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The PHAT Cave

Jul 17, 2020 6:00 AM โ€“ 10:00 AM


With PHAT Tony

The PHAT Cave
6:02 AM
Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds & Donald O'Connor Good Morning (From "Singin' in the Rain")
Good Morning Vintage Music 2012 USA561254952
6:04 AM
Hank Williams My Bucket's Got a Hole In It
40 Greatest Hits Mercury Nashville 1978 USPR34905267
6:07 AM
Phish Llama
A Picture of Nectar Elektra 1992 USEE19901123
6:10 AM
Trey Parker Shpadoinkle
Cannibal! The Musical (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Cannibal! The Musical 1998 QMFMF1405363
6:12 AM
The Mattoid Party Time
Hello Cleft Music 2007 USCGH0786437
6:14 AM
Syd Barrett Octopus
The Madcap Laughs 1970 USQX91600827
6:17 AM
Willie Nelson Bloody Mary Morning
Phases and Stages Rhino Atlantic 1974 USAT21401638
6:26 AM
Brownchicken Browncow Stringband Fatty Cheese
Flying High Brownchicken Browncow Stringband 2013 QMK591200001
6:29 AM
Nina Simone Baseball Boogie
A Single Woman Rhino/Elektra 2008 USEE10301339
6:30 AM
Terry Cashman Talkin' Baseball
Take Me out to the Ballgame
6:33 AM
Jane Morgan Baseball, Baseball
6:37 AM
Dean Martin Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay
The Essential Dean Martin Legacy Recordings 2014 USQX91301966
6:39 AM
Aaron Kirby Baseball
Stupid Idiot Cascaudio 2017 USCGJ1715689
6:43 AM
John Fogerty Centerfield
Centerfield (25th Anniversary) 1985 USDW10110142
6:47 AM
Sarah Vaughan Black Coffee
After Hours Legacy Recordings 1955 USSM19303944
6:50 AM
Louis Armstrong I've Got the World On a String
Sings and Swings (Bluebird's Best Series) [Remastered] RCA Bluebird 2002 USBB19601007
6:53 AM
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Hello, Dolly!
South of the Border Shout! Factory 2005 USSE90320947
6:55 AM
Etta James At Last
At Last! Geffen* 2016 USMC16046323
6:58 AM
Nat "King" Cole Smile
The World of Nat King Cole Capitol Records 2005 USCA20300567
7:09 AM
Asha Bhosle Jab Chaye
7:18 AM
Django Reinhardt I'll See You In My Dreams
The Best of Django Reinhardt Parlophone (France) 1996 FRZ114604780
7:21 AM
Steve Martin Googlephonics
Comedy Is Not Pretty! Warner Records 1998 USWB17900051
7:24 AM
MonoNeon Lifting My Hands to the Sky
Living the Best and Worst Life at the Same Damn Time! Mononeon 2019 USHM81972038
7:28 AM
Gnarls Barkley Smiley Faces
St. Elsewhere Downtown Recordings/Atl 2006 USAT20611584
7:31 AM
Depeche Mode It's Called a Heart
It's Called a Heart - EP Reprise/Mute 1993 GBAJH9800113
7:34 AM
Elliott Smith Waltz #2 (XO)
XO (Deluxe Edition) Geffen 2019 USDW19804802
7:41 AM
Bobby McFerrin Simple Pleasures
Simple Pleasures Parlophone Catalogue 1988 USEM38800363
7:43 AM
Creedence Clearwater Revival Lookin' Out My Back Door
Cosmo's Factory Fantasy Records 2014 USC4R0817630
7:46 AM
Elvis Presley Proud Mary
As Recorded At Madison Square Garden (Live) RCA/Legacy 1972 USRC19900347
7:49 AM
Kendra Cunningham Unsuccessful Yard Sales
Blonde Logic Blonde Medicine Holdings LLC 2019 USLQZ1602722
7:51 AM
Merle Haggard Worried, Unhappy, Lonesome and Sorry
Hag / Someday We'll Look Back Capitol Nashville 2006 USCN10500285
7:53 AM
Billie Holiday Day In, Day Out
Songs for Distinguรฉ Lovers Verve Reissues 1957 USF095700010
8:00 AM
Thelonious Monk 'Round Midnight
Genius of Modern Music, Vol. 1 Revolver Records 1947 GBACC1354920
8:03 AM
Nina Simone I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free
Silk & Soul RCA/Legacy 1967 USRC10503463
8:06 AM
Buzzy Linhart The Time to Live Is Now
The Time To Live Is Now Buddah/Legacy 1971 USRC11301245
8:09 AM
The 5th Dimension Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures) [From the American Tribal Love Rock Musical "Hair"] [Remastered 2000]
The Age of Aquarius Arista 2000 USAR10001747
8:14 AM
Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention Plastic People
Mothermania: The Best of the Mothers Frank Zappa Catalog 2012 USZPE0900053
8:18 AM
Woody Guthrie Riding In My Car (Car Song)
Woody At 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection Smithsonian Folkways Recordings 2012 USSF19710002
8:24 AM
Jane's Addiction Sympathy for the Devil
Songs of Anarchy, Vol. 2 (Music from Sons of Anarchy) Columbia 2012 USQX91201995
8:30 AM
The Reverend Horton Heat The Devil's Chasing Me
The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat Sub Pop 1993 USSUB0310275
8:35 AM
Jim Florentine Jimmy Lachman
Terrorizing Telemarketers 4 Florentine Productions, LLC 2004 USCGJ0667216
8:43 AM
Yma Sumac, Billy May & The Rico Mambo Orchestra Gopher Mambo
Gopher Mambo
8:48 AM
Huevos Rancheros Moth Dance, The
Endsville! C/Z 1993 US99R0510143
8:50 AM
Paige Weldon Death Is Coming
Uncomfortable at Best Aspecialthing Records 2016 QMBZ91561413
8:50 AM
The Reverend Horton Heat Loaded Gun
The Full-Custom Gospel Sounds of the Reverend Horton Heat Sub Pop 1993 USSUB0310282
8:55 AM
Tom Waits The Pontiac
Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards (Remastered) Anti/Epitaph 2017 USEP41718365
8:56 AM
Stonewall Jackson Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
Nothing Takes the Place of Loving You Columbia/Legacy 1968 USSM11802361
9:01 AM
Chuck Mangione Hide & Seek (Ready Or Not Here I Come)
Feels So Good A&M 1977 USAM10200256
9:08 AM
Steve Martin Grandmother's Song
Let's Get Small Warner Records 1995 USWB10102157
9:11 AM
Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression
Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix Legacy Recordings 1997 USQX90900766
9:15 AM
Tammy Pescatelli Back to Basic Toys
#TBT Throwback Tammy Git R Done Records 2019 QMJYX1968731
9:17 AM
Beck I've Seen the Land Beyond
One Foot In the Grave (Deluxe Edition) Iliad / Hostess USK110402812
9:18 AM
Sonic Youth Total Trash
Daydream Nation (Deluxe Edition) Squeaky Squawk 1988 USGF18351506
9:29 AM
Eric Idle of Monty Python Always Look At the Bright Side of Life
Monty Python Sings (Again) Virgin 1989
9:32 AM
Deerhunter What Happens to People?
Why Hasn't Everything Already Disappeared? 4AD 2018 GBAFL1800190
9:36 AM
MonoNeon Holding My Breath Counting to 10
Living the Best and Worst Life at the Same Damn Time! Mononeon 2019 USHM81972043
9:39 AM
The Modern Lovers Roadrunner
The Modern Lovers Sanctuary Records 2003 GBAJE7100695
9:43 AM
Ahmed Bharoocha Cars, Ceiling Fans and Ice Machines
Almond Badoody Comedy Central 2016 US85P1627124
9:45 AM
Elvis Costello Less Than Zero
My Aim Is True Elvis Costello Catalog 1977 GBASQ7700008
9:49 AM
Richard Hawley Tonight the Streets Are Ours
Lady's Bridge Parlophone UK 2007 GBAJH0700455
9:52 AM
Fiona Apple Across the Universe
Pleasantville (Music from the Motion Picture) Clean Slate/Work/Sony Music Soundtrax 1998 USSM19803669
9:57 AM
Ted Hawkins Happy Hour
Happy Hour Rounder 1986 USRO28603302