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The Past, The Present And The Forgotten

Aug 12, 2023 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM


With gayle lewis

Classic Rock, R&B, Blues and Jazz are blended with heavy accents on the PAST. Nu-Jazz, Indie, World Beat are some of the representations of the PRESENT. With subtle hints of the Forgotten. You’ll also discover Trop-Hop, Vapor Wave, Breaks, Chillhop, Funk Fusion, EDM Delight, and Bossa Groove among many others.

The Past, The Present And The Forgotten
5:03 PM
Blackstreet Ft. Dr. Dre, Queen Pen No Diggity
Another Level Interscope 1996
5:08 PM
Neil Young Powderfinger
Chrome Dreams Reprise 2023
5:11 PM
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop - Remastered
Absolute Fitness World WM Denmark 2013 USWB10400049
5:11 PM
Fleetwood Mac Don't Stop
Rumours Warner Bros. Records 1977
5:21 PM
Loggins & Messina Lahaina
Full Sail Columbia 1973 USSM19914406
5:24 PM
Les Jeux Sont Funk Take Me To The Top
Take Me To The Top Irma Records 2023 ITI022300456
5:34 PM
Gibo Rosin and Maurizio Tighten Up(Roni Winter Breakdown Mix)
Tighten Up Irma Records 2023
5:38 PM
Naked Ears False Spring
False Spring Naked Ears 2023 USDY42306406
5:44 PM
Christian Madden & The Enemy Chorus All Five Chambers
All Five Chambers Friendly Recordings 2023 QZK6L2288753
5:48 PM
The Groove Pact Club Life(Extended Version)
The Groove Pact City Sketches 2018
6:04 PM
Weber And Weber Intergalactic Overture
The Legacy Lemongrass Music 2019
6:09 PM
Sven Van Hees Tabla Rasa
The Future Sound of Jazz Instinct 1996
6:17 PM
Govinda Move Me Slow
Erotic Rhythms from Earth Earthtone 2001
6:21 PM
The Sura Quintet Fundamenta Feeling
Exploring Ibiza lounge Session Nidra Music 2014
6:27 PM
Redlounge Orchestra Sonic Circle
Chill In Paradise, Vol.8-25 Lounge & Chill Out Tracks Wide Range Electric 2012
6:36 PM
Pandora's Box 45 Roller
Honey, I Shrunk The Rave, Vol.1(DJ Mix) Cult.ure 2020
6:41 PM
Christophe Goze Red Green & Blues
Turning Inside ORCHARD - Anything Goze 2006 GBGNP0600006
6:45 PM
m.age.project Café Solo
Mirador peacelounge 2010 DES590900140
6:49 PM
Markus K Susie Q
The Patreon Files Markus Koehorst 2015
6:59 PM
Tahini Bikini Fever Dream
Fever Dream Tahini Bikini 2022 AUMEV2297564
7:02 PM
Chocadelia Internacional Anartismo & Chocedelia
Anartismo & Chocedelia Mono Records 2007
7:05 PM
Code Kidam Platon 13
Eponyme Code Kidam 2023
7:10 PM
Ana Popoviv Can't You See What You're Doing To Me
Can You Stand The Heat ArtisteXclusive Records 2013
7:13 PM
Ghost Hounds Last Train To Nowhere
First Last Time Gibson Records 2023 QZWH32300043
7:17 PM
Morcheeba Sod It! (Diabolical Brothers Mix)
Let me see - Single Bonus Track Indochina 2009
7:21 PM
Air Mer du Japon
Pocket Symphony Aircheology 2007 FRU520600008
7:24 PM
Toye Banana Jazz Hop
Shadow: Hed Sessions 2 Shadow Records 2002 USSH60615306
7:35 PM
Lego Edit Funky Zulu(De Gama Re-Groove Edit)
The Afro Soul Ep Samosa Records 2019
7:37 PM
Donald Byrd Flight-Time
Essential Blue Note Records 1992 USBN27300049
7:41 PM
Parquet Courts Mardi Gras Beads
Wide Awake! MERLIN - Rough Trade 2018 GBCVZ1700222
7:42 PM
George Kuhumoku Jr Lahainaluna High School Alma Mater
Renaissance Man Kealia Farms Records 2019
7:48 PM
George Kahumoku, Jr. Lahainaluna High School Alma Mater
Renaissance Man Kealia Farms Records 2019 QM9AA1901267
7:49 PM
Steve Winwood Freedom Overspill
Back In The High Life Universal Music 1986 GBAAN8600004
7:53 PM
Steve Gadd Band Foam Home
70 Strong ORCHARD - BFM Jazz 2015 US4R31369554