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The Past, The Present And The Forgotten

Apr 15, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With gayle lewis

Classic Rock, R&B, Blues and Jazz are blended with heavy accents on the PAST. Nu-Jazz, Indie, World Beat are some of the representations of the PRESENT. With subtle hints of the Forgotten. You’ll also discover Trop-Hop, Vapor Wave, Breaks, Chillhop, Funk Fusion, EDM Delight, and Bossa Groove among many others.

The Past, The Present And The Forgotten
5:02 PM
Flo Rida Good Feeling
Wild Ones Atlantic, Poe Boy 2011
5:03 PM
Graham Nash Right Now
Now BMG Rights Management (US) LLC 2023
5:07 PM
Metallica Too Far Gone?
72 Seasons Blackened Recordings 2023
5:18 PM
Jazzanova Bohemian Sunset
The Single Collection: 1997-2000 Compost Records 2000
5:24 PM
Blend Chips and Rice
Echo Warrior Shadow Records 2002 USSH60300138
5:35 PM
Blackanized 360 Vibe,rations
Future Generations Yush 2K Recording 1999
5:38 PM
Ohm Guru Tokio Station
The Groove Improver Irma records 2008 ITI029800243
5:40 PM
Lofive Why So Gloomy
Why So Gloomy Epidemic Electronic 2023
5:44 PM
Air J'ai dormi sous l'eau
Premiers Symptômes - EP Parlophone (France) 1999 FRS639700400
5:51 PM
Club des Belugas Straight to Memphis
Forward Chinchin Records 2012 DEH741201119
6:01 PM
Audio Lotion El Mensaje
Adelante! (New Line Edition) Mole Listening Pearls 2017 DEE820200224
6:06 PM
Giants' Nest Panama
Who You Want Epidemic Sound 2020
6:10 PM
Bossa Nostra Blooming
Solaria Irma Records 1998 ITI029800089
6:15 PM
Bossa Nostra & Vicky Anderson Groupin'
Bossa Nostra: Solaria IrmaCasaDiPrimordine 1995
6:15 PM
Bossa Nostra Groupin' - Remastered
Solaria (feat. Vicki Anderson) [Remastered] Irma Records 1998 ITI029800091
6:21 PM
Jestofunk If You've Got It, You'll Get It
Acid Jazz Funk Irma records 2013 ITI029800061
6:27 PM
Jestofunk Theme from JFK (F Version)
Love In A Black Dimension Rec In Pause 1995 ITI021800636
6:39 PM
Morcheeba Coming Down Gently
Fragments of Freedom EastWest U.K. 2000 GBAHS0004202
6:43 PM
John Lee Hooker It Serves Me Right To Suffer (Live)
Live At Montreux 1983 Mercury Studios 2020 GBCBR2000143
6:48 PM
John Lee Hooker The Healer (feat. Carlos Santana)
The Best of Friends (1986–1998) Original Blues Classics 1998 USCM60364001
6:52 PM
Bachman-Turner Overdrive Lookin' Out For #1
Head On Mercury Records 1975 USMR17586799
7:03 PM
Nightmares On Wax Riders On The Storm-Remix(The Doors Cover)
Single WMG/Elektra 0591 2009
7:12 PM
Groove Armada At the River
Northern Star 15th Anniversary Edition Tummy Touch Records LLC 2013 BLS123456790
7:18 PM
Lux 100 Billion Stars
Northern Lights Subatomic Uk 2001 GBDEX0100005
7:27 PM
Baiju Bhatt & Red Sun Ft. Mohini Dey, Nguyen Le, and Stephanie Edouard Nataraj
People Of Tomorrow Neuklang 2003
7:34 PM
Future Loop Foundation Indigo
An Ibiza Summer Album Peak Records 2021
7:39 PM
Willie Nelson & Marty Dread Lend A Hand To The Farmers
Single 2010
7:40 PM
Donald Byrd Flight-Time
Essential Blue Note Records 1992 USBN27300049
7:50 PM
Crosby, Stills & Nash Long Time Gone
Money for Nothing: Rock Classics WMG - Atlantic 0191 2006 USAT20506564
7:55 PM
Pharoah Sanders Astral Traveling - Boozoo Bajou Remix
Impulsive! Revolutionary Jazz Reworked Universal Music Ireland Ltd. 2005 USUM70501701