 AM
Ken Perlman Joe Kearney's Reel/Darlin' Don't You Meddle Me/Fermoy Lasses
Island Boy Wizmak
8:56 AM
Arnie Naiman & Chris Coole Snake On the Road
5 Strings Attached, Vol. 2 Marimac 2007 Country
8:54 AM
David Francey satellite
David Francey - So Say We All Red House Records USA 2013 CD Folk CAFA90700122
8:47 AM
Cindy kallet Roll to the River
Cindy Kallet - Working On Wings To Fly Folk-Legacy Records 1981 Folk QMFMF1479621
8:45 AM
Stan Rogers The Wreck of the Athens Queen
Stan Rogers - Fogarty's Cove Borealis Records 2011 CD Folk
8:40 AM
Maivish The Rambling Comber
Sunlight into Blue Maivish 2015 CD Folk QM9AA1510590
8:34 AM
The Contarians Shenandoah Falls/Through the Gates
The Contrarians The Contrarians
8:30 AM
Teada Polcai: Ta Dha Gabhairin Bhui Agam/The Shelf
Inné Amárach Compass Records USA CD Celtic USCO90643711
8:22 AM
Lúnasa The Bonny Light Horseman N
Lúnasa - Cas Lúnasa Records 2018 CD Celtic
8:17 AM
Martin Simpson Never Any Good
Martin Simpson - Prodigal Son Compass Records 2007 CD Folk GBBHW0756708
8:12 AM
Connla Moon and Stars
River Waiting Connla 2016
8:07 AM
John McCusker Leaving Friday Harbor
Goodnight Ginger Compass CD Celtic
8:03 AM
The Outside Track Inisvaddy Annie
Flash Company Lorimer 2012 CD Celtic USHM81249283
7:57 AM
Niamh Parsons Tinkerman's Daughter
Loosely Connected Green Linnet 1992 CD Celtic GBBDY9205202
7:50 AM
Chris Norman Reel de Chicoutimi/Reel St. Jean/Reel Eboulement
The Beauty of the North Dorian
7:46 AM
Colleen Raney/Colm Maccarthaigh Roger the Miller
Cuan Colleen Raney/Colm Maccarthaigh USA 2011 CD Celtic
7:43 AM
Cathy Jordan Ould Ballymoe
Cathy Jordan - All The Way Home Blix Street www.blixstreet.com, blixstreet@aol.com 2012 CD Celtic USA441210111
7:39 AM
Cherish the Ladies Jessica's Polka / Tear the Calico / I Have No Money
The Back Door Green Linnet USA 1992 CD World USPBR0421099
7:33 AM
Dermot Byrne The Pigeon on the Gate/The Heather Breeze
Dermot Byrne Green Linnet USA CD Celtic
7:29 AM
Bumblebees The Salt Wedding/Across the Divide/Le Petit Cheval Rouge
Buzzin' Beehave CD Celtic
7:23 AM
Paul Brady I Am a Youth That Is Inclined to Ramble
The Missing Liberty Tapes Compass 2001 CD Celtic
7:16 AM
Kevin Burke The Bus Stop Reel/Miss McCloud's Reel/Lost Indian
Open House Green Linnet USA 1992 CD World
7:10 AM
Mozaik Field Holler Medley
Mozaik (3) - Live From The Powerhouse Compass Records USA 2004 CD Celtic USCO90437806
7:06 AM
The Press Gang The Toomore Slide/The Hare in the Corn/Thadelo's
Fortune It May Smile The Press Gang CD Celtic
7:03 AM
Pauline Scanlon Rain and Snow
Pauline Scanlon - Hush Compass Records USA 2006 CD Celtic USCO90643503
6:59 AM
Grada Louis Collins
Gráda* - Natural Angle Compass Records 2010 CD Celtic

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