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Midnight with Mundo Mar 17, 2018, 12:00 AM–3:00 AM with Raymundo

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3:00 AMStolen Moments (Music) with Nightbird Susie
6:00 AMI Like All Folk (Music) with Jim Dandy
6:00 AMCantos y Tradiciones (Music) with irj
6:00 AMFrom the Vault (Music) with Tomas Montoya
9:00 AMEl Barrio Nuevo (Music) with PAPO, Jimmy Jam, Lupe Lujan-Montes de Oca, Too Loose Jesus


3:00 AMFriday Soulbroso (Music) with Raymundo
6:00 PMMoon Light Trail (Music) with Jim Dandy
5:00 PMmuddy (unset) with Conductor
1:00 PMJaZzLine (Music) with Afrikahn
7:00 AMNew Wood (Music) with Peter