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KMNO, 91.7 FM, Maui

The Past, The Present And The Forgotten

Jun 10, 2023 5:00 PM â€“ 8:00 PM


With gayle lewis

Classic Rock, R&B, Blues and Jazz are blended with heavy accents on the PAST. Nu-Jazz, Indie, World Beat are some of the representations of the PRESENT. With subtle hints of the Forgotten. You’ll also discover Trop-Hop, Vapor Wave, Breaks, Chillhop, Funk Fusion, EDM Delight, and Bossa Groove among many others.

The Past, The Present And The Forgotten
5:03 PM
Herbie Hancock Rubber Soul
Dis Is Da Drum Verve Reissues 1994 USPR39402592
5:03 PM
Archie Shepp Left Alone
The Art of Jazz Saxophone: Explore UMG - Savoy 2018 USSJ19000016
5:10 PM
Beastie Boys Shake Your Rump
Love American Style EP Universal Music 1999 USCA29901027
5:14 PM
Del The Funky Homosapien What Is a Booty
I Wish My Brother George Was Here WMG - Elektra 1991 USEE19901058
5:17 PM
Earth, Wind & Fire Serpentine Fire
All 'N All Columbia/Legacy 1992 USSM17700628