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New Wood

Apr 26, 2018 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM


With Peter

New Wood
8:35 AM
The Fretless The Pipe on the Hob/Bixie's Jig
Live at the Art Park The Fretless
8:30 AM
The Yanks If There Weren’t Any Women in the World / The Haymaker / Phyllis’ Birthday
Haymaker V/A Independent 2014 World
8:21 AM
Dr. Faustus The Cambric Shirt
The First Cut V/A Fellside Recordings Ltd 2006 CD Celtic GBBAD0300184
8:18 AM
Mick Moloney, Eugene O'Donnell Seamus Egan The Galbally Farmer
Three Way Street Green Linnet USA CD Celtic
8:15 AM
Jimmy Crowley Lowlands Low (feat. Nial Ó Callanáin)
The Coast of Malabar (feat. Nial Ó Callanáin) V/A Free State Records 2000 CD Celtic IEATS1608043
8:12 AM
Altan An Bealach Seo ‘Tá Romham (This Road Ahead of Me)
The Gap of Dreams V/A Compass Records 2018 Celtic USCO91870808
8:07 AM
Cathal McConnell Edward Boyle
Long Expectant Comes At Last Compass Records USA 2000 CD Celtic USCO90028708
8:03 AM
Alison Perkins & Nicolas Brown The Gypsies N
All Covered with Moss Alison Perkins & Nicolas Brown 2016 CD Celtic
7:57 AM
Dougie Maclean Slaves Lament
Indigenous V/A Dunkeld Records 1991 CD Celtic GBADQ9101505
7:53 AM
Shelley Phillips & Friends The Lament of Tristan/La Rotta
The Wood Between the Worlds Gourd
7:49 AM
Battlefield Band To a Mouse
The Road of Tears Temple Records 2006 GBCYD0600108
7:42 AM
Eileen Ivers Ships Are Sailing
Wild Blue V/A Green Linnet USA 2006 CD Celtic USPBR0420568

Green Hills of Tyrol/Pinch of Snuff/Ships Are Sailing

7:37 AM
Peter Daldry Walks Far Bill
Under a Leaden Sky V/A Peter Daldry 2012 World
7:34 AM
Andy Irvine with Rens Van Der Zalm Billy Far Out
Parachilna Andy Irvine
7:24 AM
Dermot Hyde & Tom Hake Adair's March/Cities Far Away/Lament for Derryveagh
Pipeline R2/REL
7:19 AM
Noel Lenaghan Mackerel Sky
A Long Time Since V/A Noel Lenaghan 2009 CD Celtic GBKPL0923119
7:16 AM
Michael Black My Father Loves Nikita Kruschev
Michael Black V/A Compass 2007 CD Celtic
7:11 AM
Open House The Mascot/Collins' Jig
Second Story V/A Green Linnet USA 2006 CD World US2Y30600660
7:07 AM
Pete Coe The Fireman's Song
Long Company V/A Backshift Music 1997 CD Celtic UKATK1600012
7:03 AM
Grada The Striking Clock/Pint of Reference/Men of Destiny
Emdeavour Compass
7:00 AM
The Jeremiahs Hogeye Man
The Jremiahs The Jeremiahs

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