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Musical Starstreams

May 13, 2024 12:00 AM – 4:00 AM


With Forest

MUSICAL STARSTREAMS originated and first aired in San Francisco in December of 1981. Join Forest for his unique, refreshing mix of "exotic electronica" heard at one time or another on over 200 USA radio stations, foreign stations, cable systems, XM satellite radio, and the internet on and Mahalo for listening!

MUSICAL STARSTREAMS is the USA’s first (since December 1981) syndicated, exotic electronica based commercial radio program. Over the years, Starstreams has been heard on over 200 commercial and non-commercial stations including a majority of the Top Ten USA radio markets, daily on XM satellite radio, DirecTV,, and

In 1991, Musical Starstreams was nominated for Billboard magazine’s adult syndicated program of the year and Forest received the coveted Crystal Award for broadcast media from the INAMC in Los Angeles.

The program is produced, programmed and hosted by Forest from Kihei and a special four hour version airs from here each week on Mana'o Radio. Thanks for taking the journey!

Musical Starstreams Pgms # i081 & 2419

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Mahalo for your support!

Musical Starstreams
12:01 AM
Tor Aeris
Blue Book Loci 2016
12:07 AM
Chilling Matenda Good Old Sun (WaveForest Less is More edit)
Mediteran Global Phonehead 2005
12:13 AM
All India Radio Under Moon
A Low High Inevitable 2009
12:16 AM
Robot Koch Waves (WaveForest edit)
Sphere Trees and Cyborgs 2018
12:21 AM
Earth to Infinity Morphic Fields
Earth to Infinity Silent 1994
12:31 AM
Pitch Black [nz] Ape to Angel
Ape to Angel Waveform 2005
12:39 AM
Rocket Empire Seer
The Royal Persuasion Om 2018
12:44 AM
O Yuki Conjugate Insect-Talk (dry)
Twilight International International Soirée Timebase 1994
12:50 AM
Phutureprimitive Rites of Passage
Sub Conscious Waveform 2004
1:02 AM
DJ Drez Abundant Jungle (WaveForest Unwrapped edit)
The Pamahansa Mixes (White Swan Taking Flight) White Swan 2021
1:08 AM
Gabrielle Roth & The Mirros Descending (WaveForest edit)
Still Chillin’ Raven 2005
1:12 AM
The Itch Incident Soother
Chillicious Waveform 2006
1:17 AM
Moby House of Blue Leaves
Ambient Instinct 1993
1:24 AM
Kickbong Drumridoo
Tranchillizer Peak 2008
1:32 AM
Nacho Sotomayor Ephemeral (WaveForest edit)
Ephemeral Nacho Satomayor 2021
1:34 AM
MikTek Anisotropy
Hereafter Ultimae 2020
1:39 AM
Massive Attack Mezzanine
Mezzanine Virgin 1998
1:45 AM
Dead Can Dance The Host of Seraphim
The Serpent’s Egg 4AD 1988
1:51 AM
Makyo Skin as Soft as Moonlight (edit)
Sunset Magnetic North Waveform 2001
2:01 AM
Moby Swear
Hotel (Ambient) V2 2005
2:07 AM
Tosca Sala
J.A.C. !K7 2005
2:16 AM
Réjean Paquin The High Priestess
Tarot Tarot Music 2005
2:20 AM
Kaya Project Raag to Ragga
Elixir (featured release) Interchill 2005
2:26 AM
Avon Old Central
The Cut (EP) Karvavena 2005
2:32 AM
Green Isac Tubesontoo
Etnotronica Spotted Peccary 2004
2:40 AM
Bluetech Prophetic SInes
Prima Materia Waveform 2003
2:46 AM
Last Soul Descendents LIsse Gruv
Chillicious Waveform 2006
2:50 AM
Felix Leband Black Shoes
Dark Days Exit Compost 2005
3:00 AM
Kaya Project One God Dub
Elixir (featured release) Interchill 2005
3:08 AM
Colin Mansfield Mother Everything
Millions Blue Water 2004
3:17 AM
Ishq (portion) Nomad
Magik Square of the Sun Virtual World 2005
3:24 AM
Grey Area Long Distance Love
And Then the Clouds Waveform 2005
3:30 AM
The Winston Giles Orchestra The Banished Matadors
Soundtracks for Sunrise Playup 2004
3:33 AM
Liona Boyd Asturias
The Best of Liona Boyd CBS 1982
3:39 AM
Esteban Mesopotamia
Duende SDA 1991
3:55 AM
Richard Burmer Closer Than Love
Bhakti Point Fortuna 1987