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Contemplation Connection

Apr 16, 2018 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM


With Roger Werner

Contemplation Connection
9:03 AM
Laurence Rosenthal & National Philharmonic Orchestra and the Ambrosian Singers of London The Great Prayer Thomas de Hartmann & Laurence Rosenthal
Meetings With Remarkable Men Citadel USA 1999 CD
Program theme
9:09 AM
Christy Cook Trillium Rising
Trillium Rising Borealis Music CD
9:29 AM
Valerie Romanoff Pink Skies Over Still Water N
Healing Music, Vol. 2 Valrock Music 2017 CD
9:39 AM
Trine Opsahl Graceful Like a River Trine Opsahl N
Add Colours to My Sunset Sky Heart to Heart Records Denmark, www.trineopsahl.com 2018 CD DKEG31700102
9:47 AM
Eugene Friesen Dances of Rasputin
The Essential Collection Fiddletalk Music 2018 CD
9:53 AM
Heidi Breyer Unfinished Conversation Heidi Breyer
Moonlight in Empty Rooms Winterhall Records 2018 CD
10:02 AM
Max Corbacho The Resonant Memory of Earth Max Corbacho
The Resonant Memory of Earth Space For Music Spain 2002 CD USHM90701845
10:42 AM
Jarguna Hidden Entities
Pareidolia Projekt 2018 MP3
10:48 AM
Jeff Greinke The River Jeff Greinke
Before Sunrise Spotted Peccary www.spottedpeccary.com 2018 CD
10:54 AM
Robert Rich Permeate the Divide Robert Rich
The Biode self 2018 CD